Saturday, September 7, 2019

Humble Bundle - CRPGs - Pillars of Eternity & More - $4.40

Real quick post. The current Humble Bundle CRPG Bundle offers Pillars of Eternity and more for $4.40. Hard to pass up AND playable on OSX. Damn but I love it when good games show up for OSX.

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Friday, September 6, 2019

A Look at Gamers+ - The RPGs Tabletop Network

The death of Google+ certainly left a gaping hole in the social circles of many an OSR gamer. While Facebook certainly has an OSR presence and MeWe was happy to make the Google+ refugees feel at home as best it could, there are many that just don't feel comfortable with Facebook and don't like the feel of MeWe.

Which brings us to Gamers+. I'm not so sure I want to call it a "social network" as there are no cat pictures in your feed and the talk is pretty much strictly gaming. The network's population is small, but it does have an active feed linking blog posts and vidcasts from various gaming sources. Heck, their official Discord Server is the Tenkar's Tavern Discord Server. It tickles me pink, it does ;)

Hmm, maybe they could add an "Audio Section" and we could get some OSR podcast feeds lined up. that would be an amazing resource. Hint, hint!

The thing is, to reach its full potential, it needs members. Growth is slow but steady, but I'm hoping this post will give Gamers+ a burst of growth. Can't hurt, right?

The Gamers+ OSR Community is currently at 25 members. We should be able to double that in a day or so, right? ;)

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Excellent Blog Post at Creative Mountain Games re:D&D Legacy

Mark over at Creative Mountain Games has an excellent blog post dealing with recent muckraking going on on a certain "gaming news site" that shall not be named for the same reason we do not say Candyman in the bathroom mirror three times - you just never know who you might summon.

The insight Mark has to the actual time in history is priceless, and I suggest you read his post. It's a different perspective then you are getting elsewhere.

Here's a small piece of Mark's article:
The author of the Gygax legacy "hatchet piece" and the more recent TSR "rift" piece came to Lake Geneva and tried to interview a number of people prior to the first article and most wouldn't speak with her.  It's my understanding Gary's widow was unaware this author seemingly had an agenda.  When that writer contacted me (she contacted lots of locals who were formerly in TSR or who are in the current gaming scene), I told her to feel free to come by the game store (figuring she would anyway and I'd rather be aware she was there) but told her I wasn't interested in being recorded or interviewed, though I was happy to talk to her, since she said she was a gamer.  It was very clear from the start she was asking leading questions and looking to find quotes and sound bites to further a predetermined narrative.  She hung out around twenty minutes or so and our conversation led me to believe her gaming background was with console and video games rather than tabletop games, though she had a smattering of TTRPG knowledge.  I was not looking forward to the article given my experience talking to the author.  The second "rift" article just confirmed what we already knew from the first piece.
Read the full piece. Comment over on the Creative Mountain Games blog. It's posts like Mark's that will help put some balance back in place.

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Totally Unofficial D&D Sweatshirt (with ripped off MM 1e art)

Listen, I get it. Lots of us want some of the classic D&D and AD&D art on shirts and shit. For personal use, have at it. But when you sell stuff using a trademark you don't have rights to and art that you haven't licensed, that's where you cross the line.

Case in point:

Alien Body

52.50 for the sweatshirt above. Only available in Small - all other sizes are "Sold Out".

Besides the fact that the design is shitty, using a trademark and art you don't have rights to is even shittier.

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Classic LotFP Referee Book (Old Grindhouse Edition) is Free to Download

Since it looks like James and Gareth will be dueling to see who can release their overdue, unwritten crowdfunding project first, I thought I'd remind folks that the classic LotFP Referee Book (Old Grindhouse Edition) is free to download.

Might as well remind myself as to why I backed the Indigogo project, as the LotFP Referee Book (Old Grindhouse Edition) is one of the best GM resources available for any edition of The Game. (added to the DTRPG catalog back on April 20th, 2015)
The new printing of the LotFP Referee book is taking way longer than expected (surprise), so with no in-print Referee book the geniuses over at LotFP thought that maybe some sort of Ref information should be available. So here, free of charge, is the Referee book that was included in the Grindhouse set. 
Keep in mind that LotFP is a living game and this PDF here is four eight years old. The next printing of the Ref book will be a complete rewrite and expansion (will be at least three times this size), new layout and graphic design, all new artwork, etc. 
This PDF does include the beginning adventure A Stranger Storm, which will not be reprinted.
Yep, that is an affiliate link above. Yes, this is a free product, but maybe you'll buy something else when you snag this. Bartender needs beer... BADLY! ;)

Monday, September 2, 2019

Kickstarter - Far Away Land RPG: Nuzoz

I love Far Away Land. Whether it be the original game or the OSR version, the art is inspirational and the gameplay is just this side of Adventure Land :)

Nuzoz is a setting/continent for the original FAL rules, although I suspect with a little work it would work fairly well with the OSR version of the rules. At 5 bucks for the PDF, or 9 bucks for the PDF and at cost POD, it would be damn near criminal to pass this up.

The world of Far Away Land expands with the discovery of the continent known as Nuzoz! This project introduces the newest Far Away Land book to the Far Away Land Universe. New lands. New monsters. New spells. New Awesome! (This book contains rules for the originall Far Away Land rule system - not the OSR version). 
 What is the Land of Nuzoz
Nuzoz is a rugged land full of jungles, monsters, beaches, seas, floating landmasses, great maelstroms, towering spires, mysterious structures, rainbow lakes, rings of fire, and strange cities. Nuzoz introduces new playable PC races like the anthropomorphic parrot folk called kreeah as well as terrible monsters like Bigzilla and cave anglers. It’s a tough land that will test the mettle of even the most intrepid adventurers.

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Deal of the Day - KOBOLDS ATE MY BABY! In Colour!!!

Today's  Deal of the Day is KOBOLDS ATE MY BABY! In Colour!!! Yep, the classic everyone's spoken about is on sale. Looks like I have to pick this up myself.
The Classic Game of Beer and Pretzels RolePlaying! 
For kobolds In the service of King Torg (ALL HAIL KING TORG!) their life will undoubtedly be silly, brutal, and short.  They may be crushed by cows falling from the sky. They may be obliterated by meteorites, betrayed by friends, or brained by frying pans. They may cheerily march to their death upon the beaks of chickens or from the tentacles of eldritch magicks. If they are really lucky, they may survive long enough to bring back a tasty treat to the Kobold Caves and avoid becoming lunch themselves. 
Being cannon fodder has never been this much fun!

The classic game of Beer and Pretzels Roleplaying returns in this definitive, full colour edition. This book includes everything you need to play except some dice, some friends, and a wicked sense of humour. 
A Game by Chris O’Neill & Dan Landis
Illustrated by John Kovalic 
I almost missed this. About 12 hours left in the sale as I type this.

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