Thursday, June 27, 2013

Kickstarter Question - Why Does it Seem That For Every Kevin Crawford There's a Half Dozen "Nystuls" Looking For an Easy Score?

Alright, maybe a half dozen "Nystuls" is an exaggeration.

Still, while most RPG Kickstarters fall into the realm of "terminably late", the severe fuck ups like Nystul greatly outnumber the +Kevin Crawford s of the Kickstarting world.

Shit, I'm still waiting on my Myth & Magic Player's Guide - maybe we need to send someone to the Boston area to bid on the storage unit the books are supposedly in - because it's been over two months since the last update and those books are still sitting somewhere - then again, we've only seen pics of a single book.

Far West, Quantum RPG, Axes & Anvils, Infinite Dungeon... fucking sad state of affairs.

Notice how few new Kickstarters I talk about these days? I don't kick in to the very end if I even do. Too much tied up in projects that are spinning their wheels.

But Mike is special - Oh For Three!


  1. This is why I am wary of the whole idea. Even if reputable companies or developers are behind them, I still stay away. I would rather buy a book off the shelf that I know is real rather than buy into a theoretical project that may never see the light of day.

    1. Yep.

      I probably would have supported the Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea KS, because I love pulp fantasy, but I didn't even notice that one until it was already published. Otherwise I've never been tempted to support a KS and, after reading what I've read here, I doubt I ever will be.

  2. Updates on Myth & Magic in the Comments sections on the KS projects pages. Post updates have been going to the NHG forums and not on the KS page.

    From June 11:

    Hey John!
    I've actually begun shipping PG orders, but I
    simply can't bring to my small postal service 50 at a time, so it's
    sort of slow. (A few have come back already, so I need to do an update
    asking for changed addresses.)
    A fellow author and I have knocked out 75% of the GMG. We're
    actually going to release an art free version to get everyone's
    feedback. Art is still pending in some spots, and I want to do it right
    this time.
    I'll do a formal update on both KS sites on Friday. I just needed meat for it."

    From today:

    "OK everyone, just a heads up! Tom has been in the process of moving to a new house and is unpacking even as we speak – the book were packed and moved to the new house and I am sure he is getting ready to send everything out and update once the move is completed. He has not had access to a computer recently due to the move and cannot access the forum at his work, AFAIK.

    Tom is indeed working on the GM's Guide (I know because I am assisting in writing up the monster backgrounds and write-ups. Tom is doing the stats). I have seen pics of the PLayer's Guide books – they DO exist :)

    Tom will deliver on the work due. I know he is running late, as do we all, and I will ping him to post here ASAP and provide an update!!

    Keep your chins up – the material is coming and I am sure it will be phenomenal!"

    1. Jason, why update at the website when everyone is looking at the Kickstarter site?

      At this point I'll believe it when i see it - but I did get notification of my Reaper stuff shipping today ;)

    2. Dude, I have no idea. But that's been the way updates have been primarily delivered. Makes no sense to me. The lack of communication also makes no sense either. We'll see what we see.

    3. This is a HUGE peeve for me.

      Kickstarter is the system of record. The people who funded a project shouldn't have to check some random forum to know what's going on. People who funded a project shouldn't have to be on this or that social network to know what's going on.

      If it's not on the Kickstarter site, it isn't.

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  4. Thats something I find amazingly annoying - ie not using KSer to update and re-directing me to forums/websites/facebook etc etc etc... There was one that actually sent out an update saying they were not going to update anymore. KSer should make it a RULE! that you have to do monthly (min) updates using the KSer Update tool until the end of the project - till all fulfillment is complete. I don't have time to track 500 different media outlets to track all my projects.

  5. Ok, yesterday I posted a very angry letter at the Axes & Anvils KS. Telling Mike that he has Nothing to show.
    Today I got a response in for of a KS Update. And guess what? He has nothing to show, but still assures us he will have something eventually...maybe...


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