Saturday, May 17, 2014

DC Heroes on Sale At OBS - Full set of books

Everything above comes to less than $20. Each is $4.95

Damn tempting to pick this line-up up, as I was a DC fanboy back in my comic book days. Don't expect I'd ever run it, as I'm not that big on supers RPGs.

Still, less that 20 bucks for the full line of DC Adventures RPG? (in PDF for those that need the clarification) Pretty good deal.

Wayward Kickstarter - Legend: Fantasy RPG in the World of Thera (Shoot for the Stars, Land on Your Ass)

Isn't the next generation fantasy RPG based on the popular d20 system D&D 5e?

Legend (isn't this becoming one of the most overused titles for an RPG these days?) is a classless D20 system that has already been Kickstarted. Wait, nope. Just another D20 OGL game with the same fucking title.

 Illustrating Legend is the original that used the "Legend" name. It asked for $3,500 and took in over $11,000 back in April of 2102.

You can actually download the original PDF for free here. I'm not passing judgement on it, just pointing to where it is freely available.

Anyhow, this new d20 Legend RPG is asking for $25k. For what, you might ask? Let me show you the "pie chart":

Now, they've only raised $290 of the $25,000 they are seeking, so that pie chart is about 99% empty right now. I expect it will remain around that level.

And look, the project creator is so knowledgeable about Kickstarter that he's supported a whole TWO whopping projects, both of which either just closed or are about too. Both funded with much more realistic goals too.

Why do so many creators use "Legend" in their RPG titles when "Heartbreaker" would be much more applicable?

Friday, May 16, 2014

Bundle of Holding - Numenera

I have Numenera. Haven't done more than skim it, but I have it. It's by Monte Cook, so it's got to be good, or at least, decent. Right?

My one complaint is the watermarking on the pages makes it damn difficult for my eyes to read. YMMV.

Your Bundle of Numenera is here.

How Strict Are You With Alignment?

I've seen a lot of talk about how alignment isn't realistic, that the 9 alignment system is too strict, that the only thing the Palladium system got right was alignment, law and chaos is the way to go, good and evil are matters of perspective and more.

Alignment seems to be the one thing gamers are least likely to agree on.

Do you use alignment in your campaigns? Do you track it and force change (and repercussions) to those that stray from the path? Do you hand-wave the whole thing?

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Wayward Kickstarter: DRAGONHEIM, A Classic Fantasy Roleplaying Game

he's a plumber, a preacher, a designer that changes gears midstream and can't handle criticism.  we have the makings of a true winner ;)

DRAGONHEIM, A Classic Fantasy Roleplaying Game 
Update #17 - For backers only Dec 30 2013
One Update to Rule them All
Hello everyone,

First let me say, even the best laid plans of mice and men sometimes go astray.

With that being said, the project is still very much alive and kicking. No one has received what they were promised yet, and certainly not on time, but everyone will receive what they were promised (Except that is will be Completely Different).

So what have I been doing for the past three months you ask? I have been creating a new game system unlike anything I've ever played.

Why haven't I kept the backers in the loop? Because I've come to realize two things. First, whatever I present to the group is subject to change, and second, whatever I present to the group is subject to criticism. Criticism destroys my creativity. I can't work with it. Sorry. Personal fault. That's why I'm self employed and work mostly alone I suppose. (Danger Will Robinson!)

So what happened to the character creation packet? Well, it was almost complete when I noticed something. All that I had created was just another version of d20 with some extra rules. And to be honest, Pathfinder had already done it way better. They're a large company, they have art departments, and teams of experienced writers.

Let me put it this way. I enjoy watching those "history of video games" shorts on YouTube. There is one thing I notice that some of my favorite games have in common. They had a very small team working on them with very small budgets, and lots of memory and technical limitations to deal with. All of these restrictions forced them to innovate and invent in ways that they otherwise wouldn't have. And in my opinion it made the project better, because they created something that was groundbreaking.

What I have created, if you will allow me, is something so new, and so different, that some of you are probably going to hate it (and hate me for creating it). With that being said, if you want your money back, say so now. I've already received a threatening letter from Kickstarter warning me that if I don't deliver on my promises, they may take action (Holy Shit! This is a first!). At the risk of sounding disinterested, this doesn't bother me. Anyone who wants their money back please respond to this thread saying so, or contact me privately. No hard feelings. For anyone who still has faith in the project, and is willing to accept that I am just one man, who probably promised you too much too soon in order to get you on board, things will get much better for the project starting today. (No refunds to date apparently - no game - neither the one Kickstarted not the one he decided to do instead)

Let me be perfectly transparent. I'm a plumber by trade, not a professional writer. I have a writing credit on one project ("Westward" available as a free download through DrivethruRPG). A few months ago, I also took up the pastorate at a small church. This means that I now write three sermons per week and have responsibility over a congregation. My time isn't what it used to be, but I still pour every free hour I have into Dragonheim. I still believe that I can create a really stellar and original role-playing game. If that ideas I put forward during funding hadn't led you to believe this, we wouldn't be talking now. You all know that I can create something exciting and new. I just need the time.

So that's where we stand, for better or worse. Once again, no hard feelings, and while i appreciate that you'd all have liked for things to have gone closer to plan, they simply haven't and if this frustrates you the best advice I can give you is to ask for a refund.



And the Free Codes for the Audible Version of My Sister's Debut Novel - "The Hollow Ground" Go To...

The free codes for my sisters book "The Hollow Ground" in Audible format go to...

- Jon Middleton and ENN

lads, send me an email at tenkarsDOTtavernAT that gmail thing and I'll get them out to you.

now to award the prizes on the G+ side ;)

Do You Have a Default Equipment List for Your Characters?

One of my players ( +Joe D to be exact) has a default equipment list that he buys for all of his characters once they have the gold to purchase from the list. It's made up of a myriad of little things (and I really should find out how much it all weighs, but I've never been a stickler for that).

It includes stuff like small flasks of acid, chalk, flour, honey, iron nails, small hammer, string, etc - I'm sure iron pyrite is on there somewhere. It's a huge friggin' list that pops up in the Roll20 chat box each time we start a new campaign (or Joe has a new character). It's basically his "bag o' tricks".

Do you have such a list for your characters? Would you use such a list if it were available?

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Kickstarter - Dragon Warriors (It's a Movie, Not an RPG)

Uhm, for a movie that is going 95%+ green-screen, this is pretty damn amazing.

Definitely a "B" movie, but looks far better than any of the Dungeons and Dragons movies that have been made.

Heck, even includes nipple twisting ;)

Watch the trailer at the Dragon Warriors Kickstarter site. It's not half bad...

Send in the Clones, Where Are the Clones? There Ought to be Clones...

On Monday I bumped into my boss in the maze of hallways at work. He saw me, straddled the demarcation line between the tiled kitchenette area and the carpeted hallway, faced me and asked: "Who am I?"

The answer, of course, was me. I've had each of my two feet running two separate units for the last 2 1/2 weeks, covering for another Sgt. who is out sick. Not sure how soon that will be changing. Long ass days in the meantime, but they do seem to go by fairly fast.

It does bring to mind the Classic Paranoia game for me. Damn, but I loved sending my troubleshooters to their untimely (and even timely) demises. "Bring out Butt-R-Ball 2!"

What I need is Supe-R-Visor 2 ;)

Alright, back to writing the eulogy for Friday's memorial service and sorting out the Round 2 winners of the OSR Superstar Contest.

Never a damn clone around when you need one...

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

What's "Next"? When's "Next?" More Talk of "July 15th"

Just as we posted back on March 2, the latest rumors at ENWorld are putting the release date of the "new" D&D Starter set at July 15th and at 20 bucks.

Is it a box? Is it a book? Is it a book that can be displayed like a box? No idea, but if WotC wants to get this on the shelves at Walmart and Target, it will need to be "box-like". So, if WotC wants to grow the market, look for a box (even if the boxed set barely breaks even or sells at cost).

Player's Handbook in August and the DMG in November - which if true is surprising. It means no full ruleset until 2015 (assuming the Monster Manual is to follow).

Tyranny of Dragons is supposed to be stand alone, and that could be the actual starter set or a parallel product.

I do find it surprising that they are not releasing the Core 3 books as a set, as you need all three for a "complete game", or so it has always been prior. Buy the PH and wait 3 months for the DMG and 3 months more (theoretically) for the MM? Great way to lose momentum with the sales...

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe this will build up 6 months of anticipation in the player base on top of the 2 years + we've already had.

Or not.

Or the dates are all wrong.

Or some combination of the above.

Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls Kickstarter in Hand...er, not quite...

So, I came home today to find a small package from Flying Buffalo. I knew they were going to send out some of the add ons and such separate from the actual dT&T gamebooks, as that shit just aint done yet.

What did I get?

- a set of 3 T&T dice

- a T&T pencil

- 2013 Free RPG Day dT&T "Preview Pack"

- City of Terrors poster

- Trollworld Poster Map

- some "Fellowship of the Troll" poster

now, my packing slip lists:

- 1 set of Demon Dice (check!)

- Trollworld Map (check!)

- Buffalo Castle (nope)

- T&T pencils (check - assuming "pencils" quantity "1" means 1 pencil)

I dont think we have an ETA yet on the actual dT&T rulebooks yet.

What 2nd Level Magic-User Spells are "Must Have"?

For the most part, 2nd level spells for magic-users in D&D and AD&D are pretty much a wasteland. Sure, Knock and Rope Trick have their uses, but the main excitement of hitting third level as a magic-user isn't the access to 2nd level spells, but watching your first level Magic Missile spell get a 2nd missile (at least in AD&D).

What are your "go to" 2nd level spells for magic-users? Which spells of 2nd level do you feel are undervalued by most players?

Monday, May 12, 2014

Is There an MMORPG Setting You Would Use in Your Campaign?

I know there was a D20 version of Everquest, and off hand that is the only MMO setting I can think of that has been converted to a TT RPG.

With World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, Ultima Online (long dead, I know) and a dozen or two other MMORPG settings out there, are there any that you would want to see converted to the Table Top RPG of your choice? It doesn't have to be an OSR ruleset, but bonus points if it is ;)

Giving Away Free Codes for the Audible Version of My Sister's Debut Novel - "The Hollow Ground"

I know it isn't strictly RPG related, but mine tunnels always make me think of dungeons anyway ;)

My sister's debut novel, "The Hollow Ground", releases tomorrow, and I have a bunch of codes to give away for the Audible version. If you want to "read" a book on your daily commute, this is an excellent method to do so.

This is how I'm working the giveaway:

- I'm giving away copies to two random readers of this blog that comment on this post.

- I'm giving away copies to two random readers that post on the associated main thread over at G+

- I'm giving away one copy to a random reader that posts on the associated thread over at the 2,000 Coppers Community at G+ (membership in the community is open to all)

So, 5 codes up for grabs, 3 ways to enter. One entry per method (so up to three entries in total per person).

Entries must be in by 7PM on Wednesday, May 14th, 2014 Eastern Time.

If you are in the Long Island area, my sis will be doing a reading from the novel at the Carle Place Barnes & Noble at 7PM. I'm sure I can get her to sign a copy or two (I'll be there too)

So Close I Can Taste it...

I have the judges' votes from round 2 of the OSR Superstar Competition, I just need to tally them, break ties and award prizes. I was hoping to sit down and grab and hour or two to do so and write up the post (which doesn't write itself on the commute or the crapper as 95% of these posts do) but Mother's Day weekend had a mind of it's own.

If I don't get it done tonight, Wednesday night would be the night (tomorrow night I'm at a reading for my sister's debut novel, The Hollow Ground). Free time is at a premium, as I have temporarily inherited responsibility for a second unit at work, so free time is at a premium (literally - I'm working overtime to keep my head above water in both of my units).

Oh, and I need to write up a eulogy between now and noon on Friday for my detective that was lost to cancer in January. Public speaking is not my cup of tea.

So that's where we are.

Send in the Clones! Where are the Clones? There aught to be Clones! (Paranoia flashback, but applicable)

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sell me on the HERO System - if you Can ;)

RPGNow is running a sale on the HERO System.

I remember playing Champions back in the day when it was a boxed set that requires a shit ton of D6s to game with. Now it seems like you need a shit ton of books. Still, the price is right to take a peek, assuming the peek is worth taking.

Is the HERO System worth the taxing on my mind it will entail to learn a new system (I'm assuming what i played back in the day is barely recognizable compared to what I played in the mid 80s)?

Lamentations of the Glory Hole - or "The Lost City"

Well, actually, adventuring in The Dwarven Glory Hole was back in March, it just wasn't until last night that the phrase "Lamentations of the Glory Hole" came to us, as we are using a heavily houseruled LotFP Weird Fantasy Blood Island setting when +Joe D runs the sessions.

Last night we hit B4, The Lost City. "Lamentations of the Lost City" just wouldn't be the same.

Highlights of last night's session:

My Viking Berserker killed a beetle with a glowing ass. He cut off said glowing ass and stuck it on his helmet (Int 5, Wis 5, Cha 8). Which kinda made him head negotiator when the worshipers of glowing shit and he crossed paths.

Eating glowing beetle ass will not kill you, but will make for a really awkward blog post - you have been warned. I did bond with the other glowing beetle ass eaters, which was followed by...

Leading people to the light above so they can be killed by fellow vikings is awesome.

I hate bees. Especially the 1' long ones.

Killing small winged creatures that can curse you and wearing their wings from your helm like a Valkyrie while still having a glowing beetle ass on said helm.

Anyone have a visual on a Viking Berserker wearing a glowing beetle ass and fairy winds on his help, let me know. My google foo is failing...

Mini Review - The Manor # 6 (OSR Zine)

+Tim Shorts has done it again. Well, in this case, +Tim Shorts and esteemed guests.

If you haven't checked out The Manor yet, you should. It's an irregular OSR zine that is easily mined for goodies and goodness. This morning I'm looking at the PDF of Issue # 6 (I have my paper copy coming via snail mail).

The Brothel of Wargumn is written by +matt jackson (who also supplied a map or two). What can I say about a brothel that includes a Lamia, A Succubus, a Vampire and an Annis Hag amongst their "working staff" that hasn't been said already? Actually, I've never seen a brothel that even comes close in any setting. +matt jackson , you're leaving me speechless ;)

The Guard Class is an excellent write up of a fantasy "law enforcement" type of class by +Tim Shorts . Needless to say, I really like it.

Guard Greetings is a random table to be used when the party interacts with the town watch. Parts of it made me chuckle, and I can see myself using this in game.

Getting From Point A to Point B is a series of "puzzle / teleportation rooms" that are presented in matched sets by +Ken H . They remind me in part of the Trap series that Flying Buffalo used to put out. Well done even if not totally my bag. I think I'd need to build an adventure around one of these sets as opposed to finding a place for these in an adventure. Hmmm, actually, building around the rooms might work really well.

In Witches of the Dark Room+Tim Shorts mixes in a +matt jackson map and art and monsters by Dylan Hartwell. It's got were-spiders and missing children. Tim says it's a low level adventure. I may need to playtest it just to find out where the TPK waterline lies.

Good stuff. I'm especially looking forward to harassing my players with the Guard class.

PDF  $2.50

Print  $4.00

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