Saturday, June 15, 2019

Kickstarter - Brutal Games - A 5E (1e/2e) Adventure in the World of Darknoth

"A Full Color Fantasy RPG Adventure for characters level 3-5 written for 5E or 1st/2nd edition."

Brutal Games is the latest Kickstarter from New Comet Games, who recently won the Three Castles Award at NTRPG Con 2019 for Devils Swamp (a CoC adventure). Yes, New Comet Games has some very solid releases.
In the fog shrouded islands off the coast of the Reign of the Black Wyrm Kings Province, the inhabitants of the Labyrinth Islands enjoy a sport. A game of deadly consequences to the contestants, for the entertainment of the residents.  When the adventurers are captured their survival depends upon how well they play. Can you survive the Brutal Games.  
Brutal Games is a Full Color Adventure for the most popular fantasy role-playing game in the world available for the latest 5th Edition rule set and the still popular 1st/2nd Edition rules. This adventure takes 3-6 characters of levels 3-5 from the Storm Reef Island in the Wyrm Skull Gulf down to the Labyrinth Isles and into the Black Serpentine Swamps.

This adventure was written as the follow up to WoD-1: Citadel of Terror, and picks up right where that module ends. But Brutal Games can easily be played as a standalone, or slide into your own campaign with ease. The game changes every time you play through the adventure, offering different challenges and different goals with every game. We blended  the Hunger Games, the Maze and the Running Man, into this easy to run, adventure. 

This sounds like fun :)

The PDF is available in either 5e or 1e/2e for 12 bucks, both for versions in PDF for 18.

Print plus PDF for either version is 19 bucks. Not too shabby.

Five days left on this one.

Friday, June 14, 2019

Zak S Sues Mandy in Canadian Court for Defamation - Probably Because Its Much Easier for the Plaintiff to Get a Favorable Ruling (not enforceable in the US)

Earlier this week Zak S posted on one of his blogs - https://officialzsannouncements.blogspot.com/2019/06/im-suing.html - that he was suing Mandy for defamation in "the Superior Court of Justice in Ottawa for her Facebook post." I don't know how Canada has jurisdiction over Zak's complaint, but it is safe to assume he has filed the suit in Ottowa is due to the fact that Canadian law is much more favorable to defamation claims than most of the Commonwealth as well as the United States.


Some interesting parts from the Wikipedia article:
In a 2006 commentary comparing Canadian laws with US and Commonwealth laws at that time, the situation was described thus: 
For all the lofty quotes about free speech in Canadian jurisprudence, the reality is that our libel laws are the least protective of free speech in the English-speaking world. 
Libel law developed in an ancient era which we would today consider backward, tyrannical and repressive. It is rooted in 16th and 17th century criminal statutes protecting nobility from criticism. Cases of political libel and eventually damages actions were handled by the infamous Star Chamber until its abolition in 1641. By the end of that century, many elements of the common law of libel we would recognize today had been established. In Law of Defamation in Canada, Professor Brown notes that the common law of defamation has been described by scholars and judges as "artificial and archaic" and characterized by "absurdities", "irrationality", and "minute and barren distinctions" (pp. 1–3). 
While social values and legal concepts have evolved dramatically of the past 200 years, the common law of libel in Canada remains startlingly unchanged.[10]
Even more relevant I think:
In general Canadian defamation judgements against Americans are not collectible in the United States under the SPEECH Act, and have to be re-proven in an American court in the state where the defendant resides. The exception may be Quebec which has broad protections for political comment and respects international laws (such as the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights) similar to the US's own First Amendment.
So, should Zak win, the judgment wouldn't be enforceable in the US.


Tip of the hat to Rob Conley.

I cover some of this in last night's Tavern Chat podcast, including a full reading of Zak's latest statement:


(edit - apparently this is a "slanted article" according to at least one commenter on social media because I make Zak S "look bad" and reference Wikipedia. While I find Wikipedia somewhat iffy when it comes to personalities that are in the current news cycle, using it to reference something like Canadian Defamation Law I find is fairly solid. YMMV. Oh, and yes, Zak S is an asshole in my opinion. Doesn't change anything written above.)

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Free RPG Day is June 15th

Yep, June 15th, 2019 is Free RPG Day. So, what o we have for the OSR Gamer?

Aside from the DCC RPG Quickstart and adventure, not much sadly. I will say the Starfinder RPG dice do look cool, and 15 sets per box should mean you have a chance to get some. The Witcher could be fun.

Hmm, Forts & Frontiers is based on D&D. Doesn't say what version. Historical RPG

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Tavern Chat - Tonight - 9 PM Eastern - Post NTRPG Con Wrap-up

I wasn't in Tavern Chat last week as I was at NTRPG Con in Dallas. Amazing time spent with great friends. If you can get there next year, I suggest you do so. It literally IS the convention not to miss!

Anyhow, Tavern Chat is at 9 PM Eastern on Wednesday nights, and tonight is a Wednesday night :)

We hold it on Discord, and here is the link to the Tenkar's Tavern Discord Server:


Kickstarter - The Folio: Artifacts of Adventure (1e & 5e Adventures Book)

"AD&D & 5th Edition D&D hardcover compendium of eight low to mid-level adventures in classic 1980s TSR inspired 'orange spine' style."

Given a choice between a book with a really long adventure or one with multiple short adventures, the multiple short adventures will almost always win out. Short adventures are easier to convert to the conceits of my own campaign in my experience.

Eight adventures for 50 bucks (HC & PDF) or 25 for just digital is damn competitive these days. One softcover adventure will usually run you from 12 to 18 bucks these days.
The Artifacts of Adventure hardcover is a  series of 8 dungeons adventures from The Folio: Digital Quarterly #1-#5 as well as The Folio: True Level Adventures #1-#3.  Written in both 1st Edition & 5th  Edition fantasy gaming formats. It encapsulates standard fantasy as well as detailing the adventure possibilities of incorporating fantasy steampunk into your campaigns in a kind of 'time jump' reality.  2D (classic blue) maps help spin a story of  struggle, martial prowess, and ingenuity. 
Content from these adventures has never been in print before, so this is the first time anyone will have a chance to stack these incredible adventures on their shelves!   
Our goal is to replicate the 128 page format of the old TSR ‘orange bound’ AD&D series of hardcovers from the early 1980s (Stranger Things  anyone?), and like those hardcovers, this will be covered with a beautiful  swords & sorcery inspired piece of artwork by artist Jeff Easley,  who did all those classic covers.
You've got just over a day to back this project - so do it now :)

(As an aside, The Folio projects consistently release on time - huzzah!)

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

James Mathe (Founder of RPGNow ) has Passed

James Mathe's passing was brought to my attention earlier today, but with our own, in house mourning (my parents' cat passed at 315 this afternoon at 18 years old) I haven't been able to settle in until now.

James is probably best known as the creator / original owner of RPGNow. I remember when RPGNow and DriveThruRPG were competitors. I always leaned towards RPGNow back in those days and did so even after the merger.

James' self-written bio is linked below:
SUMMARY: I have pioneered 2 new industries, own 5 companies and 3 game stores, completed several dozen successful Kickstarter campaigns, and host regular game designer events/conventions.

Monday, June 10, 2019

NTRPG Con Wrap Up and Shout Outs

I’m currently sitting in the DFW airport, awaiting my flight back to NYC. Suffice to say, NTRPG was amazing.  (edit - finishing up post now that I am home)

I’d name the names of all the awesome folks I spent time with at the con, but inevitably I’d leave someone (or someones) out.

That being said, there is still a handful I must especially call out:

  • Doug Rhea and Bad Mike - Holy shit gentlemen! NTRPG is cranking it to 11 now. Midnight auction had me dying.
  • Pexx - he was already my right hand with nearly all things Tavern related, but he's like my younger brother now. Well done.
  • Zach - the gift that keeps on giving. I'm proud to call you my friend.
  • The Frugal GM - Chris, Three Olives tastes like Fruit Loops mixed with toxic waste. Damn, but one small nip provided endless entertainment on Friday Night. Partytime, excellent!
  • Vince and Glen - felt like old times. Thank you.
  • Bill - the older brother I never had. Shit, he IS older, right?
  • Ben Burns - congrats on the Three Castles award you crazy rat!
  • The Humble folks - always happy to tempt new gamers with Swords & Wizardry Light
  • The Beard - words fail me. Very Cool dude
  • Chupacabracon Posse - you were fun to game with
  • All of the players in my Tegal Manor Games - you made me a better DM. There is no higher compliment.
  • All of the Frogs I haven't named - every year it's like a family reunion!
  • Everyone else I missed ;P
So, who's starting the clock for next year?

NTRPG Con - Frog God Dinner Con Wrap Up

Oh my!
Pexx cuts out his tongue hopping to save himself from a bodysnatcher egg 
Yes Pexx, that is a body snatcher egg

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