Saturday, July 14, 2018

#ConManKen - Ken You Ignorant Slut!

I have a shitload of #ConManKen goodness to share with my readers and listeners, but it will take a day or so to sort out and put into a readable mess.

In the meantime, a Ken confession. Someone get a priest...
On Sat, Jul 14, 2018 at 10:57 AM, Ken Whitman <kenwhitmanxxx@gmail.com> wrote: 
Marcus wanted me to own an LLC to cover my own liability and taxes.  He owned the product and location.  NOT until I paid him ALL the money would I own it.  Kind of like a lease to own deal.
I did not have money or assets, I still don't.  That was done out of friendship.
So, ta da.
Dumb fuck: Hey Ken has a car!! 
Me: it's  a buy here pay here.  
Dumb fuck: well I'll just take your car.  
Me: it got reposessed. 
Dumb Fuck: well you must have owed it at some point. 
Me: Nope, I didn't own it till ipaid all of it, I had to hand it over cause I could not pay! 
Dumb fuck: you're hiding assets!! 
Me: dumb fuck, you're such a dumb fuck! 
Now, look at that sample. What does it make you think? Tax dodge? Hiding assets? Lying to the community? More? Tell me in the comments below.

More to come from the very emails of #ConManKen to the man that's suing him. And no Kenny, you'll need a lot more than $250 to pay the man off.

New Frog God Games Website is Live - S&W Cyclopean Deeps Sale (Print plus PDF)

The new Frog God Games website is live and the Frogs are offering Cyclopean Deeps Volumes 1 & 2, in Print plus PDF for just $19.99.

There are huge discounts on Pathfinder in Print - not as deep as 5 bucks a pound but fairly close.

Oh, and then there is this Easter Egg:

Does this mean I'm NOT retired anymore? Damn it Zach! ;)

The Tavern Chat Podcast - Episode #59 - Baldur's Gate Lead Designer Goes Greek with 5e

I'm a huge fan of Baldur's Gate 1 & 2. In my eyes, they set the highwater marks for the computer RPGs that followed, and I'm not sure if any have ever hit the mark. To see talent moving from computer games to RPGs is exciting.
James Ohlen (lead designer Baldur's Gate 1&2 and Neverwinter Nights) has retired from Bioware and is publishing a Greek-themed setting for 5e called Odyssey.
Link to Episode #59https://anchor.fm/tavernchat/episodes/Episode-59---Baldurs-Gate-Lead-Designer-Goes-Greek-with-5e-e1q263

Link to ENWorld article - http://www.enworld.org/forum/content.php?5412-Baldur-s-Gate-Designer-Leaves-Bioware-To-Form-D-D-Publishing-Company

Link to Arcanum Worlds - http://www.arcanumworlds.com

Friday, July 13, 2018

Kickstarter - Woodfall - A mini hexcrawl setting (system neutral)

Hello from the Pocono Mountains of N/E Pennsylvania. Believe it or not, I plan on achieving some catching up on my weekend away. Probably won't but I'll give it a damn good try ;)

Tonight I'm looking at the Woodfall Kickstarter, a system neutral dark fantasy setting.

The pic above tell me nearly all I need to know. I WANT to play in this setting. I want to run this setting. More importantly, I want to own this setting.
Explore a dark fairytale setting, wade through a misty swamp, get caught up in the fighting between warring monster clans, discover a strange town of witches and thieves, and search for forgotten treasure. 
Woodfall is a swamp belonging to a king where witches, thieves and outlaws are squatting. They have built a town on top of the swamp and have resisted several evictions. The town is a hub for black market activity and magical folk.  
The surrounding forest and swamp is a hexcrawl filled with various monster factions.
Ooooo... a hex map:

 What else is inside?

  • Approx. 100 pages of content 
  • New monsters
  • DIY magic item creation system 
  • Hirelings
  • Villains
  • Weird shops
  • A hexcrawl with 12 keyed locations
  • Lots of random tables
  • Flora and Fauna
  • Rules for the setting changing over time 
  • Various random tables
  • Legal system for the town
  • Thieves guild
  • Monster hunting content 

and then there are commies. It's almost like someone dropped Paranoia in my OSR ;)

12 bucks for the PDF. POD code plus PDF is 17 bucks (about 3 more bucks to print in softcover, 10 in hardcover)

Its funded with nearly 4 weeks to go and NO STRETCH GOALS! When I get back home I'm in for the POD.

The Tavern Chat Podcast - Episode #58 - Barbarism in the AD&D 1e Unearthed Arcana

The AD&D 1e Unearthed Arcana rulebook. It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. Same applies to the Barbarian class within - it was the best of classes and the worst of classes. Thus, today's episode.
In this episode, I look at the Barbarian class from the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1e Unearthed Arcana and why they are a party pooper ;)
Link to Episode #58 - https://anchor.fm/tavernchat/episodes/Episode-58---Barbarism-in-the-ADD-1e-Unearthed-Arcana-e1pt8v

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Dungeon Crawl Classics #87.5: Grimtooth's Museum of Death for ONE BUCK Through July 17th

Just got the email and figured I'd share it out.

Goodman Games has partnered with Flying Buffalo to publish all-new material by Grimtooth the Troll! That’s right, THAT Grimtooth, the one who trapped your dungeons in the 80s! He’s back with Grimtooth’s Trapsylvania, a Kickstarter running right now. And to celebrate Trapsylvania, Goodman Games is offering the adventure Dungeon Crawl Classics #87.5: Grimtooth’s Museum of Death for only ONE DOLLAR!

Can you survive DCC #87.5: Grimtooth’s Museum of Death? This entertaining dungeon crawl is the crossover you’ve always wanted: the legendary Grimtooth the Troll meets Dungeon Crawl Classics! This adventure module is written under DCC RPG rules and is officially licensed by Flying Buffalo to include Grimtooth. The evil troll Grimtooth has finally thrown wide the gates of his castle to all comers. Of course, there is a catch. The adventurers must wind their way through a maze of traps in Grimtooth’s Museum of Death, a curated collection of the deadliest and most devious traps ever assembled in one place!

This 28-page adventure is only ONE DOLLAR until next Tuesday!

Yep, there's an affiliate link up above. Help keep the taps flowing and the lights burning at The Tavern by using our affiliate links.

Bundle of Holding - Colonial Gothic -

I like Colonial Gothic. I like the setting. Its got that perfect familiar yet not historical sense to it and the pieces I've read seem well researched. I probably should buy the core books at this rate ;)

Yep, I own a few supplements but nothing of the core. For less than 8 bucks I probably should...
Hero! The Founders return to revive our July 2017 Colonial Gothic Bundle, featuring the supernatural flintlock-horror tabletop roleplaying game Colonial Gothic from Rogue Games. Uncover the secret history of America's 18th-Century frontier, where monsters stalk the woods and ghosts haunt every sleepy hollow. This bargain-priced revival once again brings you almost the entire Colonial Gothic gaming line, including several newly added recent books. It's everything you need for a complete campaign of magic and mayhem in the shadows of early America. 
For just US$7.95 you get all seven titles in our Starter Collection (retail value $47) as DRM-free .PDF ebooks, including the complete Colonial Gothic Third Edition rulebook; three essential supplements (Gamemaster, Adventure, and The Player Companion); the adventures The Landlord's Daughter and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow; and the 174-page Beginnings adventure that kicks off the Flames of Freedom campaign about the American Revolution. 
And if you pay more than the threshold price, which started at $17.76 and now stands at $19.57, you'll level up and also get our entire Bonus Collection with eleven more titles worth an additional $77.
Just three days left on this one.

The Tavern Chat Podcast - Episode #57 - Dramatic Reading of #ConManKen Emails (Transcript included with post)

#ConManKen. Never going to let you go. Never going to say goodbye ;)

I was given access to an email exchange between Kenny and the "white night" suing him, Louis Desy. With permission, I recorded a "dramatic" version of the exchange to today's podcast episode and have included the email exchange below for those not looking to listen (or who do listen and want to catch all the spelling and grammar issues ;)
Ah, #ConManKen. He never ceases to entertain. In this episode I "dramatically" read an email chain between Kenny and the man suing him in a New York court.
Link to Episode #57 -   https://anchor.fm/tavernchat/episodes/Episode-57---Dramatic-Reading-of-ConManKen-Emails-e1pn4n

On Mon, Jul 2, 2018, 2:21 PM Louis J Desy Jr wrote:


I assume you got the same notice on docket with a document filed by the court clerk, document #31, that I did, about the preliminary conference for Aug 01, 2018 about case schedule and deadlines; so unless something changes with the schedule, it looks like I will get to meet you in person finally.

I sent all of the papers and exhibits to be served on Kickstarter PBC to a process server over the weekend, so they should be served by the end of this week, so they should be there also.

On Wed, Jul 4, 2018 at 9:53 AM, Ken Whitman wrote:

And why would I take advice from a disbarred lawyer.

Or get operated on by a medical doctor who lost his license?

Or a pilot who lost his license

Or someone with no driver's licence telling me how to drive a car.

You are a special kind of stupid.

On Wed, Jul 4, 2018, 10:48 AM Louis J Desy Jr wrote:

IF you did any research on the rules of civil procedure or how to conduct a lawsuit, you would have easily come across that in the rules of civil procedure for the court, and normally, most people would have looked them up to ensure they were following the proper format and what they needed to be put into an answer.

I even TOLD YOU what to look out for in filing your answer, and you choose to ignore it anyway. ( As a side note, so if I DON'T want you to do something, I just have to recommend it to you and you will not do it? )

Now, it is true I was not doing this as to be completely altruistic. Part of my motivation on telling you that anything that would be considered an affirmative defense on an issue in the case needed to be put in as part of the answer or considered waived, is so that months from now you couldn't try to claim that 'you didn't know that' and wanted time to amend or revise your answer.

I am stunned that part of your submission was a photo of what you were citing to, even though a searchable PDF could have been easily made, which is typical since it makes is easier to search for phrases or words in the document and exhibits.

I am also surprised that you did not at least consult with a lawyer to see what they could do for you. Of course, most lawyers probably would have recommended that you just turn over the footage and provide an accounting; and you can't do that if you want to extort more from people.


On Wed, Jul 4, 2018 at 11:31 AM, Ken Whitman wrote:

If your do smart, how did you get disbared? Can you answer me that?

On Wed, Jul 4, 2018, 1:59 PM Louis J Desy Jr wrote:

You should put that in one of your motions or the answer.

Of course, the problem here is this case is NOT about what I did or did not do, the issue is how YOU conned about seven hundred people out of tens of thousands of dollars, ran more projects as part of an overall Ponzi scheme, and then refused to deliver what little you did do.


On Wed, Jul 4, 2018 at 4:24 PM, Ken Whitman wrote:

Con means never doing any work, I spent every bit of money on the show and you know it.

You can ask Jolly, even he know I spent that money on his project.

Proving me inept will be easy because I was in over my head.  Proving I'm a crook who intentional took money gonna be a stretch for anyone except disbared lawyers with a white night complex.

And if you think for one moment that bring up your history followed by harrastment charge won't weigh on a judge's decision, then you truly are rather dumb.

I can't wait to see more post about me on line, once again proving I cant even make a living to finish my kickstarters because of harrasment like this.

Make my job easy,

Happy 4th


On Wed, Jul 4, 2018, 5:41 PM Louis J Desy Jr wrote:

I have no proof of what you spent the money on because you refuse to provide any accounting.

The only logical reason you refuse to provide a complete accounting as required under the Kickstarter terms is because you spent the money on others things, yourself and/or other projects as part of the Ponzi scheme that you ran and continued after you fled Kentucky.

You can't finish the Kickstarters because you refuse to work on them.

As one small example, you could turn over all of the footage, that would cost nothing and you are obligated to do so, but you refuse to do so until a court orders you to do it; and even then I think you will continue to try to refuse to follow a valid court order.


On Wed, Jul 4, 2018 at 6:25 PM, Ken Whitman wrote:

I don't need a lecture, I don't need advice, I don't need you to try to tell me what you believe your reality is, what I need for you is to talk to me about important information about our court case, or give a place that I can send and or wire my money, or shut the f*** up.

From: Louis J Desy Jr: Wed, Jul 4, 2018 at 8:29 PM

Well, at least I didn’t chastise you for all of your spelling and grammar errors.

And as I said and posted before, if I was only looking for $250, I would have filed my case in small claims court. The fact that I filed the case in district court clearly means that I am looking for the other items, which I keep asking for, all of which was in the 30 day demand letter, asked for in the complaint and repeated in multiple emails with you.


Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Reminder - Tavern Chat Tonight - 9 PM Eastern - Welcome to the Frog God Army

This week we started migrating the Frog God Discord Discord Server to the Tenkar's Tavern Discord Server. The results have been awesome. Lots of conversation about all things gaming, geekish as well as Frog.

Tonight is the first Tavern Chat after we started the merge. Please join us. I can't say for sure who will drop into the voice chat, but I'm sure it will be a blast as usual.

Link to the Tenkar's Tavern Discord Serverhttps://discord.gg/wuqS7cH

Possible topic of discussion: The Ken Whitman emails (gotta be there ;)

Matt Finch - Live on Youtube with ENnies OSR Nominees - Noon Eastern thru 7pm

Matt Finch is doing a marathon Youtube session / interviews / hang out with many of the ENnies nominees from the OSR.

James Raggi and possibly Glynn Seal at noon.

Zak S at 1 pm

Jason Hobbs at 5 pm

Probably other guests too.

Here's the link

Some further info that is relevant from this morning's post is repeated below:

Yep, ENnies voting is live. Just a note on the ENnies voting from the ENnies site itself:
In the end, we at the ENnies subscribe to the democratic principle of "one person, one vote." We ask that you not vote more than once (this includes voting on different devices (computers, smartphones, etc.)) and that you not ask others to do the same in order to "stuff the ballot box." As such, you will not be able to change your vote once you've submitted your selection.
So, don't stuff the ballot box and here's how to do it if you were going to ;)

Another bit of info:
If you don't like a product, don't vote for it. You cannot hurt a product's chances of winning by ranking it poorly. To the contrary, you'll help it out if the race goes down to the wire. This system is called an Instant Runoff Election.
I'm not telling anyone what to do, I'm just pointing out how not to do it...

Episode #56 Synopsis:
We all have gaming moments that are burned into our memories. I recount some of my earlier memories. Also, ENnies voting is now live!
Link to Episode #56 - https://anchor.fm/tavernchat/episodes/Episode-56---Gaming-Memories--ENnies-Voting-is-Live-e1pies

Ennies Voting Link - http://ennie-awards.com/vote/2018/

The Tavern Chat Podcast - Episode #56 - Gaming Memories & ENnies Voting is Live

Yep, ENnies voting is live. Just a note on the ENnies voting from the ENnies site itself:
In the end, we at the ENnies subscribe to the democratic principle of "one person, one vote." We ask that you not vote more than once (this includes voting on different devices (computers, smartphones, etc.)) and that you not ask others to do the same in order to "stuff the ballot box." As such, you will not be able to change your vote once you've submitted your selection.
So, don't stuff the ballot box and here's how to do it if you were going to ;)

Another bit of info:
If you don't like a product, don't vote for it. You cannot hurt a product's chances of winning by ranking it poorly. To the contrary, you'll help it out if the race goes down to the wire. This system is called an Instant Runoff Election.
I'm not telling anyone what to do, I'm just pointing out how not to do it...

Episode #56 Synopsis:
We all have gaming moments that are burned into our memories. I recount some of my earlier memories. Also, ENnies voting is now live!
Link to Episode #56https://anchor.fm/tavernchat/episodes/Episode-56---Gaming-Memories--ENnies-Voting-is-Live-e1pies

Ennies Voting Linkhttp://ennie-awards.com/vote/2017/

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Kickstarter - SURVIVE THIS!! Vigilante City Tabletop Roleplaying Game - Updated Stretch Goal - Spahnnn!

Just a quick note on the new $8k stretch goal for the SURVIVE THIS!! Vigilante City Tabletop Roleplaying Game Kickstarter:
$8000 - NEW STRETCH GOAL!!  Complete Adventure written b Ennie & Origin Award Winning Author:  James M. Spahn!!  LOCKED!! :( 
More about James:   James M. Spahn is a freelance roleplaying game author and owner/operator of Barrel Rider Games. He served as a contributing author on the ENnie and Origins Award Winning Adventures in Middle-Earth, published by Cubicle 7 Entertainment. His freelance contributions include work on Rocket Age (Why Not Games), The One Ring Roleplaying Game (Cubicle 7 Entertainment), Adventures in Middle-earth (Cubicle 7 Entertainment), The Star Wars Roleplaying Game (Fantasy Flight Games), Swords & Wizardry Continual Light (Triumvirate Tavern Publishing), Swords & Wizardry Light (Frog God Games), and the Lost Lands (Frog God Games) lines of products. Through Barrel Rider Games, he has published dozens of supplements for OSR games from Swords & Wizardry Complete, Swords & Wizardry White Box, Labyrinth Lord, Dungeon Crawl Classics, OSRIC, and Starships & Spacemen. He has also published several complete roleplaying games, including the Three Castles Award nominated The Hero's Journey Fantasy Roleplaying and White Star: White Box Science Fiction Roleplaying Games. 
We here at Bloat Games are very excited to add James as a creative contributor to this campaign!
I'm happy for Bloat Games and I'm happy for James.

Currently at $7,664 with 11 days to go. Lets "stretch" James ;)

Discord - The Frog Army is On the Move - Offering Channels for Publishers

So, today started the migration of the Frog Army (Frog God Discord Server) to the Tenkar's Tavern Discord Server. It's been a smoother process than I could have hoped for. That being said, it will take weeks if not longer for all of the active members of the Frog's Discord Server to get the news. The Frog God Server is staying up for archival purposes.

We have also added a "Group" for other OSR publishers. Current text channels have been dedicated to Gaming Ballistic, Barrel Rider Games, Mythmere Games and Silver Bulette as well as a channel specifically for Kickstarter announcements. The Gaming Ballistic Channel has been on fire today ;)

If you are a third party publisher and would like a text channel on the Tenkar's Tavern Discord Server, join the server with the link below and private message either myself (tenkar) or Pexx and we will set you up. It's perfect for announcements, AMAs and answering questions from the community.

Link to the Tenkar's Tavern Discord Serverhttps://discord.gg/fReGmuD

The Tavern Chat Podcast - Episode #55 - Kicking it with Kickstarter - July 10th, 2018

Yep, this is the third weekly Kickstarter episode. I actually cover seven Kickstarters. Damn, that's exhaustive ;)
In the third weekly installment of Kicking it with Kickstarter, we cover the following current Kickstarters: The Complete White Ship Campaign 1E&5E mega-adventure, City of Brass: Epic Adventure for 5e and Swords and Wizardry, SURVIVE THIS!! Vigilante City Tabletop Roleplaying Game, Hall of Judgment - a Dungeon Fantasy RPG Supplement, The RPG Coloring Book, Secrets of the Nethercity (ACKS) and The Mighty Dragon Bag for RPG.

Link to Episode #55: https://anchor.fm/tavernchat/episodes/Episode-55---Kicking-it-with-Kickstarter---July-10th--2018-e1pddt

Kickstarter Links:








Monday, July 9, 2018

Kickstarter - The Complete White Ship Campaign 1E & 5E mega-adventure

Art of the Genre always puts out solid releases for both 1e & 5e, in the same product. The Complete White Ship Campaign 1E & 5E mega-adventure Kickstarter is another solid release, compiling the previous releases into a hardcover compilation.
This unabridged version will be include 6 gazetteers, 6 adventures, 6 mini-adventures to flesh out the campaign, 6 playable characters, and the Ports of the Nameless Realms V1-2 supplement, all in both 1E AD&D & 5th Edition D&D format. Our goal is to attempt to replicate the 128 page format of the old TSR ‘orange bound’ AD&D series of hardcovers from the early 1980s (Stranger Things anyone?), and in homage to the great TSR artists of those hardcovers, this will be covered with a never before published Keith Parkinson masterpiece.
The art is always top notch. Really good choices. The orange spin does fit well next to my later orange spine1e books (my earlier printings of the PH, DMG and MM lack such ;)

40 bucks for the hardcover (50 if you add the PDF) is excellent value for your money. Hmmm, apparently my money too...

OSR Patches - Swords of Crom now Available

From Thaddeus Moore:

100% embroidery coverage "Sword of Crom" patches are ready to be shipped!

You may order "Sword of Crom" or "Blue Map" patches by sending $5.00 per patch (shipping included) in the US via the paypal link: paypal.me/thaddeusgmoore or thaddeus DOT g DOT moore AT gmail.

Please ensure your NAME and ADDRESS are correct and specify type "Sword of Crom" or "Blue Map" and quantity you desire.

Outside the US send $7 for one patch or $5 thereafter up to 3 patches. 2 patches = $12, 3 patches = $17. This is the maximum I can fit inside an envelope. If you would like more than 3 patches the same pricing applies per envelope of 3 as specified above.

Quantities are limited. Thanks for all the support OSR Community!

The Tavern Chat Podcast - Episode #54 - Delving Into OSRIC

OSRIC / AD&D 1e was my choice of system when I returned to the  GM's role after many years of absence. The two work seamlessly together, and I referred to either as my whims would have it. Can't say that about all of the OSR systems.
In this episode, I delve into OSRIC, which I see as the point in time where the OSR truly came into being. The first old school ruleset freely offered to the gaming community.
Link to Episode #54 - https://anchor.fm/tavernchat/episodes/Episode-54---Delving-Into-OSRIC-e1p7in

Link to OSRIC http://www.knights-n-knaves.com/osric/

Sunday, July 8, 2018

State of The Tavern - The Times, They are a Changing - Discord Server Update / Podcast / Patreon

Time stops for no man. I swear that I had more free time before I retired. I also had fewer naps, so I guess it is a fair trade-off. Damn it!

We've got some changes coming up. They are good but noticeable.

The first change is that The Tavern's Discord server is going to be "absorbing" the Frog God Discord server. There has always been a significant overlap of the audience between the two and after speaking with Pexx we've decided to pool resources. If you are a member of The Tavern's Discord server you should see few changes. The Common Room will function as usual. The Wednesday Night Tavern Chat on the voice channel will be held every Wednesday. "Don't be a dick!" will still be the unwritten - or written - word.

There will be a new "Group" on the left-hand side - the Frog God Pond. It will have channels devoted to all things Froggish. It will also be where we test new scripts and bots. This is where our friends and neighbors from the Frog God Discord server will find refuge. Great them with open arms as they are ours. Resistance is futile. We are Borg. Er, what? ;)

Pexx has also been added as a moderator to The Tavern's Discord server as well as near-deity status in the Frog God Group ;)

The Tavern Chat Podcast hit 53 daily episodes today. That's 7 1/2 weeks of shows. Yeah, I'm stunned too. Look at all of the places its carried now:

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday each had over 300 downloads of the podcast. The daily episodes are hitting 100 downloads in about 12 hours or less. This is all because of readers and listeners like you.

Please, leave emails, voicemails, blog comments, skywriting - whatever you need to do to leave feedback or suggest topics. I really do want to give the listeners what they want.

Which brings me to The Tavern's Patreon. I'm going to rejigger it this week to better reflect what The Tavern is and where my efforts have been going. We're talking TenkarsTavern.com, otherwise known as The Tavern or The Blogside. Then there is the Tenkar's Tavern Facebook Community. As discussed above, the Tenkar's Tavern Discord Server / Community is going to be growing and then there is the time involved with Tavern Chat (a daily podcast). Oh, and of course, trying to be available as much as I can for queries and feedback and general bullshitting with the community via various channels. I love it all or I wouldn't do it, but your support allows The Tavern to support other causes and events (Like ShireCon 2018 which The Tavern is helping sponsor). Oh, and beer. Your Tavern Keeper enjoys a good beer or two with his lunch. Thank you for keeping me in beer. Wait, that doesn't sound right ;)

Alright, further updates throughout the week. Thanks again for your time and support.

The Tavern Chat - Episode #53 - Voicemails & an Unexpected Rant - Thanks Kenny

I went into this morning's episode with an idea of what I was going to talk about, and I started out on track before getting derailed by fucked up Kickstarters and #ConManKen. I do love to rant though, and Ken makes it so easy ;)
In this episode, I answer some voicemails, get distracted by Kickstarter failures and enter rant mode...
Link to Episode #53 - https://anchor.fm/tavernchat/episodes/Episode-53---Voicemails--an-Unexpected-Rant---Thanks-Kenny-e1p103

Tavern Chat is now available on Spotifyhttps://open.spotify.com/show/5PrKxXwIrfRm6SXPrEiqBq
Tenkar's Tavern is supported by various affiliate programs, including Amazon, RPGNow,
and Humble Bundle as well as Patreon. Your patronage is appreciated and helps keep the
lights on and the taps flowing. Your Humble Bartender, Tenkar

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