Saturday, December 14, 2019

Kickstarter - GoDice | Incredibly Smart Connected Dice For Any Game!

Elevate game night and RPG to a whole new level - Play online and offline with friends & family.

GoDice is fucking cool!

Godice is fucking expensive!
GoDice is the “Kindle” of board games - A slick, compact and cool (physical) connected dice set, with TONS of quality content for everyone: family games, bar games, educational games, fun games, and so much more. 
The data from the GoDice syncs immediately to the app. Make your moves , tap your decisions, and watch the score rise in real time. Papers, score sheets and writing are replaced with a cool digital experience! Complex RPG calculations (multiple dice and battles) are done instantly and automatically -  So you can enjoy the fun, luck, and strategic elements of the games. 
GoDice transforms screens into a fun and social "board" game!  It turns screen time into quality time.  Play with your friends online, or round up a group of friends and family to get started (when screens are involved, the younger generation will gladly join the party). GoDice brings people to play TOGETHER. 
I don't need it, but my God I certainly do want it!

The D&D dice package is 99 bucks.

Watch the video. See the potential.

Friday, December 13, 2019

OSR Christmas 2019 - Day One of Gifting

I bet some of you thought I forgot about OSR Christmas this year. While my plate is currently very full, a tradition such as OSR Christmas must live on. There will be THREE actual days of gift-giving. If you are interested in the chance of being gifted, you will need to comment on that post. It is as simple as that.

The plan, on the blogside at least, is to do the gifting on December 13th, December 19th and December 24th, with 5 days after the announcing of gifts to name those receiving and 5 days for folks to claim their gifts (unclaimed gifts will be regifted ;), so December 18th, December 24th, and December 29th will be the respective cut off dates. Gifts will be randomly awarded on the following day. Unclaimed gifts will be awarded on January 6th, 2020.  Hopefully, it will all wrap up by the end of the year. That would be a first :)

There will be some gifts gifted on the Tavern Chat Podcast side. You'll have to listen ;)

Today's Gift Pool:

1 - Moon Wizard OSR Patch by Thad Moore

1 - James Mishler Games "One of Everything" in PDF
       (19 titles in all)

From MonkeyBlood / Glynn Seal
 1 - The City of Great Lunden hardback plus Map Sets and Pregen
Character Cards (Print - Ships Worldwide)

 1 - HandyMaps Towns & Villages (Print - Ships World Wide)

 1 - Midderlands PDF

 1 - The City of Great Lunden PDF

Note - FOUR separate gifts from MonkeyBlood

From Genius Loci Games

1 - New Class Options

From Tenkar's Tavern / The Tavern Chat Podcast

2 - $10 DrivethruRPG Gift Certificates

Remember, comment before midnight, December 18th for your chance to be gifted. Want to add more gifts to the gift pool? Email tenkars.tavernATgmailDOTcom with "OSR Christmas Gifting" in the subject.

Yes, there are affiliate links above. Affiliate links keep the taps flowing and the lights on at The Tavern. As always, I thank you.

Thursday, December 12, 2019

News - Starfinder To Land On Amazon Alexa - Is This the Future?

Paizo announced earlier today that Starfinder will be available on Amazon Alexa in a voice-based version of the game as of December 16th, 2019. Here's the press release from Paizo:
For months now, we at Paizo have been holding onto an incredible secret: Starfinder, the science-fantasy game that mixes dragons with robotics and magic missiles with high-tech hacking, is coming to Amazon Alexa! 
Let me repeat that. This is not a drill. 
On December 16, a voice-based version of the Starfinder Roleplaying Game will be available for free on Alexa devices through Amazon’s cloud-based voice service. We’re giving you a heads-up on this release so that you can track down any of the Alexa-supported devices and, if you want, play the moment the free episode drops! 
At launch, just say "Alexa, play Starfinder!" on any Alexa-enabled device. You’ll beam straight into an adapted version of “Scoundrels in the Spike,” the adventure I wrote for the Starfinder Beginner Box.

The adaptation script was written by none other than James L. Sutter, former Starfinder Creative Director and an amazing author whose work really makes this voice experience shine. Incredible voice actors, sound effects, and music further make this game sing. 
Specifically, when Starfinder Creative Director Robert G. McCreary and I heard the rich soundscapes of Absalom Station and felt the tension of combat with space goblins, we were gleefully astonished. This project has brought Starfinder’s world to life just as we imagined, and for me it was a truly awe-inspiring experience. 
The rules Alexa uses to run the adventure are similarly adapted from the Beginner Box. Starfinder fans will recognize the player character options as Iseph the iconic operative, Quig the iconic mechanic, and Navasi the iconic envoy. What’s more, Raia the iconic technomancer can serve as a best friend and sidekick in these adventures. Simply put, there’s a lot to recognize and love if you’re already a fan of Starfinder. If you’re new to the game or even to tabletop RPGs in general, this experience is a fantastic gateway to a lifetime of adventure and fun 
Beyond the pilot episode, Paizo and Amazon have big plans to bring more paid episodes of the Starfinder voice game to Alexa. But we’ll save that reveal for another blog—and probably a press release or two. 
Before I smoke-bomb away from this exciting announcement, I’d like to just gush for a moment about how much of a dream this project was, both as a creative and as a manager. As we’ve spun up this initiative, I’ve gotten to work with some fantastic folks at Amazon, whose excitement for this project has left me energized and astounded at the power of tabletop storytelling across all media. 
I’ve also gotten to work extensively with Rob and Sutter on this project. It’s been like a wonderful reunion of sorts, bringing me back to the days of working with those guys on the Starfinder Core Rulebook—and it’s made me realize how much I miss working with Sutter, especially since we both have a tendency to shriek and cackle when we get excited in creative meetings. I miss making that beautiful music with you, James. 
Nostalgia aside, the entire Starfinder Alexa project has involved great team members, and the Starfinder team as well as folks all across Paizo have done a great job giving us feedback on the in-development game and generally supporting us along the way.
Now, time for that smoke bomb! Check out “Scoundrels in the Spike” when it drops, and stay tuned for more Paizo-Amazon news soon to come! 
Amanda Hamon
Starfinder Managing Developer

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Wayward Kickstarter - Myth & Magic Player's Guide - Would You Consider This the Offer of a Bribe?

Quick background to catch folks up. Myth & Magic was a very well-received clone of AD&D 2e, at least based on the initial reception the M&M Starter Guide received.

A Player's Guide and a GM's Guide were Kickstartered. Then the problems started. Backers had photos of boxes of M&M Player's Guides filling Tom's living room, and statements that they were shipped, but that wasn't the case.

I've posted about Myth & Magic numerous times. It hasn't posted an update since March of 2016 (and you thought Gareth was bad) At one point, Tom WAS actually shipping books. He was kind enough to share my full legal name and shipping info as a comment on the Myth & Magic Kickstarter (note my sarcasm) and I was forced to contact Kickstarter to have it removed. So yes, Tom has a special place in the Tenkar's Tavern Hall of Shame.

Now, folks are still commenting about the lack of actual receiving what they paid for in the comments section on the M&M Kickstarter:

Imagine that. A day AFTER I comment that I need to post an update on the Myth & Magic Player's Guide, Tom does what pretty much EVERY lawyer does (I did mention that Tom is an Attorney, right?) to make a problem go away - he offers something of perceived value.

First, he pretends not to recall sending my initial copy. Sent to appease me and silence me, as many others years later still haven't received theirs.

Then he offers me multiple copies of the DOZEN OR SO CASES OF EXTRA BOOKS he still has. Books that belong to the other backers. They don't belong to me. They don't belong to Tom. They belong to the backers

Tom, you want me to go away? You want closure? Make your backers whole. Yes, the suckers that believed in you and trusted in you, much like your clients. I certainly hope you don't treat your clients at your day job as shitty as you have treated your backers.

Quoting myself from 2015:

"I may have been unfair with Gareth, as Tom is possibly the most distasteful project creator I've dealt with on Kickstarter. He must be a hoot to have as a lawyer: "No worries Mr. Smith, I've told the IRS we'll be ready for your Audit on Tuesday. Now excuse me, I'll be out of the state for the next 13 months. Don't worry, I'll email."

Monday, December 9, 2019

Kickstarter - HandyMaps Buildings & Structures - A5 Card Handouts for RPGs (MonkeyBlood)

Glynn "MonkeyBlood" Seal. To know him is to be in constant awe of his maps. Seriously, I don't think there is a better mapper in our community. Others certainly are skilled but Glynn has a certain quality - his maps simple jump out at you.

So, that means that you definitely want in on his latest Kickstarter:

HandyMaps Buildings & Structures - A5 Card Handouts for RPGs

Here's the pitch:
I'm Glynn Seal -- artist, writer, publisher, and 2019 ENnie-nominated and 2018 Gold ENnie Award-winning cartographer for The Midderlands setting for old school games. I've previously run four successful Kickstarter campaigns, and this will be the fifth. 
Our previous campaign was called HandyMaps - Towns & Villages, and due to its success and the hugely positive feedback we received, we have created this campaign to provide some additional cards for buildings/structures. 
So, we are creating set of twenty two (22), double-sided A5 cards showing beautifully illustrated and evocative elevations and floorplan layouts for fantasy-themed buildings/structures. The map cards can be used as player handouts or tools for game planning by Game Masters. 
The cards will be double-sided in a handy A5 size (210mm high x 148mm wide OR 8.27" high x 5.83" wide) from 350gsm uncoated card stock (giving a nice matt finish, suitable for ink and pencil marking). 
Each side will be professionally digitally printed with a single full colour elevation of the building to one side, and a black-inked floorplan to the reverse, all on a parchment style background. 
The floorplan sides will all have a basic grid and minimal text labels (generally kept to suggested uses, floor/storey labels, and level change designations such as stairs and ladders), but NO title, room numbers, or compass allowing Game Masters to use them as they need for their campaigns.

 I'm backing for the boxed set.

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Sale - TinyD6 Holiday Blowout - $335+ Bundle for 50 Bucks

I'll be honest. There is only one game that even comes close to tempting me away from Swords & Wizardry and my Swords & Wizardry Light rules, and that is TinyD6. Streamlined rules that are easy to understand and consistent across genres with excellent presentation and support. Its where I draw much of my inspiration when I play with the ideas of micro-settings for Swords & Wizardry.

I'm impressed with the number of releases in the TinyD6 Holiday Blowout Bundle, and my prior purchases bring my cost for the bundle down to about 40 bucks. It looks like I'm filling the holes in my collection.

Here's the description of Tiny Dungeon 2e:
Tiny Dungeon: Second Edition is the newest iteration of the minimalist fantasy roleplaying game!  
Powered by the TinyD6 engine, with streamlined mechanics that utilize only one to three single six-sided dice on every action, characters that can be written on a 3x5 notecard, and easy to understand and teach rules, Tiny Dungeon 2e is great for all groups, ages, and experience levels! 
Included are over a dozen lightly detailed settings, written by some of the best authors out there. These “micro-settings” are light-weight, open-ended and designed to be inspirational for your games and provide a fast, easy jumping point for your campaign! Covering a wide selection of fantasy genres and ideas, there's something for everyone in Tiny Dungeon 2e! 
With micro-settings by: Tobie Abad, Marie Brennan, Shawn Carmen, Elizabeth Chaipraditkul, Steve Diamond, Miguel Espinoza, Dianna Gunn, John Kennedy, Melanie Meadors, Mari Murdock, Darren Pearce, jim pinto, Steve Radabaugh, Wendelyn Reischel, Ryan Schoon, Howard Tayler, Randy Tayler, Sandra Tayler, and Ben Woerner.
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