Monday, June 25, 2012

Frawg! It's What's For Dinner!

None of the Frawgs My Players Faced Had
Guns, But it Would Have been Awesome!
Ran Attack of the Frawgs tonight for a party of four players with 2 PCs each.  This was my first time running a DCC session with "level" - last session was the funnel.

A few observations (recap will come hopefully tomorrow):

- The adventure played out in 3 hrs, pretty much on the mark.  Nice sweet spot.  Last week's funnel from the DCC RPG Core Book ran in about 2 1/2.  If this trend continues, DCC RPG will make for a very comfortable weeknight game, as it can wrap up at a decent time of night.

- I really need to tighten up on the rules for DCC.  I glossed over much of the PC stuff as I figured I could fill in the holes with my AD&D default knowledge, but there are twists and turns in DCC that I missed going through the book.  Guess I'll be studying on vacation ;)

- When 1st level PCs are still scrounging together their silvers, they are very vulnerable in combat.  2 dropped in the final battle (and made their luck rolls - which I defaulted to 15 as I couldnt find the default)

- PC magic is fuckin' powerful - and dangerous - and at a cost.  I love it, must learn it better from the DM side

- Shit!  Now I wanna play as a player at some point too!  I wanna funnel! I wanna cast spells that may cause my sex to change, my hair to grow or have me smell like poo!

- We had no thieves in the party - 4 warriors, 2 wizards, 1 cleric and a dwarf.  I'm interested in seeing how luck plays out for rogues


  1. Would you like to play in a play-by-post? I can arrange that......! :D

  2. Glad you and the players had fun! That's a great idea to give the Frawgs guns, I'll look into that ;)

    Author, Attack of the Frawgs

  3. Good game. Thanks for running it!

  4. DCC sounds more and more interesting as a game, I am thinking about buying a copy to read over and maybe one day play. Keep up the great postings!

  5. @RC - I am a horror at play-by-post. I fall behind and never seem to catch up.

    @Stephan - We had a blast :)

    @Welleran - you're very welcome

    @Padre - i've been having a blast with it, even with the weird dice ;)


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