Monday, September 10, 2012

New Spell - Brewer's Best (OSR)

Sometimes you need the silly. Sometimes the silly needs you. And at all times, you need beer.

Brewer's Best

Spell Level - Cleric 1 / Druid 1 / Magic-User 1

Range - Touch

Duration - Immediate

This spell turns 2 pints (1 quart) of water per caster level, drinkable or not, into a decent beer or ale of the caster's choice. A pinch of hops and a pinch of yeast for a pale ale or lager type, and optional pinches for other types of brew (casters may experiment or research other types). This is an effective way to turn stale water into sanitary beer.

(edited to add caster level into the spell description)


  1. Range: Touch-Caster must put at least two fingers into the water and swirl it around to effect the change.

    Off Topic-You are picking the game that got the fewest votes, right? Because it's the neglected games that need promotion, correct?

  2. I thought about the finger thing initially. Somehow never made it to the actual write up.

    Comments are a way to stretch the vote for lower vote receiving games.

    This round is high vote receiver (or receivers if I decide to run 2)

  3. As I'm working on another beer-based Labyrinth Lord module, I like this very much.


  4. Why is this silly? This is the sort of practical magic that settings need more of.

    But I would think that it would scale with level, creating more beer at higher levels.

  5. @SAROE - actually, beer brewing requires sanitary conditions, and fingers in the beer could cause an infection in the brew.

    Damn, but i need to get back to homebrewing beer again. ;)


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