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Sunday, January 26, 2020

Frog God Games 35% Off Sale at DTRPG - Swords & Wizardry (oh, and PF and 5e)

So, it looks like the Kickstarter for the NEW Swords & Wizardry Boxed Set will be launching on this coming Tuesday. Completely compatible with prior printings, the boxed set will certainly be getting new eyes on Swords & Wizardry.

Just in time, Frog God Games has put its entire PDF catalog on sale at DriveThruRPG at 20% (my math shows 35% or more) off. Now's the time to plug the holes in your Swords & Wizardry virtual collection ;)

Sale prices are in effect thru early Tuesday morning, so don't wait too long...

Yes, that is an affiliate link. Support The Tavern by using our affiliate links. I thank you in advance. Will work for beer...

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Bundle of Holding - Stygian Fox Cthulhu

Call of Cthulhu is perhaps my favorite game that I haven't run in over 25 years. I own many adventures for the system for the sheer joy of reading them. The Stygian Fox Cthulhu Bundle is a collection of CoC adventures that are new to my eyes. I'll be enjoying this.
Investigator! This all-new Stygian Fox Cthulhu Bundle presents tabletop roleplaying scenarios and sourcebooks of realistic horror from Stygian Fox Publishing. Though written for the Call of Cthulhu RPG rules, these fiercely imaginative (and uncomfortable) investigations range beyond the Mythos and across many times and locales. Caution: Not for children. 
For just US$7.95 you get all four titles in our Starter Collection (retail value $42) as DRM-free .PDF ebooks, including The Book of Contemporary Magical Places, the modern-day CoC scenario I Want to Play, the beautiful Cartomancy 23: Lovecraft Country Map Pack collection, and an unusual play aid: Afterlives, a deck of print-and-cut cards that describe your Investigator's ultimate post-scenario fate. 
And if you pay more than the threshold price of $19.75, you'll level up and also get our entire Bonus Collection with five more scenarios and sourcebooks worth an additional $60, including Nakuko (set in 1990s Japan); The Dark Forest (modern-day Michigan); Thorston, the Shunned Town on the Dee and Nightmare on the Necropolis Express (both Cthulhu by Gaslight Victorian-era); and Autophagia (1920s New York).

Friday, January 24, 2020

Kickstarter - Outdoor Encounter Cards 3 - For use with many tabletop RPGs (Phil Reed)

Holy shit! I nearly missed this the Outdoor Encounter Cards 3 Kickstarter by Phil Reed. ALL (and I do mean ALL) of Phil's Kickstarters have been must-haves and on time (if not early). I expect more of the same with Phil's latest project.
Outdoor Encounters are poker-sized, 330 gsm game cards that the GM may use to randomly generate an outdoor event in any fantasy roleplaying game. The cards are generic in nature and not designed for any one game system. Experienced GMs will have no problems incorporating the encounters into the game of their choice. 

These cards may be either used randomly -- ask the players to draw a card when the party is traveling across the countryside -- or, instead, the GM may select a card when looking to throw a quick encounter at the players. 
Outdoor Encounter cards are not intended for novice gamemasters. The encounters described on these cards do not include monster or character statistics, game mechanics, or detailed instructions for using each card. Outdoor Encounter cards are, in a sense, adventure seeds with a slight twist. These cards are only useful once you've applied some effort to the suggested encounters.
14 bucks for the deck in print plus PDF, 4 bucks for PDF only.

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