Saturday, September 15, 2012

If You Want to Kill the ENWorld Forums - Make it Difficult to Find on the Homepage (Screenshot Included)

Longtime visitors over at ENWorld should remember it was pretty easy to drop right into the forums. Now, not so much. Morrus complained that forums are being ised less by companies to get their info out and that forum communities are moving on. That very well may be the case, but it doesn't help when the link to the forums looks like every other link on the page. Heck, the forum link isn't even in the upper left corner, thats for some Online Generic Randomizer Engine.

Think about it - you complain that forums are falling to the wayside, and you don't even highlight your own forums. Larger font, different colors, prime location - why bother, right?

If you can't get folks that land on your home page into your forums, you have no one to blame but yourself.


  1. I agree that ENWorld is in a worse shape than it used to be. It is, however, still the place to go for rpg reviews (even if it is not all-OSR all-the-time over there.)
    Just read a sept 12 review of... AD&D N1, and a good one at that. Now where did I put up that brown booklet?...

  2. I was involved there during 3.x, but as the OSR started and the preponderance of asshats who fought it increased, I stopped going. I went back today after your other post, and sure enough, the button is hard to find amidst all the random crap.

  3. It's a shame, because i remember it for what it was, and I'm stuck seeing it for what it is now - and what it is now has nothing to do with RPG companies no longer using ENWorld for reaching out to fans and everything to do with making ENWorld a money making site at the cost of the ENWorld community.

  4. I hadn't been to ENWorld in months until today. I agree with the comments about it being less a community and more a money-making site. I don't begrudge Morrus making some scratch, but don't go crying if the community starts breaking apart when you make it more difficult for the community to stay together.

    Plus fire Umbran.

    Honestly, once I saw all of these new adventure path things, the site became more of a publisher's site instead of a community site. I see it now as no different than Paizo or WOTC.

    Oh and fire Umbran.

    Fire Umbran.

  5. +1 to Fire Umbran.

    Seriously, ENworld is shit now.

  6. So most of the time I end up on ENWorld it's because I am looking up a way to treat combat more realistically in RPGs, and the posts on those subjects are written by such ignorant half-wit ten year old dumbasses that I wish the site transmitted a fatal disease to its users as a eugenic measure. So fucking bad, I wouldn't go there if I was paid.


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