Sunday, November 24, 2019

Bundle of Holding - Worldbuilder's Toolkit 6

Worldbuilder's Toolkit 6 is an interesting bundle. It offers tools to build and enhance your campaigns.

What do you get for 9.95?
Hex Kit is a multi-platform desktop application that lets you quickly and effortlessly create hex maps for your RPG campaign. Hex Kit is a lightweight, art-focused program that emphasizes simplicity, variety in tile placement, and use for online play. Created by designer-artist Cecil Howe and published through his company Cone of Negative Energy, Hex Kit includes hand-drawn black-and-white hex images, and you can easily import custom color tiles as well -- both your own drawings and commercial expansion tilesets. (Two sets of color tiles are part of this offer's Bonus Collection.) 
Export maps for your printers or optimized for screen-sharing. By controlling the information visible on the map, you can make versions for both players and gamemaster. Share a player-facing version of the map to a second monitor, a projector, or over any screen-sharing application. Hide unexplored regions with fog-of-war, and update the map in realtime as players discover new areas.
Kenzer & Company's Trove of Treasure Maps provides ready-to-go action. Simply drop one of these seven mysterious hand-drawn player aids on the table and let the players take it from there. You have full knowledge of what awaits them -- plus an accurate map of your own.
  • "Crowns": A hidden stash of royal genealogy could spark the beginning of a civil war.
  • "The Battle of Murnig Heights": An ancient battlefield is rumored to hide riches, but there may be surprises for those who tread in the footsteps of fallen soldiers.
  • "Lucky Bob's Prize": Lucky Bob was a pirate of great renown, so his lost prize must be a thing worth having. But beware the mocking voices.
  • "The Moon Key": The Church of the Night's Beauty has been sacked, and one of its most holy relics is lost. Can your players unravel the riddles and withstand this divine test of heroism?
  • "The Tomb of Prince Thiebault Ironhelm": A fallen dwarven prince lies buried in a forgotten mountain stronghold. He will not rest until he fulfills his oath to avenge his clan.
  • "Toby's Tomb": The corpses of two gnome adventurers need to be returned to their home for a proper burial -- in the heart of ogre territory.
  • "The Underwater City of Hurjurta": A sunken city holds relics of an ancient civilization. Cryptic runes show the path to the true prize.
Turn a boring, static weapon into something flavorful and story-driven with Be a Better Weapon Master Practical advice, tools, tips, and inspirational roll tables unsheath hundreds of options for fun and unique weapons. Bestow legendary names and rich histories on your weapons with robust generators; invigorate your tavern brawls with 40 distinct improvised weapons; wade through waves of enemies with exotic weapons from throughout history. Your weapons will never be boring again.
and finally:
The Books of Random Tables give you items for a wizard's chambers, campsites, desks, and more -- random encounters for different terrains -- names for humans, elves, dwarves, halflings, goblins, orcs, kobolds, inns, clans, and knightly orders -- and flavorful, fun encounters for any kind of terrain. Just a few of the tables included:
  • Items in a Troll's Cave, a Dragon's Lair, a Cell, a Wine Cellar, a Wagon, Saddlebags
  • Spices, Musical Instruments, Maps, Adventuring Gear
  • Booths in a Market, Notes in a Bottle, Talking Inanimate Objects
  • Fortunes, Insults, Beers, Epitaphs, Spices
  • NPC Reaction to Failed Pickpocket Attempt, Critical Fails for Melee and Spell Attacks
  • Reasons a Player Character is Absent for a Session, Causes of Death

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