Monday, April 6, 2020

Kickstarter - The Fantasy Trip: The Book of Unlife & Red Crypt

New books for The Fantasy Trip! A guide to many of the known kinds of unlife and a new solitaire adventure. Choose one or choose both!

Not all Kickstarters are suffering during the Pandemic. The Fantasy Trip: The Book of Unlife & Red Crypt is successfully funded with 10 days to left.
The Book of Unlife includes 44 creatures for The Fantasy Trip (visit the official website), a guide to the general powers and vulnerabilities of the unliving, and a complete adventure setting, The Haunting of Holner House. 
Red Crypt is a programmed adventure for a single character. It is designed for The Fantasy Trip: In The Labyrinth (available in both hardcover and print-on-demand softcover). If you instead have both Melee and Wizard, you can still play, with a few simplifications. 
This adventure establishes locations, gives you decisions to make, and tells you the outcomes of those decisions. You will need six-sided dice, a straightedge, and scratch paper, along with counters and megahex tiles.

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