Saturday, January 30, 2010

Getting My Fix...

As I type this I'm playing in my monthly Castles & Crusades game via Fantasy Grounds 2.  Always a fun time.  Rob runs a really nice game.  I'm glad it was salvaged when work and life in general threatened it.  Rob had to move it to once a month instead of weekly, but in truth more then 2 Saturday nites a month would have been hard to maintian and not get killed by my girlfriend. ;)

Oh, I just joined the Labyrinth Lord Society.  Its free to join and you get a monthly newsletter and access to additional freebies such as early access to the Advanced Edition Companion (1st edition characters and spells for LL).

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Free Kobold Quarterly

Would you believe I got this email on Monday, and it never occurred for me to post it until I saw JoeTheLawyer had done the same on his blog.  So, here it is.  Enjoy, I know I always enjoy the Kobolds:

Do you know someone who you're sure would love Kobold Quarterly, if only they would take the plunge and pick up an issue? Now we have a special offer that you can send them. From now through January 31, they can go to the KQ Store and download a FREE copy of issue #10 by entering the coupon code KQ10Free at checkout.
You remember #10, right? It had an interview with Paizo's Jason Bulmahn, Ed Greenwood's Dwarven Goddess, Ecology of the Hill Giant, a wicked take on Halflings, Secrets of the Halberd, Monte Cook's Game Theories, Rampant Elf Lust. Your friends will totally dig it. And if they become fellow subscribers, you'll be helping to support Kobold Quarterly so that we can continue to bring you great content like the articles in this very issue.

Remember, this special offer ends on January 31! Tell them to head for the KQ Store pronto, and use that code!
Thanks for supporting Kobold Quarterly!
Shelly Baur
Kobold Minion

Cleric on Call

We've all seen the issue of health care and health insurance in the US.  There's probably not a day in the past few months where it hasn't been part of a newscast.  My question is this... why hasn't the issue cropped up in Fantasy Roleplaying?

Seriously, who needs a affordable access to health care then our very own adventurers?  The get sliced and diced, whacked and skewered, burnt and disfigured, disemboweled and decapitated... all on a weekly basis.  Why don't we see any local churches offering some sort of All Cure Insurance, where the members pay a premium up front, some sort of copayment for each incident and in turn get priority healing?

It's a great way to constantly drain cash from the players, especially during downtime.  It also ensures that they have adequate access to healing.  Then again, overusing the policy would lead to an increase in premiums...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dragon Age RPG - The Boxed Set...

was at my doorstep when I arrived home yesterday.  I promptly opened it and was suitably... unimpressed.  The last boxed set RPG I had ordered was the latest incarnation of Warhammer.  Steep price but a plethora of goodies to fondle and oodle.  Not so much with Dragon Age.

Lets see.  We have a Player's Guide, a Game Master's Guide (both perfect bound soft covers), a fold out map, and three lonely 6-sided dice (2 blue, 1 green).  The box feels... light.  Eh, maybe because I received the PDFs earlier due to preordering  my anticipated excitement is lacking.  The books look nice, the artwork is professional and appropriate, they just don't feel like they were worth 30 bucks for 2 64 page softcover books, a map and three dice I could have grabbed from any family game.

Maybe I'm harder to please in my old age, but this was anticlimactic.

The computer / Xbox 360 game rocks tho ;)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

One Page Dungeon Contest, 2010

The Rusty Battle Axe: One Page Dungeon Contest, 2010

Damn you Ken! Because of you I just went to DungeonForge to download some free mapping software.

Not that I don't own CC and Dundjinni, but I dont know their policy on using their source material in such an endeavor. Besides, I never really learned to use either besides the basic, might as well play with a third.

Not guaranteeing I'll get to finish the project, but it will be fun to try ;)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Pssst! Free Stuff from Lakofka

Treebore (from the Troll Lord Games forums) recently posted that Len Lakofka has released L4 Devilspawn and the accompanying The Lendore Isle Companion up on the Dragon's Foot website.  For those that don't know, Dragon's Foot is dedicated to AD&D 1st Edition gaming and has a large collection of fan produced adventures.

Lakofka (Leomund's Hut anyone?) has been involved in D&D since the early years, and L4 is a direct descendant the classic AD&D adventures of L1: The Secret of Bone Hill and L2: The Assassin's Know.  L4 comes it at 136 pages with some really nice maps (suitable for VTT gaming).  I haven't given either of these PDFs more then a quick scan thru, as I only came accross Treebore's post earlier this evening, but they look good and the price can't be beat ;)  Perfect for some AD&D / OSRIC / fill in your old school system of choice here.

All that and at a glance I suspect they will render perfectly on the Kindle DX.  I'll give that a try during the week and let the results be known.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up - The Next Weekend

Jets lost, but kept it honest for 3 quarters.  Nice game from both teams.

Well, I'm still underwater with the Haiti Relief Donation package.  I need to stop downloading, peeking and moving one to the next item.  Pick one or two and just read the crap damnit!  heh

Not part of the Haiti Relief package, but a damn sweet looking piece of work is Atomic Highway.  I know the smaller and indie RPG companies have put out a plethora (nice word, eh?) of post Apocalypse RPG games, but this one has been a fun read so far.  Hopefully I'll finish reading and get to reviewing.

I still have a digital stack of White Haired Man products that I need to dig thru and review.  Next month's week of vacation cant come soon enough ;)
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