Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Beginnings of a Free Mongoose Traveller Campaign - The Pirates of Drinax

Traveller - Why pay for cover art? ;)
Secrets of the Ancients was the first free Mongoose Traveller campaign (it's linked on the left side of this blog under free Resources) and now the second set of free Mongoose Traveller campaign material is being released.

Here's the blurb:

In The Pirates of Drinax, the players play a band of adventures who are entrusted by the King of Drinax with a letter of marque, permitting them to prey on 'illegal' trade within the borders of the vanished kingdom. The King hopes that this piracy will give him the leverage he needs to restore Drinax to its former glory, and intends for the characters to win back all the planets lost over the last two centuries – but the King's plans are just the starting point for this campaign.  
Once the characters have their letter and their ship, it's up to the players for what to do next. Will they stay loyal to their patron and help restore Drinax? Will they turn rogue and create their own kingdom? Will they be heroes or monsters, pirates or privateers? Will they make their fortune amid the pitiless stars, or will the cold depths of the Trojan Reach be their grave? 
To run this campaign, you need a copy of the Traveller Main Rulebook and Alien Module 1: Aslan. 
Not bad for free. 

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