Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dead Tree 4e Dungeon Crawl Classics

Tanga.com had a deal last week on a collection of Dungeon Crawl Classics for D&D 4e.  I don't play 4e... I have the core books but I would need to find a way to de-miniaturize the rules (this coming from a major user of VTTs and virtual miniatures)

Still, for less then $40 bucks I received DCCs 53 - 63 (I'm working on the assumption that the $2 DCC is number 59).  11 books.  Not bad for over $150 worth of gaming material of any kind.

I prefer PDFs for most of my gaming these days, but this was a price that could not be beat.  Time for me to steal ideas for Labyrinth Lord ;) 

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Happy Hour at the Tavern 5/26

Today's Happy Hour is going to highlight an offering from West End Games.  Not sure if you've been following the drama, but things have been a-changing over there.  My first experience with West End Games was playtesting a Paranoia adventure in their Manhattan offices back in the 1980s.  The company has changed hands over the years, and now they have made the D6 system open, and offer the core books for free.

This is free and complete in one package: Bill Coffin's Septimus 364 pages of D6 goodness.

Yes, it almost wasn't published, as preorders were refunded amidst West End Game's recent drama.

It's a non-standard sci-fi RPG.  There is a dent review at the Roll for Initiative blog.

I've found it well to be well produced, and what I've read so far looks good, but its a damn huge product on a plate filled with lots of RPGs.  Still, I felt it best to share it.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Twilight of My Years

In my early college years we would play just about anything.  AD&D was our go-to game, but everything else was good for a session or three.  Twilight: 2000 was one of those games.  I don't think we ever got past the first edition of the rules and maybe one sourcebook / adventure, but it was certainly fun.  We were a NATO squad that got separated from the main NATO forces when the Soviets invaded.  Trying to survive off the land and remain undetected was fun while it lasted.

I never actually owned the rules, I was just a player in the campaign.  It is $1 on RPGNow at the moment.  Damn cheap for a memory.

Lulu is running a 20% off sale through May 26:  code is ROADTRIP305. (e-books are not eligible)

There appears to be a free shipping promotion going on at the same time at Lulu.  Very nice.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekend Buybacks for May 23rd

The first official (second actual) Weekend Buyback at the Tavern. This week's offerings are a smorgasbord. Actually, I expect every weekend will be offering a smorgasbord.  Remember, Buybacks were free when I posted them...

First up is Somnium Mundus from Terra-Sol Games. Nearly 30 pages of adventure for your Traveller game. I don't think I've played Traveller since my early college years, but I've always loved the system (and the system withing a system of character generation).

Next is Into the Star, another Traveller product from Terra-Sol Games.  30 odd pages of optional rules.  No idea how well this conforms to the Mongoose Traveller rules.  Let me know.

Neverwhere from Postmortem  Studios.  I'm a damn huge Neil Gaiman fan, ever since Sandman Issue 1.  Damn good stuff.  Of course, I just found this game in the midst of a large number of other products, so I haven't had a chance to see how close it hues to the book.  Four 5 Star reviews on RPGNow tho out of four reviews. 

Last Buyback for the weekend is The Boarding House at Arkham Street from Three Fourteen Games.  Billed as a system-less horror adventure, it is pretty close to Basic Roleplaying / CoC compatible.  Decent layout and an excellent price (and nice reviews on RPGNow) but this in a must download situation, especially if you are thinking of running a Horror game.

Back to the random thought process tomorrow, Happy Hour on Wednesday ;)
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