Saturday, February 8, 2020

Kickstarter - Zine-o-Map - Zine Quest 2

An RPG Zine of dungeons and other locations for your roleplaying adventures.

A Zine releasing maps under Creative Commons? Say it isnt so! ;) Yes, I’m still experimenting with using my iPad. Not working as well as I hoped thus far.

The Zine-o-Map Kickstarter is 5 bucks in PDF, 10 bucks in Print plus PDF.

Of course, you. Can always uses Dyson’s maps for free...

Friday, February 7, 2020

Kickstarter - Delayed Blast Gamemaster #3 (ZineQuest 2)

Phil Reed was nice enough to give me preview copy of Delayed Blast Gamemaster #1 in November of 2018. I thought it was awesome. The final release copy was simply moreso. Now Phil is Kickstarting Delayed Blast Gamemaster #3 for Kickstarter’s ZineQuest 2. Woot!

(Note - I’m on my iPad, so copy/paste is somewhat borked)

Print plus PDF for issue 3 is 10 bucks. All three issues in PDF is also 10 bucks. All three issues in Print plus PDF is 30 buckls.

In 2019, many of you supported the creation of Delayed Blast Gamemaster #1 (Kickstarter page) and Delayed Blast Gamemaster #2 (Kickstarter page). Both issues were far more successful than I could have hoped. So far, over 1,000 copies of the first issue have been sent out to project supporters (of the first Kickstarter campaign and some of my other projects), making the zine one of my top works of 2019.
Now, with your support, I will publish the third issue of the series in both PDF and print. I have prepared 48 pages for this latest issue, and with luck, we will unlock all of the project stretch goals and make this latest issue

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Kickstarter - Gamma Zine, Issue #2 (ZineQuest)

Gamma World was my second RPG and the first I bought with my own money. I remember being confused that the number of Hit Dice was determined by the character's Constitution score. Took me a while to wrap my head around that one ;)

Gamma Zine, Issue #2 is a zine for the fans of old school Gamma World. It's by Thom Wilson / Throwi Games. Thom is a workhorse that simply produces great old school gaming material. I expect no less from this Kickstarter.
Do you still play Gamma World or another post-apocalyptic, science  fiction RPG? Do you wish there was more material for the games you play?  Well, your wish has been granted: a 36-page fanzine for your  post-apocalyptic game campaign or reading pleasure! In the second issue  of Gamma Zine, you'll find three short adventures, new mutated monsters, lost and forgotten tech, and more.
The zine will be black & white, saddle-stitched and digest-sized. Unlike the first project in 2019, the size of this second issue is fixed because it's already written!
Although the fanzine will focus primarily on the first edition of  Gamma World by TSR, we'll try to keep much of the fanzine flexible to  allow the reader to adapt its contents to other systems. However, when  statistics are displayed for foes and challenges, we'll use the earliest edition of Gamma World for the rules and stats.

Kickstarter - Mutant Murder Hobo Dice

Glow-in-the-dark d20s in four different radioactive isotopes.

Dice. They really are my kryptonite. Glow in the dark dice in different colors? Damn it Jim (Wampler)! I'm a gamer, not a dice collector! Ah, who the fuck am I kidding? I'm both, and four glow in the dark D20s for 10 bucks or add a dice bag to the mix for 15? Yeah, it looks like more dice for my dice collection...

Damn you and your Mutant Murder Hobo Dice!
Face it. You don’t care what the adventure is called. You’re just there to blow the reactor. And nothing says that you mean business when you kick in a bunker door like rolling a glow-in-the-dark high-impact d20 across the table — unless it’s rolling a different color glow-in-the-dark d20 on your next action! These 20mm glow-in-the-dark d20s come in four different isotopes, so there’s a die for every mutant murder hobo occasion. Charge one of these chemiluminescent babies up with an LED flashlight, and they even glow in different colors with the lights on! 
Proven by the super-science of the Ancient Makers to roll better and luckier than normal 20-sided dice, each Mutant Murder Hobo d20 glows when charged, and all those extra photons create a mild propulsive force that only adds to the spin, span, and sass of each toss of these deadly d20 dice.

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

The Orr Group Industry Report: Q4 2019 (Roll20 Play Statistics)

I always enjoy looking at industry reports, especially the games being played. The first chart we get from the fine folks at Roll20 is Campaign Percentage. Campaign Percentage: How many Roll20 campaigns use this game system.


What can we take from this chart? There are about 8x as many D&D 5e campaigns as there are Pathfinder and Pathfinder 2e - combined. You are looking at the reason why Paizo released Pathfinder 2 - an attempt to reclaim its heights prior to D&D 5e. Also, Starfinder doesn't even crack the Top 10.

Next up is Account Percentage: Account Percentage: How many Roll20 users play this game system.

At least with Account Percentage, Starfinder actually makes the chart - at number 10 with 0.72%. Pretty sad considering all the hype it had on release.

Now, the last chart I will highlight is where you make otherwise shitty statistics for Pathfinder 2e suddenly look good. Lipstick on a pig if you will.

Well, look at that! Pathfinder 2e saw a growth of 82.64% Woot! heh

Here is the full list:

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Kickstarter - The Phylactery - An Old School Heroic Fantasy Adventure Zine (ZineQuest 2)

A RPG zine full of OSR flavored adventure hooks and resources for use in your heroic fantasy games.

Yes, it is officially time for ZineQuest 2, the now annual Kickstarter even (at least I assume it is annual ;) I expect I'll be covering a number of zines this month.

This time we are looking at The Phylactery, An Old School Heroic Fantasy Adventure Zine Kickstarter.
We go in assuming you already have the core books to play your favorite games and instead jump right into OSR-inspired material that is unavailable anywhere else, giving you an entire cover-to-cover zine devoted strictly to cool new adventures, quirky NPCs, wondrous magical items, marauding  monsters, fell locations, relics from beyond the mists of time and all sorts of heroic fantasy resources for your tabletop games. 
As this project launches, The Phylactery is a cover-to-cover 24-page, saddle-stitched, 5.5-inch by 8.5-inch B&W printed zine with a bad ass color cover by Planet X favorite Ed Bickford. This booklet is jam packed with page after page of heroic fantasy adventure influenced heavily by early third party RPG badassery like Dave Hargrave’s infamous  Arduin Grimoire series and the early Dragontree Press stuff. The Phylactery is meant to be a quick and easy resource that you can pull ideas and plot hooks from for use directly at your gaming table. There’s no fluff in here and nothing padding out the page count - just pure old school goodness created exclusively for the fantasy gaming community. We have absolutely JAM-PACKED a ton of RPG goodness in here for you. 
5 bucks for the PDF, 10 bucks for print plus PDF (free shipping in the US). I'm in for print :)

Monday, February 3, 2020

Australia Relief Raffle (RPG Prizes)

Shared from Tales Of The Tentacled Gunslinger as requested.

Australia Relief Raffle
by Mike Harrington
Posted on February 1, 2020

This past year, an early and unusally dry and hot drought season combined with Climate Change, resulted in a horrific series of fires in Australia which continues to burn to this day.

A mindnumbing 1 billion animals are now estimated dead due the fires in Australia fires and more than 15.6 million acres have been decimated. The number of kangaroos, koalas, and others killed keeps skyrocketing and estimates of economic impact to humans is also mindblowing - at least 24 people killed, over 1,400 homes destroyed. The costs of the fires in Sydney alone are estimated at 50 million a day.

Koala Recovering From Burns

David Baity, the author of Dark Trails and himself a firefighter has put together a relief raffle for the animals and people of Australia.

I am posting his letter to the RPG community here in the hopes of boosting the signal.

Here is David:

“Hey Folks, I’ve been working on something special for the last couple of weeks in response to the, truly horrific fires currently plaguing our friends in Australia. If you know me on any level, you probably know I’m a lover of all things feline and do a yearly prize raffle to raise money for local no-kill shelters in my area.

It’s hard to comprehend the death and destruction that the fires raging across Australia have caused and by now, we’ve all seen heartbreaking pictures floating around on the web.

That brings me to the great news I’m sharing with you today. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks reaching out to friends I know in the industry in hopes they might donate some items for a charity raffle geared towards helping the animals and folks currently suffering in Australia.

The response has been amazing! Folks have jumped on board and offered some amazing prize support that I think will help make this raffle a big success! I’m going to list the prizes and donors below but want to lay out the important details first.

There will be one winner for all physical and digital rewards. In the case of multiple digital prizes, we will draw additional names for the extras.

Each $1 donated will enter you once for the drawing. Throw $10 dollars at the cause and you’ll earn ten entries in the raffle.

The raffle will begin 2/01/2020 and end on midnight 02/29/2020 with the winner being determined randomly by someone well known in the community other than myself.

Shipping will be covered for physical prizes, some of which I already have on hand, while others will be mailed directly from our generous donors. In the case of a non-US winner, we will strive to work with you on shipping, but you may be partly responsible for some of the charges.

I’ve chosen Wires (Wildlife Information Rescue Education) and GIVIT after doing some research into current organizations raising funds and think you’ll find them worthy of what we raise.

  • To donate click here
So, let’s get to the fun part of the post! You’ll find all the prizes going into the raffle listed below. I’m also including a link to visuals for those wishing to take a peek at the loot! SC= soft cover HB= hardback. You can find an album with pics of all the prize support here
  • Grimtooth’s Ultimate Traps Collection (faux leather edition),
  • Dungeon Crawl Classics rulebook (faux leather edition)
  • Dungeon Crawl Classics Annual #1 (faux leather edition)
  • Sailors of the Starless Sea adventure (HB faux leather edition),
  • Dungeon Crawl Classics adventures #99, #98, #97, #96, #95, #94, #93, #92,#76,#75, #74, #73, #72, #71, #70, #69, #68, and #67 (all adventures are SC)
  • GM Gems (HB)
  • Into the Borderlands 5E (HB)
Stefan Poag: One original piece of art
Weird Works: A selection of three RPG stamps, adventure journals and magical adventure dice bag.
Impact! Miniatures: Full set of dice
  • Escape from the Demon Inn adventure (SC)
  • Temple of the Hamster adventure (SC)
  • Mother’s Maze adventure (SC)
  • The Haunting of Larvik Island adventure
  • Stronghold of the Wood Giant Shaman adventure
  • Children of the Fallen Sun adventure
Mudpuppy Games: Check this Artifact (HB) MCC supplement.
  • The Forbidden Caves of Archaia (HB and PDF)
  • Highfell (HB and PDF)
  • Barrowmaze (HB and PDF)
  • Sunken City Omnibus adventure x5 (PDF
  • Escape from the Shrouded Fen adventure x5 (PDF)
  • Carnival of the Damned adventure x5 (PDF)
  • Nebin Pendlebrooks Perilous Pantry adventure x5 (PDF)
Purple Pirate Games: Secrets of the World Harvesters adventure (SC and PDF)
Ken Campbell Creations DCC dice organizer tray (dice for show and not included)
  • DCC-Null Singularity adventure (SC)
  • DCC-World Quest of the Winter Clock adventure (SC)
  • DCC-Rock God Death Fugue adventure (SC)
  • DCC- Slave Drones of the Fantastiplex adventure (SC)
  • DCC-Chained Coffin (gold and silver foil edition SC)
  • 50 Fantastic Functions for the d50 (SC)
  • DCC-The Monster Alphabet (HB)
  • DCC- Pack of scratch-off character sheets
  • Incredible Lifeforms- a coloring book (SC)
  • Metamorphosis Alpha poster of the Warden
  • 3 random Reaper miniatures
  • us Alliance- A Fantasy Bluffing Card Game
  • Robotech Tactics Miniature Game
Shield of Faith Studios : Note-All prizes listed below fall under the Crawling Under a Broken Moon post-apocalypse RPG based off of the DCC RPG.
  • Umerican Survival Guide
  • Slave Drones of the Fantastiplex adventure (SC and PDF)
  • Burger Wars adventure (SC and PDF)
  • Twisted Menagerie Manual adventure (SC and PDF)
  • Killer of Giants adventure (SC and PDF)
  • Damn Tasty adventure (SC and PDF)
  • Children of the Sun adventure (SC and PDF)
  • Dark Trails RPG- Gaucho pledge level (you will receive all items and stretch goals listed at the Gaucho pledge level)
  • Dark Trails RPG- Rustler pledge level x 5 (you will receive a PDF copy of the game along with digital stretch goals.”
Mike Here: Please consider giving to this worthly cause to help the people of Austraila. Here is the link to donate again.

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Kickstarter - Hunters in Death (Old School Zine by Tim Shorts)

What can I say about Tim Shorts? His was one of the first blogs I ever read and Gothridge Manor was certainly one of my inspirations. I've GMed for Tim and he's GMed for me. As good as he is as a player, as a GM he is awesome and as a content creator, he is amazing. I've been a backer of his Patreon for many years and the content offered is simply top-notch.

Now the fucker is Kickstarting a zine, Hunters in Death. Do yourself a favor and back this one. It won't just sit on your gaming shelf looking pretty, I can guarantee you it will get serious use.

Did I mention it funded in just over two hours? Damn!
Let's talk about what's inside: This is a glimpse into how I run a campaign. I've run games for over 41 years, and like every game master in existence, I've created my own rules and mechanics. I provide a list of these rules/mechanics to provide a sense of immersion particular to the Komor Forest. Then you'll find Hounds Head, a place for the party to get information, get henchmen, get supplies, sell stuff, and rest until their next adventure. Then what follows is an array of adventures. The adventures aren't meant to be played in any order. While the adventures are separate there are connections between some of them. Within the adventures there are new magic items, new spells, new monsters, and new artifacts. And any old school gaming zine wouldn't be complete without random tables. Yeah, it's got some of those. 
Wait a second! Our party is currently IN Komar Forest. Am I even allowed to back this? Fuck it. I ain't telling Tim if you don't ;)

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