Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Night Movie Tavern - Conan the Barbarian

When the wife was away for the evening taking a stained glass art class, your tavern keeper decided to stream Conan the Barbarian via Netflix. You know the one - the 2011 Blockbuster hit. Huh, it wasn't a blockbuster? Shit!

Alright, first things first - I'm not all that up on my Conan fiction, so I'm not married to the canon. I can't sit here and say "this shit never happened in a Howard story!" because truth be told, most of my experience with Conan was the Marvel comics series' (oh, and Conan the King - I really enjoyed that one).

What all this means is that I got to watch Conan the Barbarian as a fantasy movie first and a Conan movie second. As a fantasy movie? One of the better ones to come out in recent years. As a Conan move? Call me a heretic, but it was better than the Arnie version from my youth. I really enjoyed it. My wife wouldn't have, but she fell asleep 15 minutes into The Fellowship of the Ring ;)

If there is one thing I need to yoke it's the sand warriors. That fight scene was many layers of awesome and I'd love to put my layers through something similar, at least opponent-wise. Maybe I'll write them up in the next few days OSR compatible...


  1. Totally agree about the sand people fight. That was all kinds of awesome. I also thought the early segment with young Conan and his rite of passage test was pretty well done, too. Like you, I'm not so attached to the canon that the departures bothered me at all. Would love to see how you stat out the sand demons.

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iGk8yvyixvY

    Stat'd out for Blood and Treasure would Rock!

  3. I've got man sized, sandstone like quicklings in mind at the moment, but we'll see how it progresses ;)

  4. I'm a huge Conan and Howard junkie, but I still enjoyed this movie and appreciated that they threw a lot of little nods to the original stories in. I thought it felt more like an actual Conan story as Howard wrote them than the original movie did (although I liked that one too).

  5. What I don't like about the new fantasy movies is the fact that they always have to show us some justifications of WHY the bad guy is evil and why the hero CAN be violent. All the violence is then excusable, because of traumatic events in their past. This is so... boring/politically correct/absurd.
    Apart from that this is a decent movie, as was Solomon Kane before it (you got that one in the USA yet or not??)

  6. Solomon Kane my wife even liked - and she falls asleep quickly during fantasy movies ;)

  7. You know, I just rewatched this movie on Thursday to try to figure out why the OSR crowd seems to have rallied against it. I still have no idea. I'm just glad that there's some other folks out there who see the film for its merits.


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