Saturday, June 30, 2012

Interesting RPG Kickstarters I Have to Pass On

There is a crap load of RPG related Kickstarters and Indigogo project out there (not saying any of it is crap mind you). I love getting more gaming goodness, but ever I have to draw the line somewhere.

First up is Rappan Athuk.  I have the boxed set of this somewhere and the follow up to it. To get the new HC version on Kickstarter costs $100, which is expensive for something I already own (kinda) and will probably never use.  Heck, i have 2 mega dungeons I want to use in my ACKS campaign and my players haven't gotten anywhere near them. If you want to get the (nearly) full list of stretch goal goodies, you need to pledge at $250 for the signed copy. Out of my range. It broke the RPG record for dollars pledged, but then was passed by the following project...

Traveller5 broke Rappan Athuk's record, which means it now hold the record for dollars pledged for an RPG over at Kickstarter. $50 bucks gets you the 600 page tome on DC, $100 bucks gets it to you in HC (plus some extra goodies). I bought the T5 beta on CD years ago, and apparently I'm entitled to the final CD being offered in this Kickstarter. I'm not looking for another 600 page game, especially when I still have my LBBs and the Mongoose Traveller rules in both HC and pocket edition. Too much Traveller, too little time (and I still don't know how compatible Mongoose Traveller and T5 will be).

Both of these are ending soon, so if you are going to jump in, the time is growing short.

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  1. Both worthy projects. Nice to see T5 break 2,000 supporters and collect nearly $300,000 in pledges.

    I have the RA modules, so I don't plan to pledge on the kickstarter, but Athuk it shows up at my FLGS, I will probably buy a copy.


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