Monday, April 27, 2020

News - Marmoreal Tomb Beta Release in Digital to Kickstarter Backers

The rumors of its death were greatly exaggerated ;) - Tenkar

Greetings from the Dens,

Today we release the DIGITAL version of the main adventure The Marmoreal Tomb. We have it laid out and it looks really good. It has all the handouts in it BUT it still needs some fine-tuning and it still needs the appendices added. We are unleashing this DIGITAL version so you can dive in and see the mountains of progress made.

PLEASE READ: This BETA version does NOT include the Maps nor the Appendices. The Appendices are largely done (there are 5 of them) but need some cleaning up and fine-tuning. The maps are done; they will be released very soon.

NOTE: I think I told Peter the wrong or incomplete title. I did not want him to go back in and fix it as he is wrapping up Codex Eygptium today and I don't want to interrupt that. But rest assured we will get all this fixed.

Look for the coupon code to download your copy, coming your way via messages in Kickstarter!


Steve & The Troll Lords


  1. Wow. That actually seemed fast. Nice to know their help went a long way! Good for everyone involved, nice work!

  2. They have released an updated copy to this one not long after.

  3. Greetings from the Dens!

    Alright, my bad. If you have already downloaded the file, please do so again. I forgot to ask Peter to link the table of contents. It is now linked and good to go. If you have not downloaded the file, you are just good to download what is up there.

    Also I fixed the title page. That was on me! I'm having Tome of the Unclean flashbacks (that's a joke for all C&Cers out there).

    Thanks all!



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