Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Humble Bundle - Orcus' 5e Holiday Horde (Frog God, Troll Lord, Kobold Press and More)

I've been really enjoying the Humble Bundle bundles that Frog God Games has been putting together, regardless of system. Sure, I'm mostly a Swords & Wizardry / OSR guy, but I've converted 5e and DCC RPG adventures to S&W on the fly - I doubt it would work so easily the other way around ;)

For the Holidays, Humble Bundle and Frog God Games has organized Orcus' 5e Holiday Horde.

There is a HUGE amount of amazing stuff in this bundle regardless of the system you mostly use:

At a buck you get 30% off coupons for Frog God Games, Troll Lord Games, and Kobold Press. 25% off of World Anvil is simply amazing. I may need to do that myself. Encephalon is from Casey Christopherson - need I say more?

9 bucks gives you City of Brass, a campaign worth of material and simply amazing art. How Orcus Stole Christmas is perhaps James Spahn's finest work. Crypt of the Science Wizard by Skeeter Green is a pleasure to read and run. I am curious about the Lost Lands fiction in Tales from the Roadhouse. And more that I haven't read yet.


If you run games via a Virtual Table Top, you want to buy-in at the $18 level. Not only do you get Rappan Athuk, but you get maps for Rappan Athuk AND City of Brass, with player's (unkeyed maps) and GM maps. Oh, and a huge amount of VTT tokens for Rappan Athuk, but you know you can use them anytime they are appropriate. Oh, and Fantasy Grounds ready modules for Enchephalon Gorgers of the Moon, The City That Dripped Blood and How Orcus Stole Chrismas. Oh yeah, and more stuff.

A portion of monies raised goes to support the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society.

Remember, by using The Tavern's Humble Bundle affiliate link, you help support The Tavern. I really do appreciate it.

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