Monday, October 15, 2018

Free Map Mondays - Mapping Like Its 1980 :)

I spent parts of this evening cleaning and putting stuff aside for OSR Christmas - yes, the pile is fairly large.

I came across my bagged copy of Cyborg Commando (and now recall why I never tried to play it) as well as an early dungeon map that I drew and populated around 1979 / 80 or so.

Looks like I was using those random tables from the Dungeon Master's Guide...

God knows why anyone would WANT to use this map, but I'm releasing the map ONLY under https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ / Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0). Enjoy :)

(no idea if the back is OGL-able, so not released)

Free Map Mondays - Squarehex Sampler Pack Giveaway - US Only

For those following along at home, your bartender has been under the weather the past few days. Not sure I'll be able to finish putting together a decent map for today.

But have no fear, even if nothing comes to fruition tonight I do have something to give away.

Digging out some boxes that have sat in a corner of the living room, I found a few spares of the SquareHex Sampler Pack. You can grab it directly through the SquareHex blog for:

I'm giving away a complete set, in the original packing, to one random commenter on this very post. US Only - sorry, but the shipping outside the states will kill me ;)

Your comment must tell our readers why you like drawing maps. Comment before 7 PM Eastern on Thursday, October 18th, 2018.

Remember, OSR Christmas is sneaking up and OSR Santa will need to start organizing soon ;)

The Tavern Chat Podcast - E152 - The Times, They are a Changin' - but I still have a cold ;)

I still can't believe I was in bed for 12 hours. Shit, I'm going to be late for my Monday pub lunch! Damn cold!
Yep, I'm still a miserable fuck, having woken up 1130 in the morning - damn cold. The Tavern has been around for nearly 10 years. I expect it will be around for many more 10s of years. If you look at the history of the Tenkar's Tavern blog, you'll see it has always been in a process of change. 
Pexx over on the Discord side of all things Tavern is indexing those nearly 10 years of blog posts, and just a few months in he's already seeing changes. Growths. Missteps. All part of the process. All that which will bring us where we are, not just yesterday, but today and tomorrow too. 
Yes, change sucks. Yes, change is great.
Link to Episode 152https://anchor.fm/tavernchat/episodes/E152---The-Times--They-are-a-Changin---but-I-still-have-a-cold-e2dfr1

Sunday, October 14, 2018

New In Print - Gamma World First Edition (POD)

Wow. I'm surprised how excited I am to see that Gamma World First Edition has gone Print on Demand. Gamma World was the first gaming product I bought with my own money. I bought it at The Complete Strategist in Manhattan. It was also one of my few times I rode the subway, and certainly the first time I rode without my parents. So, I put my token in the turnstile and pushed the turnstile, yet failed to walk through the turnstile. Yep, I had to yop the turnstile I had already paid for.

In any case, I still remember trying to wrap my head around hit points being rolled based directly on Constitution instead of character level. I mean, it looked just like AD&D, but then it so obviously wasn't. Then there were those flow charts! Perfect for understanding physics in high school ;)

I still have my original boxed set of Gamma World 1e, but the box has taken a beating over the years.

The PDF is 9.99, Print is 19.99 and Print plus PDF is 21.99
Can you survive in a world gone mad? A world where civilization as we know it has been destroyed in a cataclysmic holocaust? What is left in this world? Find out and encounter such bizarre things as mutated plants and animals more terrible than you can imagine, radiation wastelands that stretch as far as the eye can see, and fearless machines gone uncontrollably beserk . . . 
This is the setting for a GAMMA WORLD™ campaign, with players taking on the persona of an individual character somewhere in this forbidding locale. In a quest for survival and in search of a better future, the players adventure across the land, enduring hardships and encountering dangerous obstacles and mysterious foes - never knowing quite what to expect. The result is a game which can go in many directions, but which will be challenging and fascinating no matter what the outcome. 
The GAMMA WORLD™ Set includes all the basics needed to set up your own "world": game booklet (packed with terrible mutants, as well as guidelines for creating additional ones of your own), a large campaign map (designed to be easily modified by individual gamemasters), and a full set of polyhedra dice. The only other things necessary are a good imagination and a spirit of adventure! The GAMMA WORLD™ rules are also suitable for use with the ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONSTM rules. 
The GAMMA WORLD challenge awaits you - are you ready? 
This digital edition includes the PDF version of the book, and a ZIP file containing printable JPGs of the campaign map. 
Note on the print edition: The maps and other elements have been added as bonus pages in the print book. If you plan on using the map at your table it is recommended that you purchase the "Multiple File Formats + Softcover Color Book" combo and print the digital version.
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The Tavern Chat Podcast - E151 - Thoughts and Ideas on The Tavern 3.0

I really appreciate all of the feedback. I'm thinking I may start a second site, that I can experiment with without holding back the main site. Time to explore options...
I posted on Saturday Night on the blog side about some enhancements I'm looking to do on the blogside of things to help the community get more involved. Feedback was great, especially in regards to the future platform(s) I should explore.
Did I mention I'm sick and miserable?

Link to Episode 151 - https://anchor.fm/tavernchat/episodes/E151---Thoughts-and-Ideas-on-The-Tavern-3-0-e2dcdr
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