Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Free Game of the Week - Mini Six Bare Bones Edition

I'm a day late with updating this week. So I'll try to make this extra special.

Do you remember the D6 version of the Star Wars RPG? The old West End Games version? Well, long after WEG lost the license, and after they tried to migrate the system to other genres, the D6 system went open. Open as in OGL.

AntiPaladin Games took the Open D6 system and boiled it down to Mini Six.

Mini Six is a member of the OpenD6 family of games. It’s cinematic and flexible like its parent, but its goal is to be lighter and faster, keeping the heart of the system’s mechanics but streamlining the rules.
Mini Six is a variant of the OpenD6 system. It's generic, though there are several starter campaign ideas presented including fantasy, science fiction, and a lighthearted take on a 1970's cop action show style game. 
The mechanics of Mini Six revolve around rolling a dice pool made of a number of six side dice, resulting in a total that is compared to a target number set by the game master. 
What you won’t find in this book are a lot of detailed examples, exhaustive rules to cover every possible scenario, or a large list of modifiers. Instead, we are trusting GM’s, with the help of their players, to apply common sense to make the game fun for everyone. Don’t slow the game down by wasting time digging for rules that aren’t there. And most importantly, when the rules conflict with fun, fun wins.

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  1. Aaaaand, that's another free RPG in my folder. Cheers man, I have fond memories of playing the old Star Wars so looking forward to giving this one a run.


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