Saturday, October 21, 2017

Midweek Monster Mayhem - Armored Skeleton - (SWL / OSR)

Aye, you need to watch out for them skellies with armor. Not saying they're intelligent, but I am saying they aren't your usual bucket o' bones. Simply put, these buggers are harder to hit and hit harder. Faster too, almost like they be feeding on the blood of those they be deading. They just ain't good lad, and I'd avoid them if the choice be mine.

Armored Skeleton
AC: 4[15]    HD: 2   Attacks: By Weapon   Move: 12
Special: Free attack when striking the killing blow against an opponent they receive a free attack on a new opponent.

Art copyright Eric Quigley

Midweek Monster Mayhem is brought to you by the generosity of The Tavern's Patreon Backers.


SWCL released this week. Its PWYW in PDF and 7 bucks on Amazon in Print on Demand

Frog God Games Sale - 25% off Print & PDF

This came in me email overnight:

25% Off Everything, 7 days only!!

Bill has spoken and in his wisdom has decreed that for the next week get 25% off all orders at the webstore (except the Blight)!!


Use the coupon code -


at checkout!

Hero's Brew Podcast - Episode #3 - Hanging with (Jason) Hobbs

Finally! Yeah, its taken some effort to nail down episode Three of the Hero's Brew Podcast, but nail it we did.

James, Glen and myself had an amazing time with our special guest Jason Hobbs. Yes, the same Jason Hobbs from the Hobbs & Friends of the OSR Podcast.

Dare I say it? Best. Episode. Evah! Yeah, its only our third, I know ;)

You can listen above or use the link below to download: https://herosbrew.podbean.com/mf/play/i97gd7/Brew_03.mp3

It should be live on iTune and Google Play right now.


Friday, October 20, 2017

Swords & Wizardry Continual Light went "Copper Pick" Earlier Today!

Yep. Swords & Wizardry Continual Light made "Copper Pick" at RPGNow earlier today. To say that the response to SWCL has been exciting and awesome doesn't even come close. Thank you all!

Still sitting at #1 in the Hottest Small Press ranking too :)

Remember, the SWCL PDF is priced at PWYW.

Print copies at Amazon are 7 bucks - shipping is free if you have Prime.

Swords Wizardry Continual Light - Print

This weekend will be layout weekend for my Patreon backers as I put together the September monsters and magic. These will be available at RPGNow down the line but not for at least another month.

There are plans for more SWCL content, not just from me but also others in our community. I love this shit! :)

Oh, before I forget, if you are new to SWCL please join the Swords & Wizardry Legion on Facebook. Its an awesome community with active posters and content for your games (and you can have free stuff actually mailed to you!)

Deal of the Day - Mithgarthr RPG Core Rulebook

Sorry this post is a bit late but today was a busy day. Today's Deal of the Day at RPGNow is the Mithgarthr RPG Core Rulebook.

What is Mithgarthr? I'd say its 5e without the bloat and presented from the old school perspective. Oh, and it's extremely well done. I may need to grab the print copy of this.

The Mithgarthr RPG Core Rulebook is usually 19.99 in PDF, but until tomorrow morning at 11 am eastern its on sale for 9.99. Damn good deal.
Introducing Mithgarthr: The Roleplaying Game! Enter a rich, original world inspired by Norse and Germanic culture. Explore the dark places where Gooblitts and Dýrverr roam. Battle against the treacherous forces of Chaos led by Orcus and The Thrir. Die horribly at the hands of greenskins while trying to get rich quick with your friends! 
Mithgarthr takes its mechanics from the fifth edition of the world's most popular role playing game, but molds them against its grim setting. Characters start at zero level with just the skills they have from their mundane profession (of which there are nine to choose from) and a desire to make a better life for themselves. Players may choose from seven races including the murine Ratten and the winged, hawk-like Fjothr. Life is cheap and death comes often, but those adventurers who survive long enough to attain first level have eight iconic classes to choose from. Magic is cast using a point system, and is less common than usual. Monsters have their own magic system, drawing their power from Orcus. 
Included in the core rulebook are everything you need to play the game! Character creation rules, combat, adventuring, equipment, magic, monsters, world setting information, and even a fully fleshed out town and surrounding wilderness to start in. 
That's an affiliate link above. Purchases made via The Tavern's affiliate links help support all that happens here at The Tavern

Swords & Wizardry Continual Light - 420 Copies Sold - Still Holding at #1 Small Press Title at RPGNow

Swords & Wizardry Continual Light went live at RPGNow just over 4 days ago late Monday morning. As I type this, we've sold 420 copies via RPGNow (and a handful in print via Amazon)

Remember, the PDF of SWCL is current PWYW, so there is no reason not to grab a copy.

The Print version of SWCL is currently available on Amazon. If you have Amazon Prime, it ships free. POD via RPGNow and Lulu are probably a few weeks out.

Swords Wizardry Continual Light - Print

I appreciate the reviews. They are humbling. This whole experience is humbling, as I never expected the amazing reception Swords & Wizardry Continual Light has received.

Thank you all.

Now, back to work for this old bartender...

#ConManKen - Aways Working - For YOU!

Oh my fucking God! Yes, #ConManKen is working "for you!" Don't worry, he's got it all under control.

You know the following is authentic. Shit, it has Ken's inability to spell written all over it ;)
"As many of you may know, I, Ken “Whit” Whitman, have been a background Actor on The Walking Dead for three episodes. (he means "Extra") I want to start out by saying it is an honor to have worked on the Walking Dead as an extra.  I love to tell the stories of working on set when I am a guest at stores and events.  (in Ken speak - I like to enhance my BS status as an extra into what it isnt)
Recently I bought a Comic Book shop in Somerset Ky called Little Monsters Games & Comics, LLC. (with "no money down!) We sale all kinds of nerd and geek things.  Comic Book, Magic The Gathering Cards, D&D, Walking Dead, you name it. 
Several weeks ago I met a man named King Jones (bullshit name if I ever heard one, and 20 years as an active LEO I heard lots of BS), from Russel Springs KY, who stated that he was the third largest collector of The Walking Dead merchandise in the world. (might I ask who are numbers one and two? I'm beginning to smell something, and it smells like...)  This 67 year old man (because he gave Ken his exact age - frivolous details are the sign of bullshit) seemed very likable and proceeded to show me his collection that he brought to my store.  He brought me multiple Walking Dead  items, including, 4 Scripts signed by actors, a proto type Negan bat, origianl Funko pop drawings, A couple CGC Walking Dead CGC Graded Comics, and Michonne Boots, saying that the boots were all purchased buy collectors from charity auctions. (No, I did not make any of the typos here)
It took us a few days to figure out they were fake (fuck you Ken - WE told you they were fake you lying sack of shit), and I immediatly reported it to the Police.  Thankfully NONE of the items given to me on consignment were sold.  Mr. King was questioned by the police in my store and he was told to never try to sell these items again. (I call bullshit. Simple bullshit.) 
However, due to how the law works, the fake items were given back to Mr. Jones, who I hope hopefuly destroyed said materials, or is looking for the people who sold him the items. (Kenny, would you like to say any of this under oath?)
I am very happy in my decision to work with the police about this unfortinate situation.  I am not happy that the police did not take the items for any type of evidence and only gave Mr. Jones a warning but in the USA everyone is innocent until proven guilty. (holy fuck dude - if there was a crime committed, he would have been arrested. Are these the same police as your imaginary FBI that were to be waiting at my door? I still have the tea waiting on their arrival) But that is the law folks. Deep down in my heart I hope that Mr. Jones is a victom also (I'm sure he is a "victom" - spell check dude, try it, use it, love it - it makes you look less an imbecile), but fell compelled to let people know of my story so this does not happen again. 
They say, If you don't get what you want to get experience.  I now know what a real CGC comic slab looks like.  I now know how to check letter of authentisties!  (right. Whatever. Just make sure the next forgery looks more "authentisties!") And believe me, I am checking any third party materials that comes in my store.   
AMC Networks, & CGC Comic grading systems have been notified and are fully away of the situation. (they were notified, but not by you. Holy shit Ken, you are spinning one hell of a tale) I can only hope that they contine to pursue these fakes and find the people who ruin fandom for the little guy. 
In conclusion, I am truly sorry for my unknowing envolvment in this situation, and appreceate all our local customers who have stuck beside me during this unfortiunate situation. ("I need rubes, damn it!")
Take care!  Ken “Whit” Whitman"

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Swords & Wizardry Continual Light Available in Print on Amazon - Free Prime Shipping

I expected to have to wait until the weekend for Amazon to put Swords & Wizardry Continual Light on sale, but it happened tonight. Holy cow (and Tavern Chat is still up as I type this with Bill Webb on a roll)

The price for Swords & Wizardry Continual Light in print is 7 bucks. If you have Amazon Prime, it ships free.

Swords Wizardry Continual Light - Print

There are about 5 blank pages at the end (minimum book size is 24 pages at CreateSpace) which will be offered, in the future, to third party publishers to freely advertise their support material for SWCL.

Remember, you can grab SWCL at PWYW pricing at RPGNow.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Tavern Chat Tonight - 9 PM Eastern - Bill Webb on the FGG Discord at 10 PM Eastern - Afterwards? He May Wander Into Tavern Chat

Its Wednesday, so tonight is Tavern Chat!

What are we going to talk about? Well, I'm sure Swords & Wizardry Continual Light will come up among other things ;)

Tavern Chat runs from 9PM Eastern until we start to nod off - usually between 1230 and 1 AM.

Use the following link to join The Tavern's Discord Server:


Tonight though, the Frog God Games Discord server is running a Q&A with none other that Bill Webb at 10 PM Eastern.

You can use this link to join in:  https://discord.gg/uswugvF

I have it on good authority that Bill MAY (as in, probably but not 100%) pop into Tavern Chat afterwards.

Bill is aways a good time, so catch him in both locations if you can tonight.

State of The Tavern - Juggling Balls of Continual Light

Swords & Wizardry Continual Light has sold over 300 PDF copies in 48 hours at OneBookShelf's two storefronts. Wow. Simply wow. Thank you.

Proof copies of SWCL should arrive from CreateSpace tomorrow and if all goes well print on demand copies should be available at Amazon by the weekend. The plan is to also have a few dozen signed and numbered print copies of SWCL available for sale at the Frog God booth at GameHole. I can only bring what fits in the carry on, so numbers will be limited.

Files for OneBookShelf and Lulu will be worked on this week, so figure a few more weeks before print on demand is available at those sources.

More immediately, the monster and magic item releases from September should be laid out and sent to backers by the end of the weekend. Work begins on The Tavern funded adventure this week also. Hope to have that up by GameHole.

Folks have asked about Torchlight, the Swords & Wizardry Magazine. Now that Swords & Wizardry Continual Light has released everything else should start falling into place. I'm aiming for a January release for the Torchlight PDF, but in any case I expect print copies to be available at GaryCon in March.

Clan & Hammer is something I'm excited to start working on beyond my initial notes. Its my dwarven RPG built off of Swords & Wizardry Continual Light. Probably not much will be done there until the first issue of Torchlight is mostly done, but sometimes the muse decides on its own ;)

I am ever grateful for the support I've gotten from the community. Your feedback on the SWCL Beta and SWCL Pre-Release Candidate was invaluable. If you haven't grabbed a copy of SWCL yet, do so. Its PWYW, so there's no reason not to.

If you get a chance, please leave a review at RPGNow, even if its critical. Reviews are the bread and butter of success. And spread the word. The more copies in the wild, the more potential third party support for Swords & Wizardry Continual Light.

Which reminds me. I need to put SWCL together as a .doc file for those looking to hack it into other genres and such. Adding that to the list ;)

Yes, thats an affiliate link above. When you use The Tavern's affiliate link to make your RPGNow purchases, a small portion is forwarded to The Tavern and supports work like SWCL.

Kickstarter - Tales From the Magician's Skull (Swords & Sorcery Fiction)

Have I mentioned I have a real problem reading novels these days? Seriously, I used to read 6 books a month before chemo. Now I'm lucky if i read 2 a year. No problem with short stories though and that's why Tales From the Magician's Skull Kickstarter has a HUGE appeal to me.

Swords & Sorcery short stories? Brought to you by Goodman Games? Holy shit, I'm in! heh
Tales From the Magician's Skull is a printed fantasy magazine dedicated to presenting all-new sword-and-sorcery fiction by the finest modern crafters in the genre. These stories are the real thing, crammed with sword-swinging action, dark sorceries, dread, and ferocious monsters -- and they hurtle forward at a headlong pace. 
Issue #1 is complete and ready for printing. It is brimming with 72 pages and contains 7 stories, each featuring a full page black-and-white illustration. When appropriate to the tale, maps to terrifying tombs and sinister lairs are included as well. Each story has been written, edited, illustrated, and laid out in classic pulp magazine format. A bonus section translates elements from each story - creatures, magic items, and more - into Dungeon Crawl Classics game terms. 
Issue #1 features fiction by James Enge, John C. Hocking, Howard Andrew Jones, Aeryn Rudel, Bill Ward, C. L. Werner, and Chris Willrich. The magazine is edited by Howard Andrew Jones and published by Joseph Goodman of Goodman Games, with layout by Lester B. Portly. 
Each story is lovingly illustrated by industry stalwarts, and issue #1 features art by Jennell Jaquays, Doug Kovacs, Willam McAusland, Brad McDevitt, Ian Miller, Russ Nicholson, and Stefan Poag.
In for two issues, print plus PDF.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Swords & Wizardry Continual Light - 220 Downloads in 24 hours of Release at RPGNow

As I stated yesterday, the response to Swords & Wizardry Continual Light has been amazing. I'm almost at a loss for words and that's damn rare for me ;)

220 downloads of SWCL in 24 hours is humbling, because the bar has been set and I'll need to keep it high.

SWCL is #1 in the Hottest Small Press and #11 in the Bestselling Titles (it briefly held the #3 spot overnight - ah well) at RPGNow.

The one thing Swords & Wizardry Continual Light needs is reviews, especially at RPGNow. Honest ones. I know some of The Tavern's Community have been using the beta rules of SWCL so you may be able to point out its virtues (as well as flaws)

You can download a copy of Swords & Wizardry Continual Light at RPGNow. Pricing is PWYW so feel free to just grab it and tip later if you so desire or not tip at all.

Should be getting proof prints from CreateSpace this week and if all goes well, Amazon sales for print copies will be up by the weekend. Files for RPGNow and Lulu POD will be worked on later this week.

Thank you all.

That is an affiliate link above. Purchases made using The Tavern's affiliate links help fund projects such as this.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Swords & Wizardry Continual Light - Number 1 on the RPGNow Hottest Small Press

Thank you! You've helped drive Swords & Wizardry Continual Light to the #1 spot on the RPGNow Hottest Small Press List.


Its also sitting at #12 overall.

If you have grabbed a copy of the PDF, please do. Its priced at PWYW so grab it for free. You can always tip later :)

Print proofs shipped from CreateSpace this morning. If all goes weill, print copies should be on sale at Amazon this week!

Swords & Wizardry Continual Light is LIVE on RPGNow in PDF!

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Swords & Wizardry Continual Light is on sale at RPGNow in PDF! It is priced at Pay What You Want (PWYW) so grab it for free if you so desire. (you can always tip later if the urge hits you)

This was a work of love by +James Spahn , +Zach Glazar and myself.

Enjoy and hack at it!
You remember, don't you? The sounds of battle heard through the clatter of dice? The shuffling of character sheets? The war stories shared with fellow campaigners? 
There is a longing in the soul of every adventurer and though it sometimes fades to a whisper, you still hear it. Swords & Wizardry Continual Light marks your return to fantasy roleplaying - or if you're curious what fantasy gaming is all about, this is the perfect introduction. 
This book, a twenty-sided die, and a few six-sided dice are all you need to return to the table, recall those halcyon days of heroism, and forge brand new legends! Welcome back!
Yep, that's an affiliate link above. That being said, you don't have to pay anything. Just dowbload and enjoy :)

Sunday, October 15, 2017

How to Have a Comment that You Believe Infringes on Your Intellectual Property Rights, Copyright and the Like Removed From The Tavern

Lets cut to the chase, shall we? I do NOT read every comment posted here, at The Tavern nor every comment in The Tavern's Facebook Community. If I did, I'd never have the time to post. There are thousands of Tavern Readers (many of them commenters) and the Facebook Community is closing in on 1900 very active members.

So, it is certainly possible somebody commenting here or in the The Tavern's Facebook Community may link to or copy-paste material that "you" feel infringes on your intellectual property rights.

Know what you do? Messege me the moment you notice it.

How? This very page has an email feature on the right hand side. Or Facebook PM. Or Google Hangouts PM (not a Google Plus mention, as I miss that shit constantly)

What should you say? Identify the comment that you feels infringes on your intellectual property rights (or misstates information that you feel is actionable - yes, I mean you Gail) and tell me how it does so. I can pretty much guarentee I'll take down the offending material in as timely a manner as I am able to do so.

What should you not say? Legal threats, direct or implied, do not help. Seriously, all you are doing is burning bridges where none need to be burned. This is, of course, totally up to you. The offending comment gets deleted in either case. Relationships suffer with the second option.

Weekend Wonders - Azak's Waterskin (Swords & Wizardry / OSR)

Azak's Waterskin looks like many other waterskins until one realizes the "yellow cord" is truly made of gold. Like a normal waterskin, it holds a quart of water, but once per day when the command word is spoken, coins pour forth instead of water. Roll on the table below to find out which coins pour forth:

Roll 1d6
1 -   3d6 copper pieces
2 -   5d6 copper pieces
3 - 10d6 copper pieces
4 -   2d6 silver pieces
5 -   5d6 silver pieces
6 -   1d6 gold pieces

Note - these coins come from somewhere and someone will not be happy to find their wealth is being pilfered. Maybe it comes from a dragon's hoard, a town's treasury or the drunk sitting next to you in a bar's coin purse. Nothing in life is truly free.

Publisher's Choice Quality Stock Art Copyright Rick Hershey / Fat Goblin Games

Thanks to The Tavern's supporters at both The Tavern's Patreon and directly through Paypal, we have a monthly backing of over $150. This means 4 to 5 monsters for Swords & Wizardry Light / OSR per month, 4 to 5 Swords & Wizardry Light / OSR magic / wondrous items per month AND backers at $1.50 a month or higher via Patreon will get a collected PDF of the prior month's releases emailed to them. Paypal backers will need to email me in the middle of October to receive theirs. This is the third release for the month of October.

Layout for September's postings will commence this week. Swords & Wizardry Continual Light should be released on RPGNow this week in PDF and (crossing fingers) Amazon for POD.

Kickstarter - Dark Naga - Confronting Hastur for 5th Edition

I enjoyed Dark Naga's first Kickstarter release, The Lost Temple of Forgotten Evil which was released for 5e / OSR. It was simply a strong adventure release, regardless of system. Dark Naga's latest Kickstarter is Confronting Hastur for 5th Edition.

As I type this, the project is just $173 short of its 2k goal for funding. If it hits 5k, we get an OSR edition in digital (and Pathfinder too for those that care. I think 5k is well within reach.

I'm looking forward to seeing this and future Dark Naga releases in OSR flavors ;)

Digital buy in is 10 bucks, print is 20 bucks.

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and Humble Bundle as well as Patreon. Your patronage is appreciated and helps keep the
lights on and the taps flowing. Your Humble Bartender, Tenkar

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