Monday, April 13, 2020

Kickstarter - Dungeon Escape (Do NOT launch your KS like this)

Its been a while since I pointed out a Kickstarter that hit multiple "don't use this Kickstarter as an example of what to do with your Kickstarter" points. Ah, Dungeon Escape Kickstarter, let me count the ways...

1 - The sample art used for this Kickstarter is NOT what you want to use.

2 - Zero backed. If you can't spend a few dollars to learn how Kickstarter works, you don't deserve my money.

3 - First project, $30k goal. Does Not Compute.

4 - THIS is the sample game board!?!

5 - The game is aimed at parents to play with young childer. Again, look above.

6 This is what a marketing and PR professional offers?

The pandemic isn't causing this one to fail. It's doing fine on its own.


  1. Funny thing is your post probably drove some funding to him, not enough I'm sure, but folk wanting to see this failure in their list of backed projects.

  2. most marketing and PR people are douchebags that think that they can do pretty much anything that they set their minds too. this KS seems like a good example of that.


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