Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Dungeons & Dragons vs Rick and Morty - New Boxed Set releases Nov 19, 2019

Trying to find something for the gamer in your life who has everything and you AREN'T looking to spend 300 bucks on a dice set?

Dungeons & Dragons vs Rick and Morty is a new beginner boxed set for the 5th edition D&D rules.
Play D&D through the lenses of the mad narcissistic genius, Rick Sanchez, from the animated Cartoon Network series, Rick and Morty—the Rick Way! 
This tabletop roleplaying game boxed set blends the world of Dungeons & Dragons with mad narcissistic genius, Rick Sanchez’s power gaming sensibilities, nostalgia, sarcastic metacommentary, and the reasons why people play D&D in the first place. 
• Following the hugely popular comic book series Rick and Morty vs. Dungeons & Dragons, this boxed set is co-authored by Jim Zub (co-writer of comic book series) with new art by Troy Little (illustrator of comic book series).

• This complete campaign experience includes the following components: (1) 64-page rulebook annotated by Rick (2) 32-page original adventure for levels 1–3 (3) 4-panel folding Dungeon Master screen featuring new art (4) 5 ready-to-play character sheets (6) 11 dice 
• A great companion to the comic book series, and a perfect gift for the Rick and Morty/D&D fan in your life.
Dungeons & Dragons vs Rick and Morty has a suggested retail of 29.99. By using the prior link, you can order from Amazon for the low price of 20.59

Remember, Christmas is a stone's throw away ;)

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