Thursday, April 30, 2020

Deal of the Day - Black Pudding Heavy Helping Vol. One

Today's Deal of the Day is Black Pudding Heavy Helping Vol. One. Normally 6 bucks in PDF, it is on sale for a day for 2.40
It glorps! It shlorps! It absolutely bevoorps! It is the first official Black Pudding zine collection, available in glorious print! 
This collection features everything from the first four issues of Black Pudding, a zine of OSR RPG gaming goodies. Monsters, spells, character classes, character sheets, adventures, and more! 
The materials from each issue are presented here in categories. Flip to the classes section and roll up a Black Knight or a Summoner. Scoot over to the monsters and stock your dungeon with a horde horror or a gravity guard. Drop the Glittering Tome of the Silver Sage into your adventure and make the wizard drool with anticipation. Send the PCs to the Bleeding Ox to hire Jilliantha Stormshot or Father Mug to join them on the quest. 
You can use this tome to enhance your old school dice rolling adventure sessions but remember... do not EVER strike the tome! If you must kill the pudding, kill it with fire. 
Size: 8.5" x 11", 120 pgs.
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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

News - Amargosa Press Acquires Dark Conspiracy License

Tip of the hat to Paul

Amargosa Press Acquires Dark Conspiracy License

Amargosa Press has signed a multiyear licensing deal with GDW to create, support and publish a new edition of the Dark Conspiracy Tabletop Role-Playing Game.

Dark Conspiracy is a near future horror role-playing that was originally published by Games Design Workshop (GDW) in 1991, followed by a second edition in 1997 and a third in 2012. Most recently a new fourth edition was being developed by Clockwork Publishing before the company went into administration last year.

“It was important for us to make sure that the backers, artists and writers that had invested time and/or money in the Clockwork Publishing campaign were not left out of pocket. With this in mind we’re reviewing the work done to date under Clockwork Publishing and will be using as much as possible in the new Amargosa Press edition, making sure that the artists and authors are fully paid. All backers of Uhrwerks Game On Tabletop crowdfunding campaign will also receive copies of the new edition, and appropriate supplements, so they are not out of pocket. Amargosa Press has not, and will not, be receiving any money from the Game On Tabletop campaign but will be looking at supporting those backers, many of whom have been core supporters of Dark Conspiracy for ears, and will hopefully continue to be for years to come.”

“We have not put any provisional dates on the completion of the new rulebook, and supplements as yet, as we evaluate the existing manuscripts, art, and the plans that Clockwork Publishing had in place for the game. Obviously no work has taken place since Clockwork Publishing went into administration in June 2019, but we hope to move quickly now that the license has been agreed and assets have been transferred. Amargosa Press now also has access to the Game On Tabletop crowdfunding campaign platform so can keep backers updated directly going forward and build up engagement with the community and fanbase.”

In the all-too-near future, the world slides into the Greater Depression, the United States affected most dramatically. Nationalism surges, and the social safety net is in tatters. Corporations control governments openly, corruption is commonplace, and the citizenry is starkly divided between those who have and those who go without. Urban sprawl runs amok, and great metroplexes connect the great cities into teeming, soulless metropolises, their lights shining across the countryside.

The heartland of America is largely abandoned, the bread basket now empty. Law enforcement and the government have given up on these regions, and utilities are scarce and unreliable. Few can survive within these outlaw areas. Few humans, that is.

For in these forgotten and empty places in the rust belt, the tissue of reality tears wide, and energy from nightmare dimensions and planes of utter terror seep into this world. These places, called demongrounds, grow more substantial, expanding each day, and creatures from these hell-places walk freely there, and from the demongrounds they infiltrate the metroplexes to feed their inhuman hungers and bring ruin to all.

Some of these strange and terrible creatures are remembered through folklore and legend — monsters such as vampires, demons, ghouls, and their like — while others are utterly fantastic, extradimensional and alien beings from beyond time and space. Together, these minions of darkness are opposed to all life, and they struggle to extinguish the last lights of human civilization.

Some few stand against them, humans banded together and armed against these dreadful forces of darkness. These minion hunters stalk them in the cities and even in the demongrounds, but the greatest challenge they face is the realization that these monsters do not work alone: they are aided by humans who have made terrible pacts with the forces of darkness, selling out their own kind for power and survival.

This is the world of DARK CONSPIRACY.

Amargosa Press are a British based design studio headed by Angus Abranson (co-founder of Cubicle 7) which has provided design work, and consultation, for a number of tabletop RPP publishers. Dark Conspiracy is the first game to be announced that will be published by the company.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Free RPG - John Carter of Mars

Details below:


I wanted to send you all an update on Modiphius during the lockdown and have something special for our community to say thanks for all your support. I've long been passionate about John Carter of Mars since I was a kid so if you head over to our webstore and use the code BARSOOM at checkout you can score yourself a free copy of the John Carter of Mars RPG core book in PDF before the end of April. It's a really streamlined version of our 2d20 system so if you like what you see the code VIRGINIA will get you 20% off anything in the John Carter RPG & miniatures collection.

Best wishes,
Chris & Rita, Modiphius Entertainment

Monday, April 27, 2020

News - Marmoreal Tomb Beta Release in Digital to Kickstarter Backers

The rumors of its death were greatly exaggerated ;) - Tenkar

Greetings from the Dens,

Today we release the DIGITAL version of the main adventure The Marmoreal Tomb. We have it laid out and it looks really good. It has all the handouts in it BUT it still needs some fine-tuning and it still needs the appendices added. We are unleashing this DIGITAL version so you can dive in and see the mountains of progress made.

PLEASE READ: This BETA version does NOT include the Maps nor the Appendices. The Appendices are largely done (there are 5 of them) but need some cleaning up and fine-tuning. The maps are done; they will be released very soon.

NOTE: I think I told Peter the wrong or incomplete title. I did not want him to go back in and fix it as he is wrapping up Codex Eygptium today and I don't want to interrupt that. But rest assured we will get all this fixed.

Look for the coupon code to download your copy, coming your way via messages in Kickstarter!


Steve & The Troll Lords

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Humble Bundle Book Bundle: Warhammer 40,000 Series Starters by Black Library

I don't read much fiction these days. Prior to chemo, I would read a book a week. These days, its a book a year more or less. That being said, the fiction I do read is usually either Warhammer or Warhammer 40k. For me, the Warhammer 40,000 Series Starters is an awesome value.

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Saturday, April 25, 2020


I must confess, I haven't read Forgotten Realms fiction in close to 25 years. I may just need to give the Humble Book Bundle: Dungeons & Dragons - Read The Realms By Wizards Of The Coast a chance and do some catching up.

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Friday, April 24, 2020

Deal of the Day - Tiny Dungeon: Second Edition

Given the choice between simplicity and complexity in the RPGs I play, I'll always err on the side of simplicity. After all, I did put together Swords & Wizardry Light. Tiny Dungeon is the ruleset I would go with if I were not running Swords & Wizardry. Normally 18 bucks for the PDF, you can currently grab it for 5.40
Tiny Dungeon: Second Edition is the newest iteration of the minimalist fantasy roleplaying game!  
Powered by the TinyD6 engine, with streamlined mechanics that utilize only one to three single six-sided dice on every action, characters that can be written on a 3x5 notecard, and easy to understand and teach rules, Tiny Dungeon 2e is great for all groups, ages, and experience levels! 
Included are over a dozen lightly detailed settings, written by some of the best authors out there. These “micro-settings” are light-weight, open-ended and designed to be inspirational for your games and provide a fast, easy jumping point for your campaign! Covering a wide selection of fantasy genres and ideas, there's something for everyone in Tiny Dungeon 2e! 
With micro-settings by: Tobie Abad, Marie Brennan, Shawn Carmen, Elizabeth Chaipraditkul, Steve Diamond, Miguel Espinoza, Dianna Gunn, John Kennedy, Melanie Meadors, Mari Murdock, Darren Pearce, jim pinto, Steve Radabaugh, Wendelyn Reischel, Ryan Schoon, Howard Tayler, Randy Tayler, Sandra Tayler, and Ben Woerner 
So grab some dice, some pencils, some friends, and get ready for some minimalist, straight-forward, fantasy roleplaying!
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Thursday, April 23, 2020

Kickstarter - Tiny Taverns

Taverns. I like Taverns. Gallant Knight Games. I like Gallant Knight Games. Tiny Taverns by Gallant Knight Games? Simple perfection :)
The latest entry in the TinyD6 family of minimalist tabletop roleplaying games, Tiny Taverns is a roleplaying game about slice-of-life melodrama in a high fantasy tavern. Players create proprietors of a tavern (or hotel, or pub, or resort, or anything hospitality-related) which they invent together. Each game focuses on their daily lives, their evolving relationships, dealing with guests (some who may be adventurers), doing chores, defending the tavern from monsters and other threats, and trying to figure out if this really is all you want out of life.  
Using the rules in this book, you can tell new heartwarming stories with a revised iteration of the TinyD6 system, more akin to Fate or Powered by the Apocalypse, but still the same minimalist framework you love! With a focus on collaborative storytelling, adventure hooks seeded throughout, and an improvised setting that evolves as you play, Tiny Taverns provides hours of collaborative storytelling fun and a brand new way to play a TinyD6 game. 
 And continuing the tradition of TinyD6, the interior art is filled with gorgeous black and white art from the very talented Nicolás Giacondino, who also did the beautiful full-color cover! 

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Is Judges Guild F'ing CSIO Backers YET Again?

Ah, the fiasco best known as the CSIO Kickstarter by Judges Guild. Misspent monies, mismanagement, and other stupidity all were blamed on Bob III. Well, guess what? The current "fuck you" is from Bob II.

Only one map has been released to backers by Judges Guild - Map1. If you want maps II, XI or XII expect to pay Bob II for the privilege.

Bob II, go fuck yourself.

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Deal of the Day - A Magical Society: Ecology and Culture

It is the rare gaming supplement that holds up to the ravages of time. A Magical Society: Ecology and Culture (with a Mithral sales ranking on DTRPG) is one of the few.
He killed the God of War. He ascended into his divinity. No one told him that was the easy part. Look into the inner workings of gods and how they build worlds. From a divine perch, map your world and experience tectonics, magical geography, predation, ecological conflict, and cultural development. Following in the foodsteps of A Magical Medieval Society: Western Europe (Gen Con ENnies 2003 Best Setting Supplement), A Magical Society: Ecology and Culture provides real-world phenomena for a fantasy game. 
Build Your World. Better.
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Monday, April 20, 2020

Bundle of Holding - Star Trek Adventures

Interestingly enough, I actually ordered the new Star Trek Adventures rulebook on Amazon just the other week. Now I need to put some time aside to read it ;)

Link to the Star Trek Adventures Bundle of Holding
Star Trek Adventures is a faithful and fascinating tribute to all the TV shows from The Original Series through Voyager and Enterprise, as well as all the original and Next Generation films. In Star Trek Adventures the ability to solve problems, deal with moral dilemmas, unearth ancient mysteries, and conduct diplomacy is just as important as being able to command a ship in action or lead an Away Team under fire. 
This all-new offer lets you beam most of the STA line into your personal loading bay for an unbeatable bargain price. For just US$19.95 you get all seven titles in our Player Collection (retail value $80) as DRM-free .PDF ebooks, including the complete 374-page Star Trek Adventures core rulebook, three Starfleet division books (Command Division, Operations Division, and Sciences Division), and three sets of ready-to-play characters drawn from the TV shows: The Original Series, The Next Generation, and Deep Space 9. 
And if you pay more than the threshold price of $40.58, you'll level up and also get our entire Gamemaster Collection with seven more supplements and missions worth an additional $75, including the Beta Quadrant Sourcebook, the mission collection These Are the Voyages Volume 1, the introductory campaign A Star Beyond the Stars, several shorter adventures, and the Gamemaster Screen & Player References.
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Sunday, April 19, 2020

Frog God Games 50% Off Nearly All PDFs

When I say "nearly all" PDFs, it means there are a handful of exceptions. Basically, anything uploaded in the last 30 days isn't included. Forgive me for mentioning that is for Pathfinder, but The Slumbering Tsar is $2.50. Over 950 pages. I can convert that to Swords & Wizardry ;)

Frog God 50% Sale

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Saturday, April 18, 2020

James Mishler Games 50% Off

I was introduced to James' work when he published a licensed, alternate version of the classic Judges Guild Wildlands that was better than the source material. To get James' current work at 50% off simply should not be missed.

James Misher Games

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Friday, April 17, 2020

Jason Hobbs has a GoFundMe

I've known Jason for years. He was a player in one of my earlier VTT campaigns. Hobbs and Friends is one of my favorite podcasts and his Anchor cast inspired my very own Tavern Chat.

Jason is looking to raise some cash to provide improved content, both podcast and video.
Hey everyone. I am Jason Hobbs, Host and Creator of the TTRPG podcast Hobbs & Friends. I've been podcasting for the RPG industry for a couple of years and have started streaming my tabletop role-playing games on Twitch. The stream and podcast are not living up to their potential because my equipment is garbage! My old laptop overheats and some of my streams have to be canceled in the middle of a show because of hardware issues. The sound quality of Hobbs & Friends is also not up to par and this new setup will help with that too! 
Here is what I have in mind: 
New PC Rig  
New audio interface, boom, and cords 
The sooner I get this equipment, the sooner the quality of the shows will improve. 
I feel a little uncomfortable about asking from help from you guys but I'm hoping I can make more content with higher quality with your assistance!  Instead of buying me a beer or coffee at a con, I'm asking if you could possibly help this way instead. Then, I'll buy you a beer or coffee at the next con!
Link to Jason's GoFundMe.

Thursday, April 16, 2020

State of The Tavern Keeper - Current Holding Pattern

I've been asked about the current status of the various projects that have been announced and I am heavily involved in. Long story short, my participation is on hold, which means many of the projects are on hold.

Long story long. I caught a viral upper respiratory infection when I was at Total Con. 2 1/2 weeks later, it had progressed to viral and bacterial pneumonia as well as sepsis. 5 weeks ago I spent 2 days in the ICU. A month later, I was diagnosed with the return of pneumonia. That was last Tuesday. I'm now finished with the new antibiotics and slowly on the road to recovery. I still run out of breath walking from one end of the house to the other.

All of this means the following projects are currently on hold, or at least my involvement is:

Torchlight - this was suffering before my URI, as I had been sick off and on pretty much from Christmas 2019 on. Its very dear to my heart. It will happen. No idea when.

Swords & Wizardry Appreciation Day - I need the energy of a healthy person to organize this. Not there yet.

RFI Podcast - The return of this classic is currently on hold. I'd like to thank Vince for his patience. He's put no pressure on me and I appreciate it.

My As of Yet Unnamed Youtube - you guessed it, on hold. Daily blogs and podcasts are more than enough for now.

The Return of Fireside Chats on the Tavern Chat Podcast - when I can hold a conversation for 30 minutes or longer they will return.

If you have any questions ask away :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Free Osprey eBooks - Week 4

Yes, they fixed the server :)

Tip of the hat to Thad.

Across the world, many people are staying at home to combat the spread of COVID-19. While self-isolation might be a bit daunting, it’s also a great opportunity to catch up on your reading. To help pass the time, we are giving customers five free eBooks each week for four weeks. Read through this week's options, add the eBook to your basket and use the code FREEBOOKS4 at checkout to get your free eBooks.

AEU 15: Jagdgeschwader 52 by John Weal
Artwork by John Weal

M1 Abrams vs T-72 Ural

Jagdgeschwader 52 (JG 52) was the most successful and highest-scoring fighter unit, not just in Germany's World War 2 Luftwaffe, but in the entire annals of aviation history. No other fighter group has ever come close to matching its staggering total of around 9000 enemy aircraft shot down in combat. And yet, because much of that combat took place over the tractless wastes of the Russian front, very little has been written in English about the exploits of this charismatic unit. This book provides a full combat history of JG 52 and its members, including the three top-scoring aces of all time, who claimed a total of 900 victories between them.

CAM 200: Japan 1945 by Clayton K. S. Chun
Artwork by John White

Japan 1945

In this 200th Campaign series title, Clayton Chun examines the final stages of World War II as the Allies debated how to bring about the surrender of Japan. He details Operation Downfall (the planned invasion of the Japanese home islands).Chun explains why these plans were never implemented, before examining the horrific alternative to military invasion - the attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki with nuclear weapons. With a series of illustrations, including detailed diagrams of the atomic bombs, a depiction of the different stages of the explosions and maps of the original invasion plans, this book provides a unique perspective of a key event in world history.

CBT 27: Viking Warrior vs Anglo-Saxon Warrior by Gareth Williams
Artwork by Peter Dennis

Viking Warrior vs Anglo-Saxon Warrior

In the two centuries before the Norman invasion of England, Anglo-Saxon and Viking forces clashed repeatedly in bloody battles across the country. Repeated Viking victories in the 9th century led to their settlement in the north of the country, but the tide of war ebbed and flowed until the final Anglo-Saxon victory before the Norman Conquest. Using stunning artwork, this book examines in detail three battles between the two deadly foes: Ashdown in 871 which involved the future Alfred the Great; Maldon in 991 where an Anglo-Saxon army sought to counter a renewed Viking threat; and Stamford Bridge in 1066, in which King Harold Godwinesson abandoned his preparations to repel the expected Norman invasion in order to fight off Harald Hard-Counsel of Norway.
Drawing upon historical accounts from both English and Scandinavian sources and from archaeological evidence, Gareth Williams presents a detailed comparison of the weaponry, tactics, strategies and underlying military organization of the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings, and considers the developments which took place on both sides in the two centuries of Viking incursions into Anglo-Saxon England.

DUE 18: M1 Abrams vs T-72 Ural by Steven J. Zaloga
Artwork by Jim Laurier

M1 Abrams vs T-72 Ural

The Gulf War bore witness to a number of deadly encounters between these two great adversaries. Heavily armoured, highly mobile and capable of killing at over 2500m the M1 Abrams is, to this day, a veritable fighting machine. Superior to both Iraq's Soviet era T-55 and T-62 tanks, nearly all sources claim that no Abrams tank has ever been destroyed by enemy fire. Despite entering service in 1980, the M1 Abrams remained untested in combat until the Gulf War in 1991, where it was to be confronted by its archenemy the Iraqi-assembled Soviet-designed T-72. Entering production in 1971, the T-72 arguably outstripped its contemporaries in a balance of mobility, protection and firepower. By the time of Operation Desert Storm, however, the tables had turned and the tank suffered due to low quality ammunition and poorly trained crews. In this fascinating study, Steven Zaloga pits these two great fighting machines against one another, plotting the development of the Cold War until both tanks met in combat in the deserts of Iraq and Kuwait.

CMD 17: Bill Slim by Robert Lyman
Artwork by Peter Denni

Bill Slim

Bill' Slim was one of the greatest British generals of World War II. In a career that stretched from 1914 until 1958, Bill Slim's greatest triumphs came in India and Burma in the long war against the Japanese. Thrust into a desperate situation, he orchestrated the longest retreat in British Army history in the withdrawal from Burma. He then turned on the Japanese in India, shattered their army, and pursued them to destruction. Apart from his great military victories, Slim also left a legacy of training and morale building that endures in the British Army to this day. This book examines both Bill Slim's military career and his place in military history by examining some of his greatest battles and the strategy and tactics that set him apart from his contemporaries.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Indiegogo -Lost Menagerie (Mike Mearls)

This is the perfect tie for small, inexpensive crowdfunding projects. Lost Menagerie is from Necromancer Games - 8 bucks in PDF, 22 bucks in print plus PDF. Available in 5e, Pathfinder and Swords & Wizardry versions.

Lost Menagerie is a challenging adventure for characters of 7th to 9th level*, written by Mike Mearls, one of the two Lead Designers of Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons.

In the distant past, the great wizard Arfaleo the Seeker claimed favors from four mighty elemental lords to create a self-contained world. The wizard populated his microcosm with strange creatures, to monitor what changes might occur to them over time, even bringing a small settlement of humans into the interplanar cavern. Eventually, though, the wizard’s interest in his experiment waned and he moved on, leaving behind the bizarre anomaly he had created.

Since this time, the microcosm has changed in many ways, for it did not remain isolated from other planes of existence. New creatures have made their way into the wizard’s carefully-maintained experiment, and — there is no other way to say it — things have gone very wrong.

This adventure module is available for 5th edition, Pathfinder first edition, and Swords & Wizardry (OD&D).

*For Swords & Wizardry, the module is for characters level 6-8.

What's inside? Adventure!

  • A lost plane of existence, abandoned for centuries by its creator
  • Another sun, shining upon a strange, jungle oasis.
  • The realm of a bizarre lich, and his twisted zoo, filled with mutated creatures
  •  A sandbox adventure where terrible creatures dwell, and the tribes of the deep wander free
  • Designed to fit into any fantasy setting
  • Contains three adventure locations (all mapped), a small village under threat, and many challenges to overcome.

COVID-19 Effect: The printing for this adventure is done by a family-owned shop in Arizona, where a shelter-in-place order is in effect, making us one of their largest customers. Sales like this also allow us to keep a stream of income moving to our freelance artists, authors, layout artists, and editors during the shut-downs. Frog God will come out of this crisis intact, so this isn't a "keep the doors open" plea, but we want to let you know that your purchase is one that you can feel comfortable about. It directly affects small businesses and households. We hope that all of you remain safe and well for the duration!

Monday, April 13, 2020

Kickstarter - Dungeon Escape (Do NOT launch your KS like this)

Its been a while since I pointed out a Kickstarter that hit multiple "don't use this Kickstarter as an example of what to do with your Kickstarter" points. Ah, Dungeon Escape Kickstarter, let me count the ways...

1 - The sample art used for this Kickstarter is NOT what you want to use.

2 - Zero backed. If you can't spend a few dollars to learn how Kickstarter works, you don't deserve my money.

3 - First project, $30k goal. Does Not Compute.

4 - THIS is the sample game board!?!

5 - The game is aimed at parents to play with young childer. Again, look above.

6 This is what a marketing and PR professional offers?

The pandemic isn't causing this one to fail. It's doing fine on its own.

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Happy Easter! Time to Give Thanks

Yew, we are in the midst of a pandemic, and yes - I am fighting my second bout with pneumonia in a month, but there is much to be thankful for.

First, I'm still kicking ;)

Second, I'm part of an amazing community.

Third, I expect the rest of 2020 can only be better.

Happy Easter and a Blessed Passover to all.

Friday, April 10, 2020

Deal of the Day - SURVIVE THIS!! Vigilante City - Core Rules

SURVIVE THIS!! Vigilante City is powered by Swords & Wizardry. Normally 9.99, on sale through tomorrow morning for 3 bucks.
From the creators of SURVIVE THIS!! Dark Places & Demogorgons comes SURVIVE THIS!! Vigilante City, a gritty, street-level, superhero game set in the near future.

Vigilante City is heavily inspired by Batman:  The Animated Series.  Along with the X-men, Spider-man and TMNT cartoons of the 1990s.

Vigilante City utilizes the familiar ruleset of the world’s most popular fantasy RPG, mixing the old-school with modern mechanics for the best possible gaming experience. With it’s modular system design, you can easily play to the exact style of super’s game you want!

SURVIVE THIS!! Vigilante City - Core Rules features ALL the rules to make a vigilante and play the game.

Complete Modular Independent rules for Humans, Mutant Animals, Borg Conversion and Power Armor, Magic, Mutant Abilities, Psionics, Speedsters and Super Soldier Drugs, that are designed to be added or removed easily to allow your game of Vigilante City to be tailored to the exact style of superhero game that you want to play! There is also, Background/Origins, Weapons, Equipment, Gadgets, Vehicle Upgrades, Vehicle Combat, Ranged & Melee Combat, Morale, Skills, Usage Die & so much more!

Vigilante City features both Human (no powers) and MegaHuman (powers) classes!
Yep, that's an affiliate link above.

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Deal of the Day - The Great Pendragon Campaign

Simply a great Deal of the Day - The Great Pendragon Campaign. Normally 24.99 in PDF, on sale till tomorrow morning for 10 bucks.
For 1500 years King Arthur’s story has been told around campfires, in noble courts, in taverns, books, movies and now, with the prize-winning King Arthur Pendragon roleplaying game, at your game table. 
The Great Pendragon Campaign begins during the reign of Arthur’s father King Uther, when player knights can participate in the events of Arthur’s conception. The long and brutal Interregnum of Saxon wars is forever altered when Arthur draws the Sword from the Stone to start his great and glorious reign. The Boy King leads his knights through periods of consolidation and expansion until the entire Western world is brought under his sway. Then, to High Adventure! Knights gain Glory and lands in the periods of Romance and Tournaments, and at last engage in the greatest adventure of all, The Quest for the Holy Grail. Then, amidst tragedy and broken dreams, the Twilight Period draws the epic to a close. 
Eighty years of campaign detailed year-by-year provide the background, on-going events and adventures that define structure of King Arthur’s glorious reign. 
The Magic is in The Details, and The Details are in This Book. 
Included in this book are:
* Year-by-year details from 485 to 566.
* Maps and descriptions of Logres, Cambria. Cornwall, Brittany, Cumbria, the North, Ireland and France
* Maps of the important cities of Britain, including Early and Late Camelot and London
* Over 100 Adventures
* Statistics for over 50 Faerie Creatures and Nonplayer Characters
* Expansions for the Pendragon rules 
“I’ve been working on this book for over 20 years, since the first publication of King Arthur Pendragon. This is the culmination of forty years of research, pleasure and gaming. It’s a tremendous joy to bring my love of the legend all together here.” –Greg Stafford, designer of King Arthur Pendragon
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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Osprey Publishing - Free eBooks: Week 3

More free ebooks :)

Free eBooks: Week 3
Posted by Minal Daswani on 8 April 2020 15:00:00 BST
In Military History, Featured

Across the world, many people are staying at home to combat the spread of COVID-19. While self-isolation might be a bit daunting, it’s also a great opportunity to catch up on your reading. To help pass the time, we are giving customers five free eBooks each week for four weeks. Read through this week's options, add the eBook to your basket and use the code FREEBOOKS3 at checkout to get your free eBooks.

COM 32: B-25 Mitchell Units of the MTO by Steve Pace
Illustrated by Jim Laurier

B-25 Mitchell Units of the MTO

From November 1942 through to May 1945, the backbone of the USAAF's medium bomber force was provided by the clutch of bomb groups equipped with the B-25 Mitchell. First seeing action in North Africa in the wake of Operation Torch, and in the Battle of El Alamein, the ‘bombing twin' proved to be one of the most successful allied combat types in the Mediterranean Theatre of Operations (MTO). The first of four volumes planned for the Combat Aircraft series on the Mitchell, this title includes first-hand accounts, 30 colour profiles and more than 100 colour and black and white photographs of the B-25 in the MTO.

WPN 2: The Rocket Propelled Grenade by Gordon L. Rottman
Illustrated by Ramiro Bujeiro, Tony Bryan

The Rocket Propelled Grenade

The RPG-series of weapons is the most widely used family of lightweight antitank weapons in the world today. RPGs have been used not only against their intended targets, but against personnel, fortifications, buildings, soft-skin vehicles, watercraft, and aircraft. Lightweight, relatively compact, easy to operate and maintain, they meet most of the requirements of any armed group. Like any weapon system, RPGs and their ammunition have their limitations. While these limitations are much touted by proponents of more advanced weapons, they lose sight of many armed groups' requirement for lightweight, compact, inexpensive, easy to operate and maintain weapons. Most sophisticated weapons tend to be just the opposite - heavy, cumbersome, excessively expensive, and requiring extensive training and an advanced support infrastructure. They are also more difficult to obtain due to export controls and restrictions. To be effective, an army actually needs a mix of both sophisticated and uncomplicated weapons. Gordon Rottman provides a detailed analysis of perhaps one of the most important weapons to be developed in the 20th century.

WAR 38: Fallschirmjäger by Bruce Quarrie
Illustrated by Velimir Vuksic


Few of the combatants of World War II have captured the imagination as compulsively as the Fallschirmjäger. Boldness and courage were vital characteristics in the rigorous selection process, and their training was highly demanding. Hitler's airborne troops were involved in some of the most daring actions of the whole war; from the 1940 assault on Eben Emael and the invasion of Crete in 1941, to the rescue of Mussolini and the attempt on Tito's life. In addition, they saw service as elite line infantry in the key theatres of North West Europe, North Africa and the Eastern Front. This title looks at the life and experiences of the average Fallschirmjäger, and includes first-hand accounts from different theatres and periods of the war.

CAM 256: Fallen Timbers 1794 by John F. Winkler
Illustrated by Peter Dennis

Fallen Timbers 1794

Following the defeat at Wabash, in 1792 the Washington administration created a new US Army to replace the one that had been destroyed. The man chosen to lead it was the famous Major-General "Mad” Anthony Wayne. Having trained his new force, Wayne set out in 1793 to subdue the Ohio Indians. Wayne faced many of the same problems as St Clair including the logistical and intelligence problems of campaigning in the wilderness, not to mention the formidable Ohio Indians. Wayne faced additional problems including the likelihood that he would have to fight both British and Spanish forces, not to mention an American army led by the celebrated commander George Roger Clark. He also faced an insurrection in western Pennsylvania, "Whiskey Rebellion”, and a conspiracy led by many of his officers and contractors. Despite all these difficulties, Wayne managed to defeat the Ohio Indians at the battle of Fallen Timbers. This was a decisive defeat that led directly to the Treaty of Greeneville the following year which ended 20 years of conflict between the Americans and the Ohio Indians.

MAA 445: Medieval Polish Armies 966–1500 by David Nicolle, Witold Sarnecki
Illustrated by Gerry Embleton, Ian Rotherham

Medieval Polish Armies 966–1500

The history of Poland is a fascinating story of a people struggling to achieve nationhood in the face of internal and external conflict. Poland became a unified Christian state in AD 966 and by the 12th century a knightly class had emerged - a force that was integral to the defence of Poland against increasingly frequent foreign invasions. Intent on crushing rival Christian states, the Templars, Hospitallers and Teutonic Knights all mounted attacks but were beaten back by the Poles, as were invading Mongols and Turks. This book reveals the organisation, equipment and battle histories of the medieval Polish armies as they developed and modernised to emerge as one of the dominant powers of Eastern Europe.

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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

State of the Tavernkeeper - It's Bac!(terial infection returns)

Looks like 4 weeks to the day of being admitted to the hospital for pneumonia, I now have a secondary bacterial infection.

Antibiotics start tomorrow.

Monday, April 6, 2020

Kickstarter - The Fantasy Trip: The Book of Unlife & Red Crypt

New books for The Fantasy Trip! A guide to many of the known kinds of unlife and a new solitaire adventure. Choose one or choose both!

Not all Kickstarters are suffering during the Pandemic. The Fantasy Trip: The Book of Unlife & Red Crypt is successfully funded with 10 days to left.
The Book of Unlife includes 44 creatures for The Fantasy Trip (visit the official website), a guide to the general powers and vulnerabilities of the unliving, and a complete adventure setting, The Haunting of Holner House. 
Red Crypt is a programmed adventure for a single character. It is designed for The Fantasy Trip: In The Labyrinth (available in both hardcover and print-on-demand softcover). If you instead have both Melee and Wizard, you can still play, with a few simplifications. 
This adventure establishes locations, gives you decisions to make, and tells you the outcomes of those decisions. You will need six-sided dice, a straightedge, and scratch paper, along with counters and megahex tiles.

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Deal of the Day - Umerica Unnatural (DCC)

More fun for your post-apocalypse DCC campaign - Umerica Unnatural is today's Deal of the Day. Normally 7.99, until tomorrow morning you can snag it for 3.20

A Gonzo Post-Apocalyptic Campaign Sourcebook

Are the twisted wilds and wastes of Umerica not weird enough for you?

This tome has everything you need to spice up your gonzo post apocalyptic campaign!

  • A complete psionic system with seven disciplines of mental mayhem to massacre mutant monsters with.
  • 18 new Wizard and Cleric spells, levels 1-5, capable of wrecking the most carefully planned out plots and perilous encounters.
  • Five new character classes: Wasteland Psion, Psi Mutant, Psylatan, Beastkin, and Shifter.
  • The Cache of Astonishing Salvage containing wasteland treasures ranging from favorite forgotten foodstuffs to new Graytech, plus the ever popular alien raygun generator tables.

No Umerica campaign is truly complete without the weirdness contained within these pages!

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Saturday, April 4, 2020

Free - The RuneQuest Coloring Book

As 90% of the US (and much of the rest of the world) is currently under some form of "stay at home" orders and many schools are closed, there is now a need to occupy children and our selves. The RuneQuest Coloring Book is one such time sink, and it's free. Print out the pages as you need them or you will waste paper with every other page ;)

Be safe.

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Friday, April 3, 2020

Indiegogo - The Book of Taverns: Volume One

Would you suspect that I have a soft spot for Taverns? I may need to get in on one of the later volumes ;)

System Neutral. $6 in PDF, $17 (plus shipping) for the Print plus PDF.
Book of Taverns One: The Trireme and Vain Robert's Gibbet 
Your heroes are going to be stopping at a tavern sometime, right? All adventurers need a drink some time, and with this book it's not hard to turn a pint of the local ale into a memorable gaming experience! Book of Taverns One  gives you a choice of two exciting places to stay the night, find adventure, and (let's face it) probably burn the place down. That's why we include two of them - one's a burn-down, and the other one is for hiding from the city watch. Both of these taverns offer NPCs for the characters to interact with (or slay), a diverting history, and convenient descriptions, as well as adventure hooks that will be so irresistible to the greedy characters that the clerics and paladins will have no choice in the matter.

The Trireme (11 pages, color cover, color interior) by Chris Jones presents a quiet tavern just outside of town, dedicated to philosophical debates, epicurean delights, and a private drinking room. Local philosophers are welcomed here as long as they can pay their tab, and visitors to the tavern can expect to be embroiled in some lively debate as to the nature of the world and the soul. Try the pecan cakes, but save some money for the extensive wine list. Or burn the place down - it's always an option.

Vain Robert's Gibbet (11 pages, color cover, color interior) by Chris Jones is a scurvy dive bar on the docks. Those passing by usually speed their steps, for only the lowest class of sailors stop in for a drink here. The tavern keeper doesn't mind at all, since Vain Robert's Gibbet is only the front for a coven of elite seafarers who battle a growing evil out in the depths of the sea. Note: this one would be more dangerous to burn down.

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Humble Bundle - 3d Printable Dungeons & Dragon Lairs Terrain Bundle

Stuck at home for weeks if not months on end? Check!

Looking for an excuse to buy a 3d printer? Check!

433 bucks worth of 3d terrain for 15 bucks? Check!

Damn it Amazon! Where's my Same Day Shipping?

3d Printable Dungeons & Dragon Lairs Terrain Bundle

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Free - Castles & Crusades Player’s Handbook PDF

Troll Lord Games is offering the Castles & Crusades Player’s Handbook for FREE.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, and we'll be through it sooner than you think, of that there is little doubt. In the meantime, we must all do our part and stay out of the public sphere. To help you through this, for a limited time you can download the Castles & Crusades Players Handbook for free. It's everything you need to run and play a game of Castles & Crusades. Also, enjoy A Houseless God and Other Tales, four short stories of Eurich Gunshoff and Ava, a ranger of some renown.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Osprey Publishing - Free eBooks = Week 2

Link to free eBooks:  https://ospreypublishing.com/blog/Free_eBooks_week_2/

Many people all over the world are staying at home to combat the spread of COVID-19. While self-isolation might be a bit daunting, it’s also a great opportunity to catch up on your reading. To help pass the time, we are giving customers five free eBooks each week for four weeks. Read through this week's options, add the eBook to your basket and use the code FREEBOOKS2 at checkout to get your free eBooks. 

AVG 6: Hawker Hurricane Mk I–V by Martyn Chorlton
Illustrated by Adam Tooby, Simon Smith

Hawker Hurricane Mk I–V
At the outbreak of World War II, only 111 Squadron and a handful of others were equipped with the Hurricane. Thanks to sudden massive orders and a well-organized Hawker sub-contracting production to Gloster and General Aircraft, more squadrons rapidly became operational. Cutting their teeth during the Battle of France, it was during the Battle of Britain that the type excelled and came to form the backbone of Fighter Command. While the Hurricane was steadily overtaken by the Spitfire in the fighter defence role, it remained the fighter of choice in North Africa and the Far East. Despite a large number being shot down in these far-flung conflicts, many received hasty repairs and returned to the fray while more fragile designs were permanently grounded. The Hurricane may not have been the prettiest or, the best-performing aircraft but, as Francis Mason stated: ‘The Royal Air Force was glad to get the Spitfire…it had to have the Hurricane!'

CAM 276: Waterloo 1815 (1) by John Franklin
Illustrated by Gerry Embleton

Waterloo 1815 (1) Cover
To commemorate the 2015 bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo, one of the defining campaigns in European History, Osprey replaced its single volume Campaign title covering the whole of the battle with three highly detailed volumes. Based on new research drawn from unpublished first-hand accounts these volumes will provide a comprehensive resource for every aspect of the battle. The first of this trilogy details the battle of Quatre Bras where an initial 8,000 Allied troops faced 48,000 men of the French Armée du Nord under Marshal Ney. Realising his error, Wellington concentrated his troops at the strategic crossroads of Quatre Bras where they just managed to hold off Ney's attacks. The battle ended in a tactical stalemate but, unable to link up with Blücher's Prussians, Wellington retreated back along the road to Brussels to new positions at Waterloo. Featuring extensive photographs, full colour artworks, maps and bird's-eye-views, this first instalment is not to be missed.

MAA 447: The Czech Legion 1914–20 by David Bullock
Illustrated by Ramiro Bujeiro

The Czech Legion 1914–20
The Czech Legion was not just a single military unit, but a volunteer army that fielded up to 100,000 troops on the Allied side on all three main fronts of the war. Since only the defeat of Austro-Hungary and Germany offered any hope for Czech national independence, they were amongst the most motivated and steadfast of the Allied forces. After the Bolshevik Revolution, they fought their way across Russia, captured the Russian national gold reserves and used this as a bargaining chip to force the Bolsheviks to allow them to return home. Today the Legion is recognized as the founding fathers of Czech nationhood. This very colourful force of World War I has never before been detailed in English and is illustrated with an astonishing array of never-before-published photographs.

NVG 214: US Heavy Cruisers 1943–75 by Mark Stile
Illustrated by Paul Wright

US Heavy Cruisers 1943–75 Cover
This title follows on from a companion book covering the US heavy cruisers that were built prior to the war, together forming the definitive guide to the US's heavy cruiser classes. Versatile warships, the heavy cruisers of the Baltimore class, and their successors in the Oregon City and Des Moines classes, commonly acted as carrier escorts throughout World War II, but also performed bombardment duties in support of amphibious landings. Post-World War II, the heavy cruisers continued to see service, chiefly in Korea and Vietnam. Even after the heyday of the heavy cruiser had passed, the ships continued to serve - several were converted into the earliest examples of guided missile cruisers, and created an enduring legacy in the US Navy. From an established expert on the US and Pacific naval history, this is an invaluable resource richly illustrated with artwork and photographs.

WAR 7: Samurai 1550–1600 by Anthony J Bryant
Illustrated by Angus McBride

Samurai 1550–1600 Cover
This title details the culture, weapons, armour and training of the elite samurai warrior class in the fascinating Age of Battles period (1550-1600). This was a period of vital importance not only because of the political effects of the chaos but also due to the changes in warfare that occurred. In 1542 the Portuguese introduced the matchlock musket into Japanese warfare, and this book traces the effect that this important innovation had on the samurai. Life outside the field of battle is also examined, making this an unmissable book for those interested in this brave warrior caste.

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