Thursday, April 23, 2020

Kickstarter - Tiny Taverns

Taverns. I like Taverns. Gallant Knight Games. I like Gallant Knight Games. Tiny Taverns by Gallant Knight Games? Simple perfection :)
The latest entry in the TinyD6 family of minimalist tabletop roleplaying games, Tiny Taverns is a roleplaying game about slice-of-life melodrama in a high fantasy tavern. Players create proprietors of a tavern (or hotel, or pub, or resort, or anything hospitality-related) which they invent together. Each game focuses on their daily lives, their evolving relationships, dealing with guests (some who may be adventurers), doing chores, defending the tavern from monsters and other threats, and trying to figure out if this really is all you want out of life.  
Using the rules in this book, you can tell new heartwarming stories with a revised iteration of the TinyD6 system, more akin to Fate or Powered by the Apocalypse, but still the same minimalist framework you love! With a focus on collaborative storytelling, adventure hooks seeded throughout, and an improvised setting that evolves as you play, Tiny Taverns provides hours of collaborative storytelling fun and a brand new way to play a TinyD6 game. 
 And continuing the tradition of TinyD6, the interior art is filled with gorgeous black and white art from the very talented Nicolás Giacondino, who also did the beautiful full-color cover! 

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