Saturday, June 29, 2013

Mini Review - The Vile Worm (DCC Adventure)

The Vile Worm is the second in a series of adventures to be published under the Appendix N Adventure Toolkit banner. Like it's predecessor, The Ruins of Ramat, it's digest sized and clocks in at 12 pages.

Physically (as I'm holding the dead tree version as I write this) it's impressive for the $5.95 price tag. The cover, which is removable, hold the adventure's map on the inside. While not as exciting to look at as it's predecessor, it's still a pleasant map with accompanying art. Two player's handouts on card stock round out the package.

How is the adventure itself?

Lackluster. Six rooms and not much to encounter. The Ruins of Ramat squeezed a lot of gameplay into those 12 pages. The Vile Worm, not so much. If you have a short session (2 hrs or so) and need a short adventure, this would fill the bill, but I can't recommend The Vile Worm over The Ruins of Ramat all things being equal.

$5.95 in dead tree (dead tree + PDF subscription for $26.00), $2.95 in PDF.


  1. Still waiting on my dead tree copies.

  2. Me too...I was a little disappointed when I realized that a bunch of the adventures were the same as adventures he had released for S&W in the past. I think I'm done supporting Brave Halfing. Life seems to ALWAYS get in the way. I never got everything I was supposed to get in my S&W White Box, even after emailing back and forth for 4 months (my last email never got a response). Not sure why I even backed this after that experience, but whatever. Hopefully it shows up eventually.


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