Saturday, December 8, 2012

Got My New DCC RPG Limited Edition Cover Tome to Kill All Tomes!

I really should let my DCC RPG first print trade blows with my LE Wizard Cover DCC RPG (otherwise known as the 2nd print). I wonder if the 1e typos make the 1e stronger ;)

All this reminds me is that I really need to PLAY in a DCC RPG session or two. I've run a handful, but  I've yet to sit at the table at a place reserved for a victim player.

Oh, and the art booklet is pretty snazzy too ;)

There Will Be Benefits For Members of "2,000 Coppers" (Some may call it bribery;)

(remember, membership is free)

Here's the gameplan for 2,000 Coppers and my usual contests:

If I run a contest I'll be adding a prize just available for folks in the 2,000 GP community - when you enter the contest, just sign off at the bottom of your comment with:

"2kCP - XXX" - where XXX is your handle on G+

basically, its an extra chance to win - and yes, you can win a regular prize along with the 2kCP prize

I'll also gonna try and figure something out as a random gift, awarded once a month to a member of 2,000 Coppers - I'll update when I nail that down

There will be more going on at 2,000 Coppers, but this is the start ;)

We Now Have the "Official Santa Claws as a DCC RPG Patron" Pic!

David Fisher has earned himself a present from Santa Claws' Goodie Bag! (excellent job on the Santa Claws drawing David - I'll reach out to you later today ;)

So, what are you waiting for? Enter the Santa Claws as a DCC Patron Contest for your chance to be "gifted" ;)

Friday, December 7, 2012

Of Dachshunds, Good Beer and Herding Cats

So, I'm on an overnite in the Poconos due mainly to a follow up vet visit for our miniature longhaired dachshund. There is just no comparison service or price-wise to the care she get's here compared to NYC. Besides, I needed the excuse to take the day off from work ;)

I was disappointed by my inability find Spaten or Weinsteffaner in 5 liter minikegs, as I found them up here in the late spring. My early Christmas present is waiting to hold something besides Heineken and Newcastle.

Not that I'd be drinking any tomorrow night - when I DM I abstain from partaking in adult beverages. It's hard enough try to herd cat's on a normal gaming night - if I'm buzzed you may just mark that as a "failure to execute" before the session even starts.

Assuming your players are of legal drinking age, do you allow them to drink during the sessions you run?

Do you join them? Or not?

Do you enjoy knocking back a few as you sit in the player's seat?

I remember back in college, as we all started hitting legal drinking age, the temptation to drink during our sessions was huge. I wouldnt allow it when I DM'ed, as I wasn't able to herd drunken cats back in the day.

The majority of my players don't drink during my sessions these days, but that's their choice, not one imposed by me. As long as I'm sober, I can herd the cats ;)

Why "2,000 Coppers" for the Tavern's G+ Community?

It's a valid question.

Here's my reasoning:

Tenkar's Tavern is the name of the blog. Repeating it verbatim for the community page seemed... Boring.

Tenkar's G+ Tavern as one person mentioned looks silly.

I never planned on 2,000 Coppers taking a life of its own when I posted my mega dungeon experience, but it certainly did. A funny life at that.

So, why not embrace it? If its a penny for your thoughts, 2,000 Coppers should pay for a lot of them.

Besides, if I ever do a podcast, you know it will be called 2,000 Coppers ;)

Thursday, December 6, 2012

"2,000 Coppers" Community is Now Live on G+

Yep, Communities is live on G+, and I've set up 2,000 Coppers as a place for friends of the Tavern to hang out at.

Random thoughts - maybe even some random gaming later on ;)

It's open to all, even those that have an unholy aversion to coppers, rats, taverns and gawds forbid - beer!

(edit) - added link ;)

My Goodman Games "Big Grab Bag" Haul (4e Heavy But Worth It)

Damn! I feel almost guilty after seeing Jason Paul McCartan's puny haul. I don't play 4e, but there is enough non-4e (and some easily mineable 4e stuff) to make this haul worthwhile ;)

The Grumpy Dwarf Rants About Illusionary Carrots in Paizo's Pathfinder Online Kickstarter

Dear Clueless Crowdfunder,

Our sister company Goblinworks is busy developing Pathfinder Online, a sandbox-style MMO based on the Pathfinder world. In celebration of them raising $200k in the first week of their Kickstarter initiative (and watching the fund raising slow down), and to thank our fans for their continued support, Paizo is thrilled to announce new rewards for the Pathfinder Online Kickstarter, adding awesome new content to the Pathfinder setting! (which is, of course, the same trick they pulled with the "proof of concept demo dealie" with the other kickstarter)

The biggest news is the launch of the Emerald Spire Superdungeon (Dwimmermount was their preferred choice, but James Mal already took that) , which will become the largest official Pathfinder RPG dungeon ever published (dare we call it a "megadungeon"?). The Emerald Spire Superdungeon (guess not) includes 32 pages of source material detailing the area around Fort Inevitable (what is with the lame names?), one of the starter towns in the Pathfinder Online game. It will also add at least four, 8-page dungeon levels, designed by Pathfinder superstars Richard L. Baker, F. Wesley Schneider, Wolfgang Baur and James L. Sutter. The Superdungeon will be accompanied by the Emerald Spire Dungeons Flip-Mat Multi-Pack, a set of Pathfinder Flip-Mats presenting each dungeon level in tabletop miniatures scale. (all of which is cool if you use miniatures in gaming - probably why I don't play Pathfinder)

As the Kickstarter funding grows, so does the Superdungeon (now, follow along, because I have a big question at the end of this shell game). When the $250k sub-goal is met, I will come out of game design semi-retirement to add an original dungeon level to the book. As each $100k sub-goal is met thereafter, new levels by superstar designers will be added. By the time the Kickstarter reaches its $1 million funding goal, the Emerald Spire Superdungeon will encompass 12 dungeon levels in 128 pages, accompanied by 6 double-sided Flip-Mats in the Emerald Spire Dungeons Flip-Mat Multi-Pack. (Okay - but if it doesn't fund, do we still get ann Emerald Spire of Uber-Goodness Dungeon of Super Doom? That's why this is a bullshit carrot - it's 12 plus levels or it's nothing. Why the fuck doesn't Paizo just say: "Fund our MMORPG so we can earn monthly residuals and we'll give you the megadungeon behind door number 1,000,000"! Simply because they need fake carrots to have any hope of getting this funded at $1,000,000 and if they had set a lower goal, they risked funding but not having enough funds) But it won’t stop there! (sounds almost like on of those Infomercials - "But Wait! Theres more!") As additional stretch goals are met, the Emerald Spire will become even larger, and the number of Flip-Mats will grow.

Also, a new RPG Print Pack has been added to the Kickstarter reward tier. Backers at any pledge level can get the RPG Print Pack for an additional $100 (plus $15 shipping outside of the U.S.). The RPG Print Pack includes a hardcover print edition of the Emerald Spire Superdungeon, which will feature an exclusive Kickstarter cover by Wayne Reynolds; a print edition of the Emerald Spire Dungeons Flip-Mat Multi-Pack; a print edition of the Pathfinder Tales novel The Crusader Road by Richard L. Baker, and an Emerald Spire Campaign Cards game accessory. (sweet - so if you want in on the dungeon, you need to add $100 bucks - mega dungeon for mega funding)

New WizKids Pathfinder Battles Miniatures will also be added to the Pathfinder Online Kickstarter as rewards for all of the Crowdforger backer levels, which start at $100. The miniatures will all be drawn from the Emerald Spire Superdungeon, starting with the Bloodbriar Goblin Raider. A second miniature, the Shadowfire Elemental, will be unlocked when the Kickstarter reaches $300K, with additional miniatures revealed for each $100K raised. This means that starting at $250,000, a new reward will be offered for every $50K reached, alternating between new dungeon levels for the Emerald Spire Superdungeon and new Pathfinder Battles prepainted plastic miniatures! (again, this is an all or nothing - another bullshit carrot - 9+ minis or nothing - somehow Paizo leaves off the little fact that this must get funded before you get any of the advertised carrots - just say "when we hit goal, you get 9 minis")

With the success of this Kickstarter, Pathfinder Online is targeted for a mid-2014 Beta. As stretch goals are reached beyond the base funding level, this target date will move up as more resources are brought to bear on getting Pathfinder Online finished.

The Pathfinder Online Kickstarter Campaign is in progress and concludes at 2:00 GMT on January 14, 2013. We look forward to your being involved in the development of Pathfinder Online—the voice of the fans will be at the core of what we do, and we thank you for your support. To learn more about the Pathfinder Online Kickstarter, please visit the Kickstarter page!

Lisa Stevens
CEO, Paizo Publishing, LLC
COO, Goblinworks, Inc.

(Listen, even Grumpy fucks like me would like to see this get funded, but at least be honest about it. Fake sub-goals or whatever they are are total bullshit. Lots of flash, little substance. If you want the Uber Dungeon Of Emerald Pathfinderness, fund at level that includes it as a reward - but don't think that it's getting any larger until one million bucks is passed. That's what pisses me off about this email, the carrots are fucking illusions.

The Grumpy Dwarf)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Thinking of Using DCC #27, Revenge of the Rat King to Kick Off the AD&D 1e Campaign

I know, kicking off a AD&D / OSRIC campaign with a module for PCs level 4-6, when my players will average 3-4 (I'm giving them 8k expo, so level depends on class(es) chosen), has the potential of killing the campaign before it even starts. Still, my players are tough and experienced at not only thinking outside of the box, but also standing on top of the box and thinking when it suits them.

Besides, it uses one of those scenes I generally hate in the middle of a campaign: "The party is captured and stripped of their belongings", but works amazingly well to start a campaign: "You awaken with other strangers. Last you remember you were drinking in a tavern, now you are in a damp cell with nothing but the shirt on your back and some soiled leggings. What do you do?".

Yeah, I think it will work well. ;)

Did I mention it has a Rat King? Not a single copper in the whole adventure as far as I can tell. I'll need to rectify that.

An Amazing Kickstarter - It Must Be Fate - FATE Core That Is!

I've liked the Fate System ever since I stumbled across it in Spirit of the Century a few years back. I've always thought it had the potential for some really fun campaigns  but there's been one thing holding me back over the years - I've never quite understood the rules.

Sounds silly, don't it? Liking a system you don't grok. Maybe it's more of a "potential like".

I also own The Dresden Files, which in many ways is a precursor to Apocalypse World - lets see how confusing we can make the system as we present it in this uber hip way. Yeah, Dresden didn't help me much.

So, now Evil Hat has released their Fate Core System Kickstarter. Funding has been open for 2 days thus far, and the goal of $3,000 has been surpassed and had hit $64,950  $65,070  $65,304 as I write this.

Holy shit! FASA, see what can happend when you put together a Kickstarter in the "right way"?

Evil Hat claims the new Fate Core will be easy to understand. I'm going to have to see if they are right.

$10 gets you access to the Fate Core Draft, and all expansions that get funded via the Kickstater.

$30 gets you the above and a hard cover book.

I'll be in for $30...

(edit - a pledge of $1 or more gets you immediate access to the current Fate Core draft - it's 304 pages)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

An Updated Look at Recent Kickstarters That Won't Fund (Disclaimer - Unless Hell Freezes Over)

Remember Iron Age: FRP? Those fine fucks are at $177 of $5,550. It's the assholes that spammed the comments section of this blog (and others) to get the word out on their Indiegogo turd.

Great job fuckos, as I don't think you've raised a cent since then. BTW, your Paypal issue sounds fishy to me. Great news though, apparently they are now asking for Credit Card info:

Still, it can't take much work to be "lead campaigner" on this project:

But hey, what about the "Big Boys"? Let's look how FASA is doing with it's 1879 RPG, Miniatures and App Kickstarter that we peeked at last Thursday:

Shit - that has to hurt. About $150 in 5 days time. $30 bucks a day. They want $325,00. Now worries, in just over 10,000 days it will be funded...

Guys, pull the plug now before you hurt yourselves.

Intelligent Swords in AD&D 1e - What's With the Ego Trip?

While designing / building / hacking together a campaign for AD&D 1e, I find myself digging out rules that I didn't use my first time playing, or used and then discarded. Sword Ego was one of the second type of rules.

I see where the roots of Sword Ego comes from - it's 100% Strombringer.

From my perspective - intelligent swords are cool in very small numbers, and swords that are stubborn or jealous or have other personality traits can be a nice tool for a campaign, but I don't think Sword Ego is appropriate for most D&D campaigns.

My issue with Sword Ego is the whole Swords Versus Characters conflict:

When a sword possesses unusual charactiristics it has a personality which is rated by combining its intelligence and ego scores. The sword will, of course, be absolutely true to its alignment, and if the character who possesses the sword is not, personality conflict will result, i.e. sword versus character. Similarly, any sword with an ego of 19 or higher will always consider itself superior to any character, and a personality conflict will result if the possessor does not always agree with the sword's dictums.
The personality strength of a character is: INTELLIGENCE + CHARISMA + LEVEL OF EXPERIENCE. Note level is reduced by 1 for every group of hit points of damage taken equal to the character's average number of points per hit die for total levels of experience (rangers, for example, getting 2 dice at 1st level). Example: A fighter of 7th level has 53 hit points: 53 + 7 = 7.6 - for every 8 points of damage he or she takes, his or her personality strength will be lowered by 1.
Whenever personality conflict occurs, the sword will resist the character's desires and demand concessions such as:
-removal of associates, henchmen, hirelings, or creatures of alignment or personality distasteful to the sword
-the character divesting himself or herself of all other magic weapons
-obedience from the character so that the sword can lead the expedition for its purposes
-immediate seeking out and slaying of creatures hateful to the sword
-encrustation of gems on pommel, hilt, scabbard, baldric, or belt and a special container for its safekeeping likewise of precious substances
-magical protections and devices to protect it from molestation when not in use
-that the character pay it handsomely for  a11 abilities and powers the sword is called upon to exercise in behalf of its possessor
-that the character always take it along on all occasions
-that the character relinquish the sword in favor of a more suitable person due to alignment differences and/or conduct 
At any time that the personality score of a sword exceeds the personality score of the character who possesses it, the sword will dominate its possessor, and it can force any or all of the above demands or actually cause any of the following actions:
1. force its possessor into combat
2. refuse to strike opponents
3. strike at its wielder or his or her associates
4. force its possessor to surrender to an opponent
5. cause itself to drop from the character's grasp

Most of the above takes choice out of the hands of the player. Nothing above adds to the game, unless the campaign style is one "fuck the PC". Also, tracking the PC's "personality strength  with the up and down of HPs.

I don't have issues with intelligent magic items, but they should be played more like an NPC it's own wants and desires, not solely there to screw the players.

What were your experiences, if any, with Swords with ego?

Interesting Kickstarter - Agents of Change: The Time Travel RPG

I find different Kickstarters "interesting" for different reasons.

Let me start by saying this: I have no idea if Agents of Change: The Time Travel RPG is going to be a great game, or even a good game, but it's an intelligent Kickstarter.

Why? William Maldonado set his funding goal low - just $500.

Why does he want funding? To afford a professional editor and cover artist.

It's stretch goals are realistic and won't delay the release of the project:

$1000 - At this level, we will be able to hire a graphic designer from Createspace to give us a custom layout. We are prepared to work on this ourselves, but having a professional handle it will save us time and get this game in your hands quicker and with flair. Additionally, we may be able to create and start up a webspace for this and future games my team works on. 
$1250 - With a little bit more, we'll reach this level and will be able to afford marketing services such as posters featuring the cover art that will be featured in stores or sent out to donators or interested parties.
I really don't care about the different factions that are the driving force behind the "time travel" theme. I'm just happy to see "the little guy" setting a reachable funding goal and hitting it (did I mention it's funded and a bit more with 3 days to go?)

Did I mention he seems to have set realistic estimated shipping goals for the different reward levels?

Apparently, the rules haven't even hit beta yet, but I'm willing to put $15 down to see how this goes.

I bet he comes damn close to hitting his ship dates ;)

Monday, December 3, 2012

Weapon Speed - Do I Need it in AD&D 1e?

As I prepare myself to run a (mostly) AD&D 1e campaign, have any of you actually used the rules quotes below for "weapon speed"?

Weapon Speed Factor: This number is indicative of the wieldiness of any
particular weapon, how long it takes to ready the weapon against an
opponent, or how long it takes to recover and move it in its attack mode. A
pike, for example, is a 13, as it must be lowered, grasped, and then
held/thrust firmly. Such a weapon is not usable in dungeon settings, or
anywhere else without masses of other pikes to support it. In the latter
case, an opponent surviving the first attack from the bearer of the pike will
likely be able to strike several times before recovery of the pike for a
second thrust. This is further detailed below. A two-handed sword, with a
10 speed factor, likewise requires lengthy readying time and recovery
period after its attack due to its size and weight. 
When weapon speed factor is the determinont of which opponent strikes
first in a melee round, there is a chance that one opponent will be entitled
to multiple attacks Compare the scare of the lower-factored weapon with
that of the higher. If the difference is at least twice the factor of the lower,or 5 or more factors in any case, the opponent with the lower factoredweapon is entitled to 2 attacks before the opponent with the higherweapon factor is entitled to any attack whatsoever. If the difference is 10or greater, the opponent with the lower-factored weapon is entitled to 2attacks before the opponent is allowed to attack, and 1 further attack at thesame time the opponent with the higher-speed-factored weopon finally isallowed to attack. Note that such speed factor considerations are not applicable
when either closing or chorging to melee, but after on initial
round of combat, or in cases where closing/charging was not necessary,
the speed factor considerations are applicable.
I seem to recall ignoring these little tidbits in the past, and I see no good reason to worry about them now, but I'm sure there is a Grognard or two available to argue otherwise ;)

Adding Another "Gift" to the DCC RPG Holiday Contest - Santa Claws as a DCC Patron!

I'm adding another dead tree "gift" to the DCC RPG Holiday Contest - Santa Claws as a DCC Patron! (go to the link to enter)

It appears I bid on two copies of The Dungeoneer Compendium of Issues 1-6 from Judges Guild. I won both and only need one, so I'm adding one to the gift pile. Heck, it's still in its cellophane so you'll have something to unwrap ;)

My Dwarven Adventurers Boxed Set Has Arrived!

Too Much Flash?
I'll be the first person to admit I don't know how to take pictures of minis, let alone unpainted ones, so forgive the quasi focus ;)

I am very happy with my set of dwarves. The level of detail is quite excellent.

I have a crapload of flash to trim, but that was to be expected and I'm okay with that. I love the amount of modability one has with all the extra pieces. Not that I'm skilled at modding - I'd probably f' the whole piece up, but it's nice to have the option. I can always build a Dwarven Flesh Golem of sorts.

I do wonder why the dwarven tombstone is slotted for use with a base. It's not like its going to move around, and if I saw off the slow it will stand just fine. I think I'll trim flash and mold lines in my spare time ;)

Not Enough Flash?
The first piece I want to paint is the brewmaster (this is a Tavern, isn't it?) but I'm going to wait for my Reaper miniatures to show up before I start delving into it all. Shit, and a pair of bifocals - my eyes are 45 years old and not getting any younger.

The Feed Was Dead. Long Live the Feed!

When I had to nuke the old site, and rebuild it via the new site, I forgot to fix "the Feed".

No one told me it was broken either, go figure.

Well, it's fixed now, so if you prefer the feed, or just like surfing thru feeds to find the posts you like, the feed is now up.

Alright, back to opening the goodies that came in the mail today ;)

Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Nightmare of a Kickstarter (for the backers) - They Became Flesh: A game of God, Humanity, and the Fallen

You know what? I may bitch and complain about late Kickstarter projects I've supported, but not one has figuratively given a big "Fuck You!" to those that funded it. From what I've read about They Became Flesh: A game of God, Humanity, and the Fallen, the creators have basically done so.

Here's the 30 second summary:

The project was funded on 12/12/2011. It raised over $7,400 with a goal of $1,500 and an estimated shipping date of January, 2012.

The game released this past summer at GenCon, but the supporters of the Kickstarter didn't get their copies. They were supposed to get theirs before it released to the public.

Random delays, prior and after GenCon.

This little announcement back in October should have brought the drama to an end:

But, as you can see from the latest comments by those that funded the project, this was a load of shit (I'm actually surprised they allow any comments to be seen by the public).

It's released to distributors apparently. It's on game store bookshelves on both sides of the pond. Backers ain't got shit.

Here's the link to the RPGnet thread   Over 170 posts and still going strong.

This is a project creator to avoid at all costs going forward. I'm glad I don't have my money tied up in this nightmare.

LotFP is Running a 1/2 Off Sale - It's Grindhouse Time!

James Raggi is running a sale on his PDFs (and some print products).

50% off all PDFs over at RPGNow

50% off the 2011 items still in print over at the LotFP Store (Grindhouse, Carcosa, Isle of the Unknown print editions)

(it would have been nice if James has included links in his post over at LotFP - so I'll do it myself ;)

My picks would be:

LotFP Grindhouse Edition - print or PDF - the price is definitely right - $8.88 in PDF

Death Frost Doom - a steal at $2.50 in PDF

The Grinding Gear - a barely possible to survive "Tomb of Horrors" for $3.00

Tower of the Stargazer - can't beat $1.63

Green Devil Face #5 - $0.63 for 12 pages of old school charts and tables

(As James can almost pass for a certain female xxxxxx, I was trying to find the nearly naked pic of James lying in bed for this post, but my Google-fu failed. Probably for the best - James nearly naked wasn't a pleasant sight ;)

Correcting an RPG Kickstarter Perception - Most of Mine Are Late, But No Failures - Yet

There is a thread going on over at TheRPGSite dealing with Kickstarters. Actually, I don't think that was the thread's initial topic or direction, but Stuart Marshall (P&P) linked to my Kickstarter posts when he mentioned how he felt Kickstarters were going to be detrimental to the hobby.

I agree with him to a point, as many publishers / would be publishers / one man bands seem to see it as a quick and easy way to raise money for projects that are little beyond the conception phase in many cases. That being said, I personally have yet to support a project that I feel will totally crap out ("e20, which I suspect is virtually dead, was not supported by me).

Are some projects unconscionably late? Yes.

Far West, The Quantum RPG, The ACKS Player's Companion, Dwimmermount, Appendix N, Myth & Magic Player's Guide and Champions of Zed are small sampling of projects that are taking way to long to complete when you look at the initial estimates. Do I think any of these will completely fail to deliver? No. But their lack of timeliness is certainly a disappointment.

Still, Stuart's post is a bit disconcerting to me, as he is either following a different list of crowd source funded RPG projects, or he's misinterpreting my list (he links to The Tavern here), or something in between:
I hate the amount of money buyers are being charged; and I hate the default-to-kickstarter mentality where you sell a promise and collect the profit before you start work (and then, more than half the time, fail to deliver); and I hate that formerly-thriving free products, like Footprints on Dragonsfoot, are shutting down and closing up shop. None of that was what I intended and I view it with a frown. (emphasis mine)
It's not a failure to deliver. It's a failure to deliver in the promised time frame. Sometimes long after the promised time frame. It's unprofessional, especially when the people behind the projects "go dark" and fail to update their customers on progress.

Kickstarters in our hobby tend to not deliver on time. I'm doing what little I can do to draw attention to that fact and have it corrected in the future. There aren't too many total failures (I can possibly think of one beyond e20).

BTW, I don't post to theRPGSite. The atmosphere is a bit too "caustic" at times to my taste. I'm more than willing to take criticism on my own blog (which others in the blogosphere are apparently no longer willing to do, even when valid) but I have no need nor desire to post on a board "generally unfriendly" to outsiders. It can be a good read tho ;)

Mini Review - Starships & Spacemen (LL / Star Trek Mashup)

Starships & Spacemen is Goblinoid Games' Star Trek / Labyrinth Lord mash-up. In theory S&S is a 2nd edition, it's previous edition having been printed in 1978. The reality is it's a new game, building upon the LL chasis but using the tropes and setting from the original game.

I have some mixed opinions of the game. It's not bad at all, as the LL chasis is a good one to build off of. You could easily gather your own Star Trek type command crew and have them adventuring in no time. Assuming you can get past the typos. They are there and they are many.

The typos aren't a game killer, but they are annoying when they are giving the average C&C rulebook from the early printings a run for the money. I got my softcover copy via the Indiegogo funding. $25 for the print and PDF.

As it currently stands, there is no print on demand copy of the rulebook available on RPGNow - the PDF is $6.45.

Personally, I wouldn't purchase a print version (when they become available) until they clean it up. At least with the PDF version, you get an updated copy if / when they get around to it.

It's a fairly thin set of rules coming in around 94 pages, and 5 pages are wasted on drawings of "Forehead Aliens" (can we say "filler"?)

I want to really like S&S. There is a lot to like but it also feels like there is much missing. Maybe there is a plan to add an "Expanded Missions" sourcebook or the like. The amount of support this gets will certainly effect it's long term worth.

God, I'm really waffling on this. I like it "but" is about the best endorsement I can give it at this time.

From the blurb:        

Boldly explore the galaxy in search of alien civilizations! You take the role of a Military Officer, Technical Officer, Science Officer, or Enlisted Man in the Galactic Confederation. Travel in a starship under your command, on missions of first contact, rescue, exploration, and more in a galaxy full of hostile aliens. Try to maintain the tenuous truce with the militaristic Zangid, and fight the Videni who may look like your Tauran allies, but do not adhere to a philosophy of peace and logic.

Design alien humanoids with either "original series" or "next generation" sensibilites, or blend the two approaches! There are 100 forehead shapes that may be randomly rolled when a new alien race is encountered.

This book contains:

Eight player races

Three main classes, with several subclasses

Rules for spaceships and exploration

many alien creatures

...and more!

Interesting Concept For a Kickstarter - One Hell of a Failure to Execute - Wargame Tables, Table-tops, and dice trays!

Remember the high end gaming table that was offered as part of the Dwimmermount Kickstarter? It was $10k and no one jumped in at that price - awesome, amazing product that just wasn't affordable.

The Wargame Tables, Table-tops, and dice trays! Kickstarter is the average Joe's response to the luxury table. It's the Ford Pinto trying to knock off the Cadillac Escalad. If all you want is a car to go from point A to point B, the bling and all the extra fade away when you compare prices.

This Ford Pinto is going for $150 for a 3' x 5' table or $500 for s large as a 4' x 8' table. The Ford Pinto certainly scores points on price alone.

Here's a pic of the Sultan gaming table:

and here's a pic of the Ford Pinto:

Not only don't they compare, the Ford Pinto doesn't even look as nice as a real Ford Pinto!

Eh, maybe I complain too much. Throw a blanket over it and it could double as an altar with my gaming goodies stored haphazardly beneath it.

Maybe if I could find the place in my house for a single use gaming only table, I'd take the plunge on this.

Gee, not even a choice for 98% of the country (pulling this number purely out of my ass).

This one ain't funding.

Nice concept, unattractive table and extremely limited customer base due to geographical limitations.

What Movie Best Represents "Dungeons & Dragons" in Your Eyes?

This question came up in last night's / this morning's game session. Yeah, we are pretty good at derailing game sessions, even those that are not rail roadie in the least ;)

In any case, for me it was Hawk the Slayer. Cheesy as all shit, but it was nice to see a true Crossbow of Speed in action. Maybe I'm still looking at it with the eyes of a teenager, but it rocked back in the day.

Besides, it has Jack Palance - need I say more?

So, what movie best represents D&D to you and why?
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