Saturday, June 1, 2019

More Down to Earth Pricing for the Enemy Within Campaign Pre-orders (less than $30 a book) (WFRP 4e)

Thanks to Thaddeus on the Tenkar's Tavern Discord Server, we have some easier on the wallet options to preorder the initial books in the Enemy Within Campaign for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4e.

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If only you also got the PDFs with preorders from other than Cubicle 7 - I know from the originals there is a huge amount of handouts, and I won't cut up my RPG books ever again ;)

Friday, May 31, 2019

Tenkar's Tavern is 10 Years Old Today - Huge Thanks to All & Some Thoughts on The Tavern's Success

Here's the first true Tavern Post:

Yeah, I didn't quite know what direction The Tavern was going to take 10 years ago. I certainly never dreamed it would still be around 10 years later, and no longer just a blog either.

The Tavern wouldn't be what it is without all of you.

I've been asked over the years to share the secret to The Tavern's success. Sadly, I can't bottle the secret and sell it, but there are some things that I believe are certainly part of that success's foundation.

1 - Just do it. Seriously, if you want a successful blog, podcast, whatever you actually need to start that blog or podcast. Talking about it doesn't do anything. Find the time and do it.

2 - Be yourself. Sure, some popular and/or controversial personalities in our community are acts, but over time folks will appreciate knowing the real you. Besides, it much easier being you than somebody else.

3 - Be passionate. Don't blog or podcast about a subject because you think it with have a built-in audience. It might at first, but without that passion, you won't retain them. As if you couldn't guess, I'm passionate about tabletop gaming ;)

4 - Be persistent. Keep at it. Even if the early parts are rough, practice and persistence will allow you to hone your craft.

5 - Be patient. I've been blogging for over 10 years, involved in podcasting for over 5 years and have had my solo podcast for over a year. Success did not come quick or easy, and in truth, I can't pick out a moment where I realized that The Tavern was "a success", but I think its hit that spot.

6 - Listen. To both praise and criticism. An echo chamber is NOT to your benefit.

7 - You can't please everyone. This is a hard one to come to terms with. Some folks don't like change (the podcast) and others may feel intimidated or worse by any success you may achieve. Don't ignore that they have concerns, but understand that not all of their concerns are your's to correct.

8 - Remember your community. Successful blogs, podcasts, Facebook groups, Discord servers and the like often have communities that form around them. Any influence you might have is because THEY grant it to you. It is a responsibility and an honor to be granted such. Do not abuse it.

9 - Invest. Time is probably the biggest investment, but there is also money, emotion and so much more. Success requires some sacrifice. You must be willing to do so.

10 - Have fun. If at some point it no longer is fun for you, it's probably time to take a break. I'm blessed that I enjoy it all and I have an amazingly supportive community. I'll warn you all if I need a break ;P

Again, 10 years. Holy Shit. No longer just a blog, The Tavern is a thriving Facebook Group (with just under 2400 members), an active Discord Server (with exactly 2000 members), the Tavern Chat Podcast (379 episodes and more each day) and of course, the Tenkar's Tavern Blog.

There are some huge plans for the blog-side and hopefully, I'll be able to get some of it in place this summer. New host, additional bloggers and more. No exact timeframe as I'm juggling multiple balls at the moment but I hope you'll enjoy the ride ;)

Thursday, May 30, 2019

WFRP The Enemy Within Collector’s Edition - 10 Books - 750 Bucks

I really shouldn't be tempted by the WFRP The Enemy Within Collector’s Edition. Certainly, the $750 price point should have me turn away quickly and. I mean, who the FUCK puts down 750 bucks for an RPG campaign?

But it IS Warhammer, and not the abomination that was WFRP 3e.

Oh, and it is the Enemy Within Campaign, one of the best - if not the best - fantasy campaign for ANY system.

You can also buy it piecemeal, and each of the five adventure books is matched with a companion book. 10 books. Damn.

Each set of two books is $150, so there is no savings in preordering the set, but then you don't get:
Developer Diaries 
If you buy the complete Enemy Within Collector’s Edition, we will send you regular Developer Diaries. These are emailed updates from WFRP Producer Andy Law detailing the progress of the new version of the campaign, including exclusive art previews, developer and artist interviews, production commentaries, amusing asides, and so much more. The Developer Diaries provide you with a unique insight into exactly what is included in the Director’s Cut of The Enemy Within, and why. 
So, do you want to know how Bögenhafen is being updated? Or what maps will be included? Or what new Chaos cults are included? Or what happens in the two new additions to the campaign, The Horned Rat and Empire in Ruins? If so, then the Developer Diaries are for you.

I need to run a GoFundMe ;)

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Reminder - Tavern Chat Tonight & Renovations are Complete

Today is a Wednesday, which means tonight is Tavern Chat. Hang out with gamers and creators from the OSR and beyond from all around the world at 9 PM Eastern.

Voice chat (but if you don't want to talk, all you need do is listen) Its been likened to a live podcast that isn't recorded, so if you miss it - you really missed it ;)

Use the following link to join:  https://discord.gg/4sHwScH

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Kickstarter - Apex Coasters: Fantasy/RPG Series

"Amazing ceramic coasters, cork backing, durable imprinted art. Perfect for the gaming table, computer desk, table art, or as a gift."

I have a sizeable collection of coasters. Sadly, they get little use these days.

Apex Coasters: Fantasy/RPG Series is actually cool. I do love the art.

I summon James Spahn!
Note. J.M. Ward is James Michael Ward and the creator of this project, not Jim Ward. Apparently, Jim is feeling a wee bit defensive and fears there may be some confusion.

4 coasters start at 28 bucks plus 9 for shipping in the US.

Monday, May 27, 2019

State of The Tavern - I May Have Imbibed Too Much :)

So, I had an excellent weekend in the Poconos Mountains. Away from the hustle and bustle. 12 pack of a local brew for 6.99. Severe lower back pain. Maybe no perfectly excellent, but memory can be selective.

Tomorrow I hit Pexx with my immediate schedule of free time, so as to enable us to get in some more Fireside Chats.

Also, more work on the Shire Con adventure.

Further thoughts on a possible 4-page monthly zine.

More thoughts on updating / changing hosts for this blog.

Did I mention updating the Tenkar's Tavern One-Shot Community?

It commences tomorrow...

I need to sleep off 8 pints and a shot.

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Warhammer Fantasy Role-play 4e - First Look

This past Friday I was at the Complete Strategist on 33rd Street in Manhattan with JoeTheLawyer and my wife Rach. On a shelf near the Pathfinder books I saw a lone copy of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4e, the new edition from Cubicle 7.

I've heard good things about the latest edition, and it wasn't long before i grabbed it in my greasy paws. 60 bucks (plus tax) later and it was mine. I must say, I am impressed.

Physically, it is a beauty to behold. The art simply screams Warhammer, and although it steps away from the black and white art that I've always felt was iconic of WFRP 1e, the color art does a fine job on its own.

Character generation detail is superb. What I really like is that 4e encourages "roll in order" and "take what is rolled" by offering bonus XP for doing so, but still allowing players that are unhappy with what is rolled some further choice.

Ambitions are personal and / or party goals that can be minor or major. Accomplishing such offers bonus XP.

Player Character races are well detailed and have some nice details about the races opinions of each other.

Just started reading the classes. I really want to run this.

WFRP 4e is available on Amazon for 47.44 (ships Prime) - and yes, this is an affiliate link.

More as I dig further...

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