Friday, November 8, 2019

Kickstarter - Maximum Mayhem Dungeons #7: Dread Swamp of the Banshee (OSR)

"RPG Module used with OSRIC or adapt to 1E AD&D, D&D 5e, DCC, Pathfinder or OSR role-playing games!"

The Maximum Mayhem series of adventure releases has an excellent track record thus far. I expect Maximum Mayhem Dungeons #7: Dread Swamp of the Banshee. The fact that it is fully written already is simply the cherry on top :)
This module is completely written (see the full Kickstarter video above) with the usual Maximum Mayhem Dungeons humor and wicked style you know and love.  We had a blast working with author Joe Pearce and have created another adventure we know you will enjoy playing for many years with your family and friends! 
So, what is the Kickstarter funding? More maps and more art. Simply the way it should be.

10 bucks for the PDF, 25 bucks (plus shipping) for the Print plus PDF. I'm probably in for the PDF (as money is tight and my bookshelves are bursting!)

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