Monday, June 24, 2013

ConTessa Video Panel: WTF is the OSR?

I had no idea this panel was going on last night or I would have watched live and annoyed the panel with questions and comments like I did with the Marketing Your Game panel.

It's an interesting video to watch and in a way I'm happy to see no one can really agree what the OSR encompasses. I like a little anarchy in my OSR ;)

There were shouts out / mentions / praise of folks like +matt jackson , +Stuart Robertson and +James Raggi to name a few (much praise for the Referee Book for LotFP Weird Fantasy, ans I've been praising that for years it seems).

Nicely done all :)


  1. Oh wow, I got a mention?? Why in all that is holy would someone mention me!?!

    Oh my, I may have to watch this one!

  2. There was some odd breathing/feedback that made it really annoying to watch. I still prefer to read something than watch a video.


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