Monday, September 10, 2012

Tenkar's Minor Magical Tidbits - Daily Destiny Spear (OSR)

It's late, I know. Better late than never ;)

Daily Destiny Spear - The Destiny Spear is a warrior's spear with a fine steel tip. It's blade and shaft are engraved with runes of an unknown origin and is nearly unbreakable. It special powers will become apparent after first use.

The first time wielded on any day, the GM (or if he prefers to not keep the result secret, the player) rolls 1D4 to determine the spear's bonus for the rest of that that (midnight to midnight).

on a roll of 1, the spear has a penalty of 1- to hit and damage for the rest of that day

on a roll of 2, the spear has neither a bonus or a penalty for the rest of the day

on a roll of 3, the spear has a bonus of +1 to hit and damage for the rest of the day

on a roll of 4, the spear has a bonus of +2 to hit and damage for the rest of the day

The spear may be thrown, and always returns to the owner's hand at the end of the round it was thrown in, hit or miss.

Once wielded for the day, the character will find it impossible to use any other weapon until the next day. He can drop it, leave it behind, lock it behind a door - the moment that he states his intention to attack, the spear will appear in his hand, and the weapon in his hand (if any) will exchange places with the spear. This may be a problem if the character left the spear a considerable distance away, or tries to dispose of it in a well or otherwise. If the spear hasn't been used yet in the day, it can be safely disposed of. It is the owner's destiny to wield the spear, but that destiny resets on a daily basis.

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