Tuesday, June 26, 2012

DCC RPG Session Recap (kinda) - Attack of the Frawgs

Last night was the second session of the June UA-LC.com DCC RPG Arc. Way too long a title.

In any case, the Funnel survivors of the previous week were promoted to 1st level. They left their hovels for a larger town, to regale the locals in their acts of previous heroism. Being adventurers now, adventure found them.

I don't want to give much of the plot away, so I'm just going to give certain highlights.

We got the torture issue out of the way in the first scene after the tavern. The party encountered an obviously deranged man, and after subduing him and listening to his rants about demons for all of...10 seconds maybe... one of the party's mages decided to apply "dagger pressure" to the crazy's hands with little cuts. Yep, first scene. Talk about not waiting... heh

As I mentioned elsewhere, I boosted most the the monsters HP to make things a bit more challenging for a party of 1st level PCs. That includes the beaver-bears (not their real name, but I couldn't pronounce their real name so it's close enough ;) If I had opted to go with a party of 4 PCs and not 8, I probably would have left it as is, or close to it.

Roasted crab and frawg were the results of some of the encounters - if only the PCs were into seafood of sorts.

The PCs defeated the beasties in a big battle at the end, but realized afterwards that they missed stopping an event, and were missing an item that was part of a set. Not that they told the town folks their doubts - they sold what few valuables they found, partook in some free beer, and were probably thinking about their quickest way out of town. The situation they are leaving behind may require more adventurers in the end.

I liked the ending myself. Having the PCs with some real doubts about what they accomplished is awesome. I need to sneak something similar into my ACKS sandbox ;)

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  1. Glad you and the players had a good time! Now if only I could finish the Haunting of Larvik Island remaster and "Larvik 2" so you guys could face the dreaded "squidopede" and other creepies I have in plan for the series :)

    If you have any other specific comments/feedback/suggestions please email me!


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