Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Old School RPG Poll at the Tavern is in a Dead Heat - Just Over 24 hrs to Go

At any given moment, Labyrinth Lord and Blood & Treasure are either tied for 1st in the poll, or extremely close 1st and 2nd place.

Help decide which rule system I'll use in October for readers of this blog - you have just over 24 hours to do so.

Want to pad the vote? Add a comment on this post about which system you would like to see run and I'll add it to the final tally.


  1. Oh please!

    We all know you're going with B&T because it's the new shiny.

    And since your gamer ADD needs to be in 24pt. font, a Kickstarter for Squirrels & 'Get the ball!' just seems like a great idea.

  2. @SAROE - i might go with both the way this vote seems to be going ;)

    But yes, the 8 or 10 pt font is killing my old eyes these days ;)

  3. B&T? I did a little research, but can't figure out why it's so popular on this poll. Is there a B&T apologist (not the writer) somewhere that can help me?

  4. @Digital Orc-

    Blood & Treasure is:

    -The new 'Shiny" as it was recently released.

    -John Slater,the man who wrote it, is pretty well known for his NOD blog and NOD magazine (Swords & Wizardry stuff) - he does very good work.

    -many who have read B&T see it as a game that you can painlessly grab material from other editions, much like C&C

    -it has gained a very strong and vocal (tho I suspect still relatively small) following in a very short time


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