Sunday, June 23, 2013

Looking For a Bargain Price on "Dyson's Delves" in PDF?

Hell, I have the dead tree version of Dyson's Delves and I'm hankering for the PDF for easy integration of the maps into Roll20 (and I really don't want to write in my dead tree version).

Dyson is working with the Delvers podcast to offer a 25% discount on the Dyson's Delves PDF.

More info at the Delvers Podcast site. While you are there, listen to the podcast. It's the best produced "real play" podcasts I've listend to.


  1. If NPR had a D&D show, it would probably sound like the Delvers Podcast.

    1. Jay does an awesome job with the production work.

  2. The Delvers rock! I look forward to the weekly updates with pleasure. It's the best RPG Podcast I've heard in since forever; just as awesome as the sadly discontinued I Hit It With My Axe Webisodes, imo. It's especially cool they're Labyrinth Lord people.(My fav OSR Clone!) Even more so now that the GM is running the kick-ass Dyson's Delves!

    The main site: The Delvers has some good Actual Play write-ups, too. They're well-written and entertaining. I'd honestly like to see more of these, but I'll take what I can get! :-)

    Thanx for bringing further attention to this great OSR treasure.


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