Saturday, December 11, 2010

It's Saturday Nite and I Got My Game On!

Despite delays on my end, I'm gaming as I type this.  Still, the party is short a player (hopefully all is well).

I'm enjoying the updated ruleset for Castles& Crusades on FG2 - lots of rolls that weren't automated are now.  Saweet!

Reminder for the last 3 winners of the LotFP Giveaway... contact me quickly, before the sale ends...

Tonight's recipient is: Christian

Massey from Wednesday night and Theodric from last nite

Day 5 of the LotFP Giveaway

Day 4 of the LotFP Buck and Thirty Four Cents Giveaway is here.

Tonight's recipient is: Christian

Massey from Wednesday night and Theodric from last nite still have to get in touch and let me know what they want, and which account to send it to. ... tick tock, tick tock

Email me at tenkarsDOTtavernATgmailDOTcom

And thus the contest ends ;)


Friday, December 10, 2010

Day 4 of the LotFP Giveaway

Day 4 of the LotFP Buck and Thirty Four Cents Giveaway is here.

Tonight's recipient is: heruca

Heruca passed on it, so the reroll is: Theodric

You know the deal Teo... email me at the addy below

Massey from Wednesday night still has to get in touch and let me know what he wants, and which account to send it to.  Dude... tick tock, tick tock

Email me at tenkarsDOTtavernATgmailDOTcom


The DM's Mouthpiece

Gandalf was it for Tolkein... assuming LotR was written as an RPG campaign.

Elminster has that role in the Forgotten Realms.

Greyhawk it is had to tell, as the main NPCs in the setting were the PCs from the original days. Maybe the Circle of Eight, but they were standoff-ish.

I don't know Eberron well enough to identify a DM's Mouthpiece.

I know I used such back in my High School days... the NPC that could impart the necessary knowledge to get the PCs on track.

Now I'm trying to identify such an individual in my work location. ;)

In any case, is such an individual needed, or even necessary, in an RPG campaign?

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day 3 of the LotFP Giveaway

Day 3 of the LotFP Buck and Thirty Four Cents Giveaway is here.

Tonight's recipient is: Trey

Massey from last night still has to get in touch and let me know what he wants, and chich account to send it to.

Email me at tenkarsDOTtavernATgmailDOTcom


Holy Carp! I'm in the WotC Dungeons & Dragons Virtual Table Top Beta

Yep!  I applied and figured there is now way I'd get in.  Seriously.  I let my D&D Insider membership lapse way back when, as I don't play 4e (tho I have the books and I'd probably give it a shot with the right group).

Anyhow, I checked my email this afternoon, and there's the invite.  Nice!  Oh, and no non-disclosure BS either, so I'm free to post away.

My early thoughts:

- When you set up your campaign as a DM, you can indicate which D&D ruleset you plan on using, all the way back to AD&D 1e.  In doesn't change the set up of the character sheet, which is 4e... but it does hold promise for the future, and an acknowledgement that earlier versions of D&D are still viable (and Wizards can still grab a piece of that pie)

- Mapping out a dungeon is a breeze with the tile system.  Fog of War seems simple enough to implement as a DM (I wish some other other VTTs would catch up to that.)

- Voice is implemented, I'll have to try that out at some point

- Quick glance at the Beta Forums showed at least 2 posters looking for groups to play in a pre-3e session.  One of those was looking to run Swords & Wizardry

- Players get one use pass codes to play in a session - New beta users start with 5.  DMs dont need a pass

- Java based, so it's cross platform, which is a HUGE plus.  I don't boot up the PC these days unless it's to do some PC gaming.

I need to do some heavy forum reading over the next few days.

If anyone reading this is in the beta, give me a shout out.  Maybe we can hook up in game, even if just to push the tokens around ;)

Random Thoughts Randomly Placed

As handy as i find the chicklet style keyboard for the iPad it seems to be a crumb magnet. No idea why. Annoying tho.

This Saturday Nite is C&C nite. Time to get my monthly gaming in. Which means all shopping has to wrap up by 7pm, holidays be damned ;)

Did i mention I enjoy giving stuff away? The act of giving away something someone else will enjoy is very rewarding unto itself.

Ever notice that stupid people stay stupid over the long run? And when I say stupid, I mean in the common sense sort of way.

Just over 2 weeks to Christmas, just over a week until I get a nice week off from work and 7 days until my sister's due date. Uncle-time, here I come :) Finally, a chance to spoil a child that is not my own... heh

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 2 of the LotFP Giveaway

Yep, time for Day 2 of the Lamentations of the Flame Princess PDF Giveaway.  If you are a Google Friends Connect Follower of Tenkar's Tavern (affectionately referred to as a Regular Tavern Patrons on this blog) you are in the mix for tonight's gift.

Massey - you are tonight's gift receiver - email me at tenkarsDOTtavernATgmailDOTcom and let me know which $1.34 PDF you would like.

Yesterday's lucky friend chose The Hammer of the Gods... good choice :)

Apparently I'm Not a Total Ass ;)

Sean over at OneBookShelf was able to rectify my mistake... so I placed an order for...

King Arthur Pendragon 5.1 in softcover.

I already have the PDF, but this is something that will look really nice on a bookshelf.  Even if I never play it directly, its a book I can mine for ideas for a really long time.

Things to like about the process is the bundle discount for dead tree / PDFs... Indie Press Revolution has been offering that for a while.

Ordering was as simple ordering a PDF, just with more options to choose from.  Shipping was 5 bucks and change for USPS, which isnt bad at all.

The site says it takes 2 to 5 days to print and ship, which is fine by me.  I'm looking forward to checking out the print quality.

If My Head Weren't Attached to My Shoulders...

I'd probably leave it at the pub or something. I'm sure it would have a blast, but I'd be annoyed as all hell.

Apparently I forgot to let the folks at OneBookShelf know that the email I use for their Blog Support Program is not the same one I use for my OneBookShelf / RPGNow account. There is a simple reason for that. Once I got into the program I started receiving up to a dozen emails a day notifying me of new releases / review copies available. That was too much for the email address I had been using, so I created a new one for the sole purpose of getting those notifications.

Since there isn't a match, as they were looking for me on my old email address (still the current one for the Blog Support Program) I may have missed the first beta wave of the "Print Test". Ah well, I'll get to try it soon enough. 'Tis but a small delay, or so I pray ;)

Anyhow, picking another Google Connect Follower for some LotFP goodness tonight. Yesterday's winner should be seeing his gift in his account tonight.

This weekend is the big giveaway. Still time to sign up via Google Friends Connect.

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mini Review -Stars Without Numbers

When I think of a D&D based SciFi Game these days, I think of Star Siege.  Problem with that game is that the engine strays so far from from it's gaming roots it's almost hard to see them.

That does not appear to be the problem with Stars Without Number from Sine Nomine Publishing.  Available for the exorbitant  price of FREE, this 210 page PDF is D&D in Space - that's in the meaning of D&D mechanics.  Three core classes (Expert, Psi and a Warrior Class), skill packages, D20 for combat, 2d6 for skill resolution (I like bell curves) - did I mention its free?

I've barely scratched the surface of this fine PDF (which is an awesome resource to steal tech stuff for you Old School RPGs if you are so inclined).  I'll be reading this over the next few days.

From the publisher's blurb:

The year is 3200 and mankind's empire lies in ashes.
The Jump Gates fell six hundred years ago, severing the links between the myriad worlds of the human diaspora.
Now, the long isolation of the Silence falls away as men and women return to the skies above their scattered worlds.
Will you be among them?
Stars Without Number is a retro-inspired science fiction role playing game influenced by the Old School Renaissance. The contents are compatible with most old school clones and are designed to be easily imported to your own favorite gaming system. In addition to a complete pre-made stellar sector, Stars Without Number offers GMs and players the tools to create their own sandbox-style adventures in the far future.
  • Classic mechanics adapted for science-fiction adventure in the far future
  • Extensive GM support for building adventure-crammed sandbox settings more quickly and easily
  • World building resources for creating system-neutral planets and star sectors
  • 100 adventure seeds and guidelines for integrating them with the worlds you've made
  • Old-school compatible rules for guns, cyberware, starships, and psionics
  • Domain rules for experienced characters who want to set up their own colony, psychic academy, mercenary band, or other institution 

I Had This Really Great Idea For a Post...

and then I played with the cat for a few minutes and I derailed my train of thought.

I could rant about my Fed-Ex Delivery Guy, who apparently enjoyed playing "Ring-n-Run" in his youth, but why bother?

Good news is we have today's winner of a buck and thirty-four cents worth of LotFP from RPGNow... its Evan.  Dude, sent you an email to your Google Friends Connect email - let me know your choice.

Maybe it will come back to me after dinner and a few brews at the pub ;)

The Dead Stop Walking - Until Next Season

Last night's season finale of The Walking Dead was a bit of a nail biter. Damn good series and I can't wait for next season. No, really. I can't wait. I'm going to have to track down the comics / graphic novels and spoil everything ;)

Actually, I'll need to check out and find if they are available in digital format. Reading comics on the iPad is a sweet experience.

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Time For Some OpenQuest

James over at the Underdark Gazette did a great job of reminding me about OpenQuest, which is basically Runequest OGL'ed.  I got the previous version of OpenQuest when it was available for free.  The latest version isnt free, and the free version is no longer available.  So, what's a man to do?

Well, as James pointed out, you could check out Age of Shadows, a free RPG based on OpenQuest.  Not a bad choice, to tell the truth, but what if you want a copy of OpenQuest in PDF?  Its 10 bucks on RPGNow.  Or, you could try Lulu, where it is $9.06 (how's that for an odd price?).  Bring that even lower with the code REMARKABLEYEAR305 for 20% OFF your next Lulu purchase through the end of the year.

Lamentations of the Flame Princess (Weird Fantasy+) on Sale for $1.34

All of Jim Raggi's LotFP catalogue is on sale from now thru Sunday at RPGNow for a buck and thirty-four cents a piece..  That's a penny less then my large tea costs at the corner bodega by my job.

Weird Fantasy RPG?  $1.34

Death, Frost, Doom?  $1.34

The Grinding Gear?  $1.34

The rest of Jim's stuff?  $1.34 a piece.

Now, here's the fun part.  Tomorrow (Tuesday) thru Saturday I'll be giving away a LotFP PDF each day to one of my Google Friends Connect followers.  I throw a random name up each day, tell me what you want, and I'll forward it to your RPGNow account.

If you don't contact me to after the sale is done... I'll find a way to credit you $1.34 ;)

Contest Update

We hit our 75th member overnite. Woot!

Which means the prize package will be awarded this coming weekend to one lucky person who is following this site via Google Friends Connect. You can still enter until the stroke of noon on Sunday the 12th of December.

I may be adding something else to the prize pot as we hit out goal so fast. My mind is working on it. Give me a bit ;)

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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Latest Contest at the Tavern - Follow via Google Connect to Enter

I love giving away freebies.  Sometimes the list to choose from is small, sometimes its large.  This time it is a large list, and the whole list will go to a single winner.

Here's the contest - lets get to 75 followers or more of Tenkar's Tavern by Noon (NYC Time) on Sunday, December 12th, 2011.  Shouldn't be too hard, we have 72 already.  So, if we have 75 or more followers via Google Connect, one of those 75+ will win a PDF copy of each of the following, thanks to RPGNow.com and the various publishers:

Weird War II Player's Guide [Pinnacle Entertainment]
Wu Xing: The Ninja Crusade [Third Eye Games]
Martial Cultures: the Daikort Pack [Chaotic Shiney Productions]
Legend of the Five Rings (4th Edition) [AEG]
Dungeon Dwellers (Rev. 2nd Edition) [Empty Room Studios]
Fuzzy Heroes (2nd Edition) [Inner City Games]
Book of Alignment (OGL/Pathfinder) [Emerald Press]

Yep, that's a list of 10 prizes to one lucky follower of this site.  If you are already a follower, you are already entered :)

Now, if there is something you want and can't wait to try and win it (or you aren't the winner) the following code will give you 20% off any of the above: Holiday2010BPCX

Last Call -Adamant Entertainment PDFs for a Buck Each at RPGNow

As I type this there are less then 12 hrs left in Adamant Entertainments a Buck a Book Sale at RPGNow.  I first mentioned this on Wednesday, so peek and see if there is anything you want.
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