Saturday, November 30, 2019

More Black Friday Deals - Goodman Games 40% Off - KenzerCo up to 50% off - 2019 Palladium Xmas Grab Bag

More Black Friday Sales for gamers and the OSR in particular.

Goodman Games has a coupon code for 40% off - and more codes for 20% off most of the third party products they sell in their online store.

KenzerCo has selected Aces & Eights Reloaded and Hackmaster at 50% off as well as Back Issue Specials of Knights of the Dinner Table.

Palladium has its 2019 X-Mas Surprise Package for 50 bucks. I did it one year and got a signed first printing of Palladium Fantasy (and a bunch of other stuff) - one of my favorite fantasy RPGs for the default setting alone!

There are NO affiliate links above, but there are good deals :)

Friday, November 29, 2019

Black Friday Deals - Frog God Games - PRINT Products as much as 59% off - 2019 10" iPad for $249 - Troll Lord Sale 25% (plus 10% or 20%)

Sorry I'm late getting these deals up, but I had to confirm the Frog God Games Sale. Frog God Games is running a Black Friday weekend sale on the Frog God website. A large selection on the site, PRINT & PDF, is 35% off.

But wait! If you go to Humble Bundle and buy the Orcus' 5e Holiday Horde Bundle (an amazing value no matter the system you play, and you can buy in for as low as a buck) you get a one time use coupon for 30% off your Frog God Games order. Together, the sale discount and the coupon discount come to 59% off the regular price. Damn!

I snagged the Necromancer Gab Bag myself - normally $200, snagged for $91 plus shipping.

Then on Amazon, you have the 2019 10" iPad for $249 (regularly $329) - a hard to beat price for probably the best tablet on the market if you are swimming in PDFs like me, this is hard to pass up.

Troll Lord Games is also having a sale. Here's the skinny:

Yes, that's right, Black Friday is upon us and now that we are full of turkey and stuffing and pie, it's time to get down to business!

Starting Now save on all our items, including the Castles & Crusades Players Handbook, Castle Keepers Guide, adventures, maps, 5th Edition adventures, Amazing Adventures RPG, Victorious RPG -- you name it! All you have to do is enter this coupon code at checkout: THX25 and your 25% off will be automatically applied!

That's not all!
You can save even more in our biggest blowout yet!

Spend $20 to $49.99, get an extra 10% off automatically applied.
Spend $50 or more, get a whopping 20% extra off!

There's never been a better time to stock up!
It all starts now! We'll roll this through Cyber Monday Night at midnight but don't delay as some items are low in stock.

Note, both the Amazon and Humble Bundle links are affiliate links, and a portion of your purchases will help fund The Tavern. I thank you in advance and will post more deals as I come across them.

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Dungeons & Dragons Movie to Focus on the Eye of Vecna, Will Feature a Forgotten Realms Character (Comicbook.com)

Comicbook.com shared an article about the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons movie (due Summer of 2021) - Thanks to Luke Gygax for sharing the article on Facebook
The upcoming Dungeons & Dragons movie will feature at least one character with ties to the Forgotten Realms and will focus on a quest for an iconic magical object. ComicBook.com can exclusively report that the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons movie currently in development by Paramount will focus on a group of adventurers looking for the Eye of Vecna, a powerful artifact that dates back to the earliest days of the game. Vecna is a powerful lich turned god whose hand and eye (remnants from when Vecna was a mortal) grant unspeakable power. Both the Hand and Eye of Vecna come with a terrible cost - in order to use either artifact, the user must remove their existing eye or hand and then replace it with the artifact. 
Additionally, ComicBook.com can exclusively report that Paramount was looking for a male actor to voice the dragon Palarandusk, a dragon that lives in the Forgotten Realms. Palarandusk hasn't played any major roles in any D&D adventures, but the dragon was named in several Dungeons & Dragons sourcebooks as a protector of the village Ieirithymbul who concealed his true identity as a gold dragon. While Palarndusk's involvement in the Dungeons & Dragons movie indicates the movie will take place in the Forgotten Realms, our source indicates that the dragon will act as an ancient leader of a group of Triadic Knights. In D&D lore, Triadic Knights are followers of the gods Ilmater, Torm and Tyr. 
Our source indicates that Dungeons & Dragons will feature a group of adventurers led by Raven Hightower, a warrior with a magic flamesword that's haunted by his sister's death. Other characters include the "half-dragon" Hack Karroway, the gnome thief Olivan Trickfoot, and a masked warrior named Alyssa Steelsong who is set to take over Palarandusk's role when the dragon dies. Additionally, the main villain of the movie is a male drow named Razer Horlbar who once kept Raven and his sister as slaves, along with a female tiefling named Damala and a brutish warrior known only as "The Beast."
You can read the rest of the article here.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Humble Bundle - Orcus' 5e Holiday Horde (Frog God, Troll Lord, Kobold Press and More)

I've been really enjoying the Humble Bundle bundles that Frog God Games has been putting together, regardless of system. Sure, I'm mostly a Swords & Wizardry / OSR guy, but I've converted 5e and DCC RPG adventures to S&W on the fly - I doubt it would work so easily the other way around ;)

For the Holidays, Humble Bundle and Frog God Games has organized Orcus' 5e Holiday Horde.

There is a HUGE amount of amazing stuff in this bundle regardless of the system you mostly use:

At a buck you get 30% off coupons for Frog God Games, Troll Lord Games, and Kobold Press. 25% off of World Anvil is simply amazing. I may need to do that myself. Encephalon is from Casey Christopherson - need I say more?

9 bucks gives you City of Brass, a campaign worth of material and simply amazing art. How Orcus Stole Christmas is perhaps James Spahn's finest work. Crypt of the Science Wizard by Skeeter Green is a pleasure to read and run. I am curious about the Lost Lands fiction in Tales from the Roadhouse. And more that I haven't read yet.


If you run games via a Virtual Table Top, you want to buy-in at the $18 level. Not only do you get Rappan Athuk, but you get maps for Rappan Athuk AND City of Brass, with player's (unkeyed maps) and GM maps. Oh, and a huge amount of VTT tokens for Rappan Athuk, but you know you can use them anytime they are appropriate. Oh, and Fantasy Grounds ready modules for Enchephalon Gorgers of the Moon, The City That Dripped Blood and How Orcus Stole Chrismas. Oh yeah, and more stuff.

A portion of monies raised goes to support the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society.

Remember, by using The Tavern's Humble Bundle affiliate link, you help support The Tavern. I really do appreciate it.

Cubicle 7 Loses Middle Earth License - The One Ring 2nd Edition Cancelled

From the Cubicle 7 website:

Date Posted: 27-11-2019


‘I am with you at present,’ said Gandalf, ‘but soon I shall not be. I am not coming to the Shire.’

We have some very unfortunate and unexpected news to share. Contractual differences arose recently which we have been unable to resolve, and so we have decided to end our licensing agreement with Sophisticated Games. It is with regret that we have made this very tough decision to withdraw.

This means we will cease publishing The One Ring and Adventures in Middle-earth™ in the first half of 2020. Unfortunately, this doesn’t give us enough time to release the much-anticipated The One Ring – The Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Game second edition.

As many of you know, our first edition of The One Ring is eight years old, and we had high hopes of a full product line to support our second edition. Our team have worked incredibly hard on this new edition; with many of the announced titles already written and edited, so being very close to completion makes this decision even harder.

Although we were very close to the finish line when these issues arose, as gamers ourselves we did not feel it was right for the game, or fair to you, to release a new edition which we would be unable to support.

We appreciate how passionate so many of you are, especially those who have followed our journey from first edition or have pre-ordered the second edition. Thank you for your support over the years.

Pre-orders and refunds
Our immediate priority is to make the refunding process as easy as possible for those who pre-ordered from us. We understand your frustration and we sincerely apologise for this disappointment. If you pre-ordered The One Ring – The Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Game (standard or collector’s edition) or Rohan Region Guide directly from our webstore, you should have already received an email from us detailing your options and outlining any action required on your part.

We will be refunding you completely, or alternatively we would like to offer you 125% of the value of your order in Cubicle 7 store credit as a gesture of goodwill. This credit can be used across all of our other lines and future products. While those who pre-ordered Rohan Region Guide will have already received the PDF version, we will not be printing this title and you will also receive a full refund.

We are commencing our Black Friday offers today which include 50% off current The One Ring first edition stock and 30% off Adventures in Middle-earth™ stock, see our webstore for more information.

If you have not received an email, please contact us as soon as possible at info@cubicle7games.com.
If you wish to receive a full refund, you do not need to respond to the email, we will automatically process your full refund within the next 14 days.
If you wish to opt for 125% store credit, please reply to the email stating this by December 4th and we will arrange your credit.
If you ordered from your local games store, please contact them directly as we cannot comment on third party pre-orders.
We would ask that you bear with us as we do our best to organise these refunds as efficiently as we can, but it is a considerable administrative task as we have a substantial amount of web store pre-orders to manually process.

Thanks to our team
We would like to thank our talented team for their amazing work on The One Ring – The Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Game, including our producer, editor, artists, graphic designers, sales and marketing team, and all the freelancers involved.

Any freelancers with outstanding work on these lines who have not been contacted by C7, please contact their usual contact immediately.

Thanks for your support
We have enjoyed sharing glimpses of our vision for The One Ring second edition over the last number of months, and we are disappointed that we cannot bring our extensive plans to fruition. We’d like to take the opportunity to thank you all once again for your incredible support, patience and understanding in this matter.

What’s next?
This year has been Cubicle 7’s most successful year to date. We have been awarded funding from the Irish Government to support our continued development, and have recruited new staff to our passionate and dedicated team.

Work continues on Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, led by our new WFRP Producer Pádraig  Murphy. The PDF of Enemy in Shadows Companion will be released imminently. We are excited to continue working on Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soulbound, Warhammer 40,000: Wrath & Glory, Lone Wolf and Doctor Who.

We are looking forward to 2020, which is shaping up to be our busiest year yet with many exciting releases planned!

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Thanksgiving Week Sale at DriveThruRPG - 35% Off Many PDFs

DriveThruRPG is running a Thanksgiving Week Sale from now through Monday, December 2nd. Many PDFs are 35%. They are also promising special sales for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I'll post those specials when they go live.

Here's the link to the OSR releases on sale.

Yep, those are affiliate links. Affiliate sales keep the taps flowing and the lights on here at The Tavern.

Monday, November 25, 2019

Luke Gygax Shared Some Photos and News Clippings on Facebook that his Mother Sent Him

I know not all of my readers do Facebook, so this is pretty much a photo dump of Luke Gygax's recent photo shares:

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Bundle of Holding - Worldbuilder's Toolkit 6

Worldbuilder's Toolkit 6 is an interesting bundle. It offers tools to build and enhance your campaigns.

What do you get for 9.95?
Hex Kit is a multi-platform desktop application that lets you quickly and effortlessly create hex maps for your RPG campaign. Hex Kit is a lightweight, art-focused program that emphasizes simplicity, variety in tile placement, and use for online play. Created by designer-artist Cecil Howe and published through his company Cone of Negative Energy, Hex Kit includes hand-drawn black-and-white hex images, and you can easily import custom color tiles as well -- both your own drawings and commercial expansion tilesets. (Two sets of color tiles are part of this offer's Bonus Collection.) 
Export maps for your printers or optimized for screen-sharing. By controlling the information visible on the map, you can make versions for both players and gamemaster. Share a player-facing version of the map to a second monitor, a projector, or over any screen-sharing application. Hide unexplored regions with fog-of-war, and update the map in realtime as players discover new areas.
Kenzer & Company's Trove of Treasure Maps provides ready-to-go action. Simply drop one of these seven mysterious hand-drawn player aids on the table and let the players take it from there. You have full knowledge of what awaits them -- plus an accurate map of your own.
  • "Crowns": A hidden stash of royal genealogy could spark the beginning of a civil war.
  • "The Battle of Murnig Heights": An ancient battlefield is rumored to hide riches, but there may be surprises for those who tread in the footsteps of fallen soldiers.
  • "Lucky Bob's Prize": Lucky Bob was a pirate of great renown, so his lost prize must be a thing worth having. But beware the mocking voices.
  • "The Moon Key": The Church of the Night's Beauty has been sacked, and one of its most holy relics is lost. Can your players unravel the riddles and withstand this divine test of heroism?
  • "The Tomb of Prince Thiebault Ironhelm": A fallen dwarven prince lies buried in a forgotten mountain stronghold. He will not rest until he fulfills his oath to avenge his clan.
  • "Toby's Tomb": The corpses of two gnome adventurers need to be returned to their home for a proper burial -- in the heart of ogre territory.
  • "The Underwater City of Hurjurta": A sunken city holds relics of an ancient civilization. Cryptic runes show the path to the true prize.
Turn a boring, static weapon into something flavorful and story-driven with Be a Better Weapon Master Practical advice, tools, tips, and inspirational roll tables unsheath hundreds of options for fun and unique weapons. Bestow legendary names and rich histories on your weapons with robust generators; invigorate your tavern brawls with 40 distinct improvised weapons; wade through waves of enemies with exotic weapons from throughout history. Your weapons will never be boring again.
and finally:
The Books of Random Tables give you items for a wizard's chambers, campsites, desks, and more -- random encounters for different terrains -- names for humans, elves, dwarves, halflings, goblins, orcs, kobolds, inns, clans, and knightly orders -- and flavorful, fun encounters for any kind of terrain. Just a few of the tables included:
  • Items in a Troll's Cave, a Dragon's Lair, a Cell, a Wine Cellar, a Wagon, Saddlebags
  • Spices, Musical Instruments, Maps, Adventuring Gear
  • Booths in a Market, Notes in a Bottle, Talking Inanimate Objects
  • Fortunes, Insults, Beers, Epitaphs, Spices
  • NPC Reaction to Failed Pickpocket Attempt, Critical Fails for Melee and Spell Attacks
  • Reasons a Player Character is Absent for a Session, Causes of Death

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Indiegogo - The Lost Crypt: A Classic Crawl (S&W / 5e)

"Ever wonder what it would be like to write an adventure with Gary Gygax? Around the year 2005, Gary started working with a small number of authors on a project to write new material for his world setting (which was totally not called “World of Greyhawk”). Bill Silvey was one of those authors, and this book includes the story of working with Gary as well as the adventure Bill wrote for inclusion in Gary’s campaign world. For obvious legal reasons, none of Gary’s original material is included in Lost Crypt: this module is all Bill’s work. However, those who are interested in Gary’s world setting will be interested to read material that would have been included in it if Gary had lived to see the project through..."

I love finding gaming stuff that was written far earlier than the day it hits publication. It's like finding a time capsule of RPG goodness that you don't have to stress about removing the shrink. To my eyes,  The Lost Crypt: A Classic Crawl is a modern release of a piece of gaming history.
Almost lost to the pages of history!
The Lost Crypt, originally inspired by master of role playing game adventure himself was almost lost to the annals of history. Until now! Written by veteran RPG scholar and scribe Bill Silvey, The Lost Crypt is an old school rules style romp through an ancient tomb and hidden lairs filled with clever monsters. Originally written for OSR rule is designed to be a challenge for veteran characters of 7-8th level.

  • Authors notes on the inspiration behind the Lost Crypt and his legendary adventures working with Gary Gygax, co-creator of the most famous role-playing game in the world!
  • Loads of traps, puzzles, and adversaries to keep characters on their toes as they navigate the terrors of the Lost Crypt
  • Cover and interior art by acclaimed artist Hector Rodriguez.
  • Can be played as a stand-alone, one-shot adventure or be fit into a larger campaign, or made part of a larger dungeon complex!
  • Hand cartography by Ian McGarty of the Silver Bullettes
  • An original piece of art from TSR veteran Tracy Lesch whose work is featured in Dungeons & Dragons Art and Arcana: A Visual History.
6 bucks for the PDF, 16 for the Print plus PDF. The Lost Crypt: A Classic Crawl is offered by Necromancer Games. Yes, THAT Necromancer Games!

So, of course, I had to find out more details of the rebirth of Necromancer Games, and here we go: Necromancer Games is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Frog God Games. As an imprint, it is like the punk rock side of Frog God - good stuff that might not fit well under the Frog God banner, but under Necromancer Games and its storied history, it becomes a perfect fit. I've been told of some future projects under the Necromancer label (I'm effectively under an NDA) and I am truly excited :)

Friday, November 22, 2019

CaveGeek Art is Offering The Tavern's Community a 15% Discount on Giclée Reproductions

Last night I interviewed Kfir Mendel (CaveGeek Art) on The Tavern Chat Podcast. My God, his work on buckskin comes out looking amazing.

Here's some background on Kfir from CaveGeek Art:
I was focusing on making what is known as Traditional Brain-Tanned Buckskin for a living. It is an ancient (yet still valid)  natural technique of making an extremely soft, supple, luxurious, and yet strong and durable leather. 
It took a few years, but eventually my love for all things geeky began to merge with my love for all things natural and primitive. I started making bone knives and swords inspired by weapons I saw in movies or by various cultures. Soon, I got interested in Pyrography and started burning all things geeky on buckskin. It actually started with a map of Middle Earth. To my surprise, art burned on buckskin acquires a 3-Dimensional look. I just cant get enough of it! I keep thinking "Wow! This is so cool!" every time I finish a piece. And it seems that, fortunately, I'm not the only one who likes my work. Which is why this website exists.
Want to buy some for yourself? I know I do :)

Go to CaveGeek Arts and use the code: tenkar to save 15%

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Kickstarter - Spin Dice and Gaming Gizmos: An RPG Player's Dream

Keep track of health points or current score in games like D&D and Magic: The Gathering!

Wow. As random number generators, these things do not impress. They take up more space than actual dice, requires respins when it isn't clear which number was landed on - or just chose the more advantageous one I guess, and doesn't seem to "spin" all that well either.

The Spin Dice and Gaming Gizmos: An RPG Player's Dream Kickstarter is not MY dream.

In the video, the spinners for the different dice appear to be different sizes, but not so in this pic.

I guess the ones made to track your health points in Magic the Gathering might be useful for such.

45 bucks for a "full set of dice", if you want to include a d100. Shipping in the states is free, the rest of the world appears to be 20 bucks to ship.

A big "ehhh!" from me.

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

State of the Tavern - Torchlight Zine Recruitment Started Without Me ;)

Low and behold, over the past weekend, over on the MeWe social media platform, someone inquired in the group chat of the Inglorious OSR Group, if I was looking for artists for the upcoming "Unofficial" Swords & Wizardry zine, Torchlight.

Within the next day or so, we now have 3 confirmed, highly talented artists on board. I guess it is time to put out the general recruitment call for those looking to provide content for or help with the Torchlight Zine.

We are looking for writers and artists, and I suspect someone who can layout 8 to 12 pages - potentially more, per month. The size of the zine is digest-sized.

When it was going to be a mere 4 pages a month, I was thinking I'd do the layout with my pedestrian at best skills, but I don't want to take the work of skilled contributors and lower them to my layout ability (or lack there off)

I believe in compensating my contributors, even with small projects like this.

The first issue will be PWYW. Later issues will be a buck or 1.50 depending on the number of pages. PDF only initially.

65% of the sale price is what we get to play with. 10% to the publisher, 55% to be split between the artists, writers and (hopefully) layout person. I do believe I should be able to set things to automatically send shares to each contributor's DTRPG account.

Contributors retain all rights to their work. The publisher retains perpetual rights to include the work in Torchlight and potential annual POD compilations of the work. If I would like to use your work in a separate publication (monster book, etc) we will negotiate new compensation if you wish to allow your work to be reused.

Customers will have express permission to print at home for their own personal use, and I may print limited numbers for distribution at conventions I attend.

Yes, we are not talking much in the way of monetary compensation, but hopefully, we get to bathe in the glory of a thankful Swords & Wizardry Community.

All contributors will have links to their storefront / etc hyperlinked to their name in the credits.

As for content? 1 or 2-page adventures, short encounters, adventure hooks, monsters, spells, magic items, new classes - if in doubt, make a pitch ;)

As an aside, Triumvulate Tavern Publications is now Tenkar's Tavern Gamen (olde English for "games"). Figure that should help with visibility ;)

So, if you want to contribute, email me at tenkarsDOTtavernATgmailDOTcom, put Torchlight in the subject and let me know what you are offering to do. Looking forward to hearing from you :)

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Deal of the Day - Wilderlands of High Fantasy, Color Maps

Note that buying the Wilderlands of High Fantasy, Color Maps will get you the Guidebook PDF as well. There are 18 maps to the Wilderlands divided into four sets of guidebooks and maps. This deal is for the first set of five maps including the City State of the Invincible Overlord.

The guidebook has an introduction and map commentary by Rob Conley. Each map in the guidebook is detailed with the following listings: Villages, Castles & Citadels, Idyllic Isles, Ruins & Relics, and Lurid Lairs. Any statistic or rule is compatible with Swords and Wizardry and various classic editions of the original roleplaying game. (Borrowed from Rob's Bat in the Attic post)

Normally 9.99, as the current Deal of the Day it is on sale for 4.99

Product Description

In 1976, Bob Bledsaw and Bill Owen went into business as Judges Guild. Their initial offering was centered on a magnificent 34" by 44" map of the City State of Invincible Overlord. First appearing at Gen Con IX, it was sold literally out of the trunk of a car during the convention.

This map launched Judges Guild which began working on even more ambitious project, the Wilderlands of High Fantasy. This became an ambitious project of 18 22" by 17" maps covering a total area 800 miles from west to east, and 1,000 miles from north to south. Each individual map was divided into 5 miles hexes covering an area of 260 miles west to east, and 170 miles from north to south.

Now forty years later those maps have been redrawn in full color. These maps preserves the original detail and applies known errata and corrections. Each was drawn as part of single 6 foot by 8 foot map encompassing the entire Wilderlands then subdivided and cropped.

These maps are not a scanned images of the original but have been redrawn from scratch. The guidebook is also not a scanned image but has been relaid out from the original text with errata and corrections applied.

The Wilderlands of High Fantasy Guidebook
This product contains a 24 page Guidebook for the five maps of the Wilderlands of High Fantasy. The books has an introduction and commentary by Robert S. Conley who has used the Wilderlands as his main fantasy campaign for nearly forty years. Each map is detailed with the following listings: Villages, Castles & Citadels, Idyllic Isles, Ruins & Relics, and Lurid Lairs.

This product contains
5 PDFs of the following 22" by 17" maps: City State of the Invincible Overlord Map One, Barbarian Altanis Map Two, Glow-Worm Steppes Map Three, Tarantis Map Four, and Valon Map Five.
1 PDF of the Wilderlands of High Fantasy Guidebook.

The print option adds the following:
Ten overlapping full scale maps of each half of the maps.
There is a separate print product avaliable for the Wilderlands of High Fantasy Guidebook if you want a print copy of the Guidebook. Otherwise the PDF for the guidebook is included in this product.

This product is a authorized Judges Guild release for the Wilderlands of High Fantasy.

Note: That is an affiliate link above. I thank you in advance.

Monday, November 18, 2019

Kickstarter - Silver Swords: a role-playing zine issue 2 (OSR & 5e)

I like zines. I really like RPG zines. Silver Swords looks like a really cool RPG zine.

32 pages and digest-sized is right in my wheelhouse.

OSR and 5e content? I'm definitely in :)
The content of the zine will be made up of OSR and 5e related content. 
This edition will include both old and new authors with many fresh ideas for your RPG experiences! We will also be including some comics and maps with this issue, so if that's what you want, then look no further!
The articles will give a good look from many new perspectives at different parts of the role-playing experience you may never have thought about. And who doesn't love the feel of a good zine in their hands? Flipping through the pages and enjoying the comfortable, nostalgic art and the well-written articles that are the hard work of dedicated authors. It doesn't get much better than that.
I'm in for issues #1 & 2 in Print and PDF.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Sale - Dragonlock 3d Printing Sale - up to 75% off (Fat Dragon Games)

If you know Tom Tullis, you probably know he's dangerous, but in a good way. Well, Tom Tullis is the man behind Fat Dragon Games, and the tempter of all things 3d printing has to offer is offering a sale on his Dragonlock series of 3d printing files - up to 75% off.

I really need a 3d printer. Well, "need" might be the wrong word. I desperately want a 3d printer and openly covet those of my fellow gamers. Tom is not helping me...

The quality is high and the prices are low. Damn you, Tom!

Link to 3d Printers on Amazon for those so tempted.

Yes, those are affiliate links above. Shopping with The Tavern's affiliate links keeps the taps flowing and the light on at The Tavern. I thank you in advance :)

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Marmoreal Tomb Kickstarter Update - The Reason THIS Kickstarter was "White Knighted" and CSIO Will NOT

I shared this last night on the Tavern Chat Podcast but it deserves to be shared on the blogside too. The reason the Marmoreal Tomb Kickstarter was "White Knighted" by Troll Lord Games is that the bulk of the funds raised by the Kickstarter are still in the bank. Otherwise, it would likely have been financially infeasible to save.  As far as the City-State of the Invincible Overlord Kickstarter goes, there ISN'T ANYTHING left in the bank. Troll Lord Games is basically taking on the role of a project manager for the Marmoreal Tomb. CSIO needs someone to donate funds, possibly more than was raised in the first place.

Here's the latest two updates (second correct part of the first update)
Greetings from the Dens (Troll Lord Games)! 
It’s been roughly a week of looking at what goes into the Marmoreal Tomb Kickstarter. As noted in the previous update, my primary objective at the moment is to get a good handle on the status of the material offered in pledge levels and stretch rewards and the overall financial health of the Kickstarter. So without further ado…. 
The status of the main book is my primary concern. I’m working toward getting a copy of that to see  exactly what remains to be done.  Benoist and I have set up a drop box and he’ll start moving files over shortly. When I have a better handle on the main book, I’ll let you know. The expansions are in a similar state. I am working toward getting copies of what has been done on those as well. 
Financially the Kickstarter is very healthy. Ernie has kept the money in an account all this time, ready to pay for things as needed. Though I did not request an expense report, I can estimate the cost of much that goes into these books and things look good on that front. I’ll know more as we go forward, but overall this looks good. 
We are going to try to make sure all pledge offerings and stretch rewards are honored. There will be some that have to be changed. In those cases (and we have two already, see below), we will endeavor to replace the stretch reward with something else. We will, of course, keep you in in the loop about any changes. Speaking of changes…. 
The first one up is the cartoon by Tom Wham. Tom’s a good friend of mine, we’ve worked together on multiple projects, but he’s stepped back from active game design and cartooning these days and doesn’t feel up to taking on any more work. We will replace Tom’s cartoon with a cartoonist we work with, Jason Walton. Jason does our Christmas card every year, hosts of covers and interiors. Though he does not have the old school credentials as Tom does, he’s exceptionally good. See the bottom of this update for two samples of what he has done for us in the past. 
The cartographer who was working on the maps has since moved on. Benoist is sending me the level that was completed so that I can get a hold of one of the cartographers we work with, to get these maps wrapped up. We will strive to maintain the style and feel already established. Also, when I get that map, I’ll post it for you all to see. (He sent me some material through facebook but I want to get it in drop box where I can manage it better). 
That’s all I have for now. I will try to do weekly updates, even when there is no change. I can't promise that however, as time seems to fly by here in the Dens, but we will try.
Benoist and Ernie both are very excited to have us helping out and I hope it is affording them enough mental relief to get the finals done and to us. 
As a last note, don't hesitate to reach out with comments or messages. If you see I am missing something or something needs addressed please let us know. 
Thank you all and have a wonderful weekend.
Steve Chenault
and then the follow up:
Greetings from the Dens (Troll Lord Games)! 
Hey all, my update of this morning had some misinformation about the maps. It was pointed out to me in the comments on the update and  thank you all for doing that. Please remember I'm a new comer to this Kickstarter and still have lots of catching up to do. Any information you can provide is appreciated. 
So in the earlier update I told you that the maps were not complete and that we may have to find a new cartographer. That is incorrect. The maps are complete, aside from final adjustments Benoist may have to make as he finishes the text (adding the symbol for a secret door, changing a room number and so on). But that aside, the maps are ready to go. 
What is not ready to go are the duplicate set of miniatures-sized maps with a resolution high enough to be printed at 5 feet per inch. The first level was completed; the others were not. 
Also, we are looking at moving this project to Backerkit sooner rather than later. That will help us get a handle on the numbers, especially for those of you who had add-ons; we need to have a proper count on certain things to know how much to manufacture.   
Thank you all and my apologies for the confusion.
Stephen Chenault

Friday, November 15, 2019

DARK PLACES & DEMOGORGONS - Survive This!! - Core Rule Book OSR RPG - 99 Cents - Hours Left in Sale!


I nearly missed this sale. There are only hours left in the DARK PLACES & DEMOGORGONS - Survive This!! - Core Rule Book OSR RPG sale. For a VERY SHORT TIME it is only 99 cents in PDF.

You know you want it!
Following in the tradition of SURVIVE THIS!! Zombies! comes SURVIVE THIS!! Dark Places & Demogorgons, a tabletop roleplaying game that uses the Original 1970s Fantasy Roleplaying game rules but mutates it into this retro nightmare. It’s sleek, slender and creepy as Hell.

In Dark Places & Demogorgons, you play as high school students during the early 1980s. The town you live in has had a rash of disappearances and strange happenings. The adults seem lost as what to do, the police are as clueless as ever and aren’t helping and Reverend Phillips is on another witch-hunt. It’s up to you and your friends to figure out what’s going on and stop it from happening again! 
There is an affiliate link above. The Tavern's affiliate links keep the beer cold and the lights on at The Tavern.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

State of The Tavern - Layout, Torchlight Zine and Swords & Wizardry

As I mentioned last week I'm gearing I'm behind the scenes in preparation for the Kickstarting of the new Swords & Wizardry Boxed Set, due to launch sooner than later (I'm not privy to a more exact time frame).

One of the things I have to do is get my barely serviceable layout skills out of retirement. I haven't laid out a product since Swords & Wizardry Continual Light, and while it did the job, the app I used, Lucid Press, did not embed fonts, so no POD on DTRPG or Lulu, although it is up on Amazon, go figure ;)

Now I am playing with Swift Publisher 5, and it seems to do what I want without the overwhelming complexity and limitless options of InDesign. I am playing with the layout of Torchlight Issue #0, intended to launch in conjunction with the upcoming Kickstarter (with Issue #1 planned for right before the closing of the Kickstarter).

Here are the current plans for my approach to Torchlight:

It is currently planned to be a 4 page, digest-sized, Pay What You Want (PWYW) monthly zine for Swords & Wizardry. Content will begin on the front (cover page) and run through page four. The OGL will be attached as a 5th page. Those printing at home simply won't print that final page.

Issue #0 will likely include a rewrite of the Elementalist Class I wrote for Swords & Wizardry Light a few years back for Swords & Wizardry Appreciation Day as well as monsters and magic items released on the blogside for SWL, updated and tweaked for the full Swords & Wizardry rules.

The great thing about Torchlight releasing as a PDF zine meant to be printed at home is that the page-count can accommodate additional submissions. If others submit material, we could include a dungeon level or outdoor encounter in the center spread and simply more content (and more voices). Moving the page-count to 8 pages allows for a true front cover. I see page-count as fluid myself. Besides, 8 pages are still only 2 sheets of paper ;)

The plan is to collect a year's worth of zine material and release it as a POD release yearly.

I may print at home some copies of the zine for distribution at the various conventions I attend with the Frogs.

Alright, that the skinny as of right now. More when I have more :)

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Dungeons & Dragons vs Rick and Morty - New Boxed Set releases Nov 19, 2019

Trying to find something for the gamer in your life who has everything and you AREN'T looking to spend 300 bucks on a dice set?

Dungeons & Dragons vs Rick and Morty is a new beginner boxed set for the 5th edition D&D rules.
Play D&D through the lenses of the mad narcissistic genius, Rick Sanchez, from the animated Cartoon Network series, Rick and Morty—the Rick Way! 
This tabletop roleplaying game boxed set blends the world of Dungeons & Dragons with mad narcissistic genius, Rick Sanchez’s power gaming sensibilities, nostalgia, sarcastic metacommentary, and the reasons why people play D&D in the first place. 
• Following the hugely popular comic book series Rick and Morty vs. Dungeons & Dragons, this boxed set is co-authored by Jim Zub (co-writer of comic book series) with new art by Troy Little (illustrator of comic book series).

• This complete campaign experience includes the following components: (1) 64-page rulebook annotated by Rick (2) 32-page original adventure for levels 1–3 (3) 4-panel folding Dungeon Master screen featuring new art (4) 5 ready-to-play character sheets (6) 11 dice 
• A great companion to the comic book series, and a perfect gift for the Rick and Morty/D&D fan in your life.
Dungeons & Dragons vs Rick and Morty has a suggested retail of 29.99. By using the prior link, you can order from Amazon for the low price of 20.59

Remember, Christmas is a stone's throw away ;)

Yep, that's an affiliate link above. Affiliate links keep the taps flowing and the lights on at The Tavern and is an excellent way to show your support.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Kickstarter - Isometric Map-Making (Battlegrounds Games)

"Developing new features to support isometric mapping in MapForge AND creating a wealth of top-notch isometric mapping content Add-Ons."

I've been following and supporting Heruca / Battlegrounds Games for over a decade at this point. It was one of the first virtual tabletops I encountered, and Heruca was always available to answer questions and had quick responses when I needed support.

I was an early backer of Mapforge and seriously need to set some time aside to get back to playing with maps again. I find such to actually be therapeutic and relaxing. Free time in retirement isn't as free as I thought it would be.

Isometric maps, like the ones found in many DCC RPG adventures, are a beauty to behold and tend to spark my imagination more than standard 2d maps.

The Isometric Map-Making Kickstarter is being run to upgrade the original Mapforge mapper to isometric mapping options. How fucking cool is that?

The 5 buck backer level is for owners of the original Mapforge. It gives all stretch goals and helps fund the upgrade. 33 bucks gives you the original Mapforge program plus and 24 add ons. Not too shabby at all.

Need a mapping program? Mapforge may just be your cup of tea.

Monday, November 11, 2019

Kickstarter - A Time for Sacrifice: A Call of Cthulhu Adventure

"A Time For Sacrifice" is a Call of Cthulhu 7th edition adventure book set in Central/South America in the classic 1920's time era."

Although I own the Call of Cthulhu 7th edition core books, I much prefer the CoC Starter Box - the same rules in a nice, bite-sized offering.

Which makes the A Time for Sacrifice: A Call of Cthulhu Adventure Kickstarter very attractive, because now I feel like I have rules for CoC that I feel comfortable running adventures with, and this looks like a damn nice offering.
A Time for Sacrifice is a Call of Cthulhu 7th edition adventure book set in the classic 1920's era, licensed by Chaosium.  The book contains a series of three (now FIVE with stretch goals being met) adventures set in the Mesoamerican setting, including the Mayan society. The book will feature the beautiful art work of  Edoardo Campagnolo, brought to you by New Comet Games, the same people who brought you the award-winning Call of Cthulhu book Devil's Swamp
15 bucks for the PDF - 36 (plus shipping) for the Hardcover book plus PDF (shipping not included)

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Kickstarter - The Folio #24 & #25 Double Edition Adventure Set

"Double Edition, 5E & 1E High Level Adventure Module Set"

I've enjoyed the various Folio releases over the last few years. High production quality, nice art, removable covers, dual system (5e and 1e) and generally well written.

With the latest Kickstarter, The Folio #24 & #25 Double Edition Adventure Set, wraps up the Roslov Keep storyline.

What's the pitch?
My Project: This project consists of two separate Folio adventures, each containing close to 30 pages of adventure content, a new monster, 2D and 3D dungeon, and removable 'DM Screen' type covers.  They are in 1st edition AD&D and 5th edtion D&D rules sets, and are designed for higher level adventures 12+. 
Who’s it for?  ALL gamers, both new gamers and old  gamers as it is easily expandable  or playable as is. These two adventures are based around the endgame of The Curse of Roslof Keep mega-dungeon campaign, but they can be used independently as a standard dungeon level.  The base  mechanic will be for 1st Edition with 5th Edition stat blocks in grey.
Note - this Kickstarter is for 2 releases, Folio #24 and #25.

PDF cost to back is 10 bucks, print plus PDF is 20 bucks. That's a lot of value for 20 bucks.

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Indiegogo - Feast of the Gobbler (S&W, 5e, PF)

Who wants a Thanksgiving-themed adventure? I know I do, and the author's I'd want to see it from are either James Spahn or Casey Christofferson. Both are amazing authors with just enough weird in their sense of humor to pull off a usable and entertaining holiday-themed adventure. This time around, we've got Casey giving us the Feast of the Gobbler ;)
What evils lurk in the deep woods? Only the Gobbler Knows! 
The Ennie nominated adventure originally released over 16 years ago returns with a fury of bad puns and just desserts! 
This adventure designed for 3-5th level characters takes you deep into the eternal autumn of the Greenhill Woods. Here the characters find themselves caught in the midst of a conflict between settlers and native folk at odds over a recent rash of deaths and disappearances. Their exploration of the region takes a surreal turn as they investigate Councilors’ Bluff, uncovering its dark secrets. 
The adventure requires equal parts detective work, puzzle and trap solving, and action adventure to discover the truth behind the missing ones and the horrible fate that awaits those who fail to stop the rise of the cult of the Gobbler! 
Available for the first time in print, this adventure classic is revised and re-edited to include brand new content for use with 5th Edition, Swords & Wizardry, or Original Pathfinder!
6 bucks for the PDF, 16 plus shipping for the print plus PDF. I'm in for the print plus PDF ;)

Friday, November 8, 2019

News - Troll Lord Games Steps in to Rescue the Ernie Gygax's Marmoreal Tomb Kickstarter

Now, THIS is truly a surprise.

Greetings from Troll Lord Games, 
If you are reading this, you are probably a backer of the Marmoreal Tomb Kickstarter. This kickstarter is a bit late, and in order to help facilitate its completion, Ernie Gygax and Benoist Poire, the principle co-authors, have partnered up with Troll Lord Games. With a little luck and determination, together, we’ll knock this thing out. 
A quick note of introduction, I’m Stephen Chenault, owner and CEO of Troll Lord Games. We’ve been in business for about 20 years publishing RPGs for d20, Gary Gygax, Castles & Crusades, Amazing Adventures, Victorious, a small host of others. We have an experienced staff of writers, artists, and designers. Tim Burns heads up all communication (and it’s with him you’ll probably be talking mostly). We’ve successfully run 30 some odd Kickstarters, are in the process of fulfilling one, with more gearing up to ship as the year plays out; and one, the NPC Almanac, live right now. We have a fully functional print shop for printing, etc., etc. 
In short, TLG has been in the business for a while and has a fairly good handle on the processes involved. 
You can find out all you want to know about TLG at our website: www.trolllord.com
Ernie and I are long time friends. We met way back in  about the 2000 and have been fast friends ever since. Ernie was the first ever guest at Troll Con back in 2000 or 2001. When it was brought to my attention (during the recent Gaxmoor KS) that Ernie’s own Kickstarter had not been fulfilled, I reached out to Ernie and Benoist to see if we could help. They both graciously accepted our offer and brought TLG on board. Hopefully we can help them wrap this up. 
I can’t make any promises on what is going to happen next. But here is the immediate plan of attack. 
Communications with backers will resume with the idea of keeping backers abreast of what is going on and where we are on the project. 
I will get a handle on all the components of the project so we can see what is actually needed. This part will take some time to sort and figure. 
I’ve put our layout guys at their disposal so that we can take that worry off their heads. When the time comes to lay the book out, with Ernie and Benoist’s direction of course (we don’t want to lose their vision), we’ll do the actual nuts and bolts so they can remain focused on other aspects of the Kickstarter. 
I’m very excited to dive into this, but a note of caution. We have our own Kickstarters that we are running and do not wish to have any of them derailed, so those, and the daily operations of the company, will take precedence. That said, there is more than enough of us here at TLG, or who are independent contractors, that we can manage both our own and assisting in this one. 
I will strive to have another update out in a few weeks, or as soon as I get a handle on what is in the overall project and how we can best help Ernie and Benoist. If you wish to contact us directly, please feel free to email us at productsupport@trolllord.com.
Thank you all and have a nice day! 
Steve Chenault

Kickstarter - Maximum Mayhem Dungeons #7: Dread Swamp of the Banshee (OSR)

"RPG Module used with OSRIC or adapt to 1E AD&D, D&D 5e, DCC, Pathfinder or OSR role-playing games!"

The Maximum Mayhem series of adventure releases has an excellent track record thus far. I expect Maximum Mayhem Dungeons #7: Dread Swamp of the Banshee. The fact that it is fully written already is simply the cherry on top :)
This module is completely written (see the full Kickstarter video above) with the usual Maximum Mayhem Dungeons humor and wicked style you know and love.  We had a blast working with author Joe Pearce and have created another adventure we know you will enjoy playing for many years with your family and friends! 
So, what is the Kickstarter funding? More maps and more art. Simply the way it should be.

10 bucks for the PDF, 25 bucks (plus shipping) for the Print plus PDF. I'm probably in for the PDF (as money is tight and my bookshelves are bursting!)

Thursday, November 7, 2019

State of The Tavern - Preparing for the Swords & Wizardry Reboot / Boxed Set / Kickstarter

It's no secret that Swords & Wizardry is getting a new shiny coat in 2020. The plans that have already been discussed in public include:

- One ruleset to rule them all. White Box and Core will no longer be supported. Swords & Wizardry Complete will be rebranded Swords & Wizardry (yes, Swords & Wizardry Light will still be supported, but its an intro to the fuller Swords & Wizardry game).

- Boxed set. This has been asked for for years and I am eagerly awaiting it :)

- Digest sized and multiple books, much like the Orignal White Box. With room in the box for further digest-sized books.

Needless to say, Gamehole Con got my creative juices flowing. I have a list of projects I'd like to work on, with the intent of having some of these ready to go with the launch of the Swords & Wizardry Kickstarter. The list is fairly long, but the idea is with months before launch, if I work daily on whichever pieces inspire me that day, I'll have some of this ready in time for launch.

Here's the current list (I started working on a new Bard class last night). Much of this will get seen first here on the blogside of things. When released all would be in digest-sized. 4-page releases would be PDF only but easily printed at home double-sided and digest-sized. Note, it is very much an outline/todo list at this point.
New Spells for all levels (with Bad Mike) - I've been enjoying the process of rewriting 1e spells and creating new ones
Magic-user 1-9 (level 1 is done)
Cleric 1-7
Druid. 1-7
New Magic Items - I've been doing this for years and sharing here, but I've also been adding new items at convention sessions I've run
Unique magic
From Blog
From Cons
Relics? / Artifacts? 
New Classes - started the bard (and wrote a prior version of the class way back in Knockspell 6)
Elementalist - from blog
Flesh out for S&W (written for SWCL)
Demi-Options (race-based classes) 
New Creatures & Adversaries (I already have the art and a handful of creatures already written for the undead book) 
Undead - (with Glen) release as a themed book
Others - From the blog
Convert to S&W from SWCL
Also, write new ones
        Good, Bad & Ugly? 
Zine (heavily leaning towards monthly)
4-page digest monthly?
16 page quarterly?
Community (its been asked for - details still need to be worked out)
Tenkar’s Community graphic for releases from Discord Community publishers 
Adventures (looking at 4 digest-sized pages)

Pocket Settings (thinking more genre than setting with the idea of showing the versatility of the S&W rules)
16 page setting / genre books
Explore horror / swords & planet / sci-fi / sci-fantasy, etc
Could be 16 page setting / 16 page rules / classes / spells / etc 
Reboot Swords & Wizardry Appreciation Day (this will be community-driven and probably timed to coincide with the launch of the Kickstarter)
Launch zine on said day

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Kickstarter - Fight This Mutant (MCC RPG)

"More Deadly Mutants for Your Mutant Crawling Game"

Who better to write more material for the Mutant Crawl Classic RPG than the man who wrote the game - Jim "Mudpuppy Games" Wampler.

The Fight This Mutant Kickstarter is Jim's latest project to add material to your MCC RPG game (and other similar themed RPGs).
With over 80 pages of savage gaming content stuffed between its covers, Fight This Mutant features 30 brand-new mutant monsters and races, a whole new Ancient Alliance that your player characters can join or fight, a brand-new character class — the Technomacer, and 20 brand-new neural programs including programs from 1st through 5th levels! 
Usable in any d20-based post-apocalyptic role playing game and penned by the creator of Mutant Crawl Classics RPG, the creatures, collectives, and classes found in this book will put new mutated meat on the table for the players of any science-fiction or fantasy role playing game. Just scan this table of contents.
Already over 200% funded with 11 days left in funding, stretch goals are being hit.


$3,000 - Random Mutant Encounter Generator bookmark. - HIT

$4,000 - Fat Dragon Games Dragonlock 3D Starships Set 1. - HIT

$5,000 - Fat Dragon Games Dragonlock 3D Starships Set 2. - HIT

$6,000 - Cyber-Lich 3D-printable miniature.

$7,000 - Mutant Murder Hobo membership kit.

$8,000 - 70s Pocketbook Homage Edition add-on unlocked.

$10,000 - 11” x17” Omega-Terra setting map add-on unlocked.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Robert Kuntz Letter Regarding Gygax Estate and Kuntz's Alleged Personal Property (adding screenshots for the record)

I would have posted these screenshots last week, as I received them last Wednesday night from an anonymous source, but my laptop just wasnt cooperating with photo uploads. I am sharing them today to add them to the record and to make the original letter available to the public. Link to the original post.

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