Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Timothy Brown to Release "Spiritual Successor" to Dark Sun - Dragon Kings

You know what?

I wish there was more to this press release than is given, as I enjoyed Dark Sun back in my 2e days and I'd love to see what Tim Brown has in store:

Hello, I’m Timothy Brown. 
I’ve made games for many years, including the Dark Sun universe, the science-fiction setting 2300AD, and most recently the End of Nations computer game. 
I’m also a musician. I’ve played with a number of bands, including Head East (if you’re an old classic rock fan, you’ll remember them). I’m a big Rush fan, too, and I always wanted to make my own 2112. 
I’m creating a new role-playing game universe that I want to conceive in fiction, art, and music all at the same time. I’m calling it Dragon Kings, and it will be my ‘spiritual successor’ to the fantasy setting Dark Sun. 
Khitus, the World of the Dragon Kings

Right now I believe that will include: 
· A progressive rock CD
· An art-intensive ‘album’ or ‘concert’ style book that expands heavily on each song (with lyrics, more stories, maps, specific art, etc.)
· A hardbound game book 
That’s the plan! 
Watch this space. I’ll be putting up ideas and art, even scratch tracks and finished songs as we go along. I’m recruiting a lot of old friends to contribute, and some really talented people who I’m working with for the first time, too. 
It’s going to be a journey, kind of an adventure in itself, and while I have all the basic concepts designed now there’s still a long way to go. 
The collaboration with other talented people is just beginning, and those aspects of the world are starting to take shape. I’ll tell you one thing: I haven’t had this much fun in years! I think you’ll enjoy it, too, and look forward to sharing it with you as it comes to life! 
Timothy Brown
May 2013

If you enjoyed Dark Sun, you’ll enjoy Dragon Kings, as well.
I'd like to know if this is going to be a new system, OGL based or some other type of ruleset.

Not so interested in the progressive rock album, but ya never know.


  1. I am a huge fan of both Dark Sun (like you, I played in a campaign back in my Air Force days when 2E was all the rage, and loved it), and I loved 2300 AD, but I have to say the whole rock album and album book thing leaves me cold. To the point where I'm going to avoid this unless it sheds the gimmick.

  2. From the site: What game systems will Dragon Kings use?

    I’m planning to make the game book rules agnostic, with PDF supplements for the different game systems. We will make one for Pathfinder, of course. I’m negotiating with Pinnacle to do one for Savage Worlds, as well.

  3. Interesting. I liked Dark Sun but I don't know that I'd revisit it today.

  4. I liked Dark Sun but can't say I'd be into a spiritual successor. I'd prefer to buy something because it's the real deal, or because it's new, and stands on its own merits, rather than because it's "just like that other thing I did, so you'll love this new rip-off/homage/regurgitation with the serial numbers filed off." Seems like a bad pitch to me....but I could be wrong.

  5. i love 2300 and wasnt into darksun but it seemed good for dnd - im intrigued that as i got more into weird fantasy and visuals of progrock roger dean and rodney mathews art - i have stated being actually listening to some - always a hawkwind fan and someone is doing a product with all this in one wow - music is a big splitter in people at leas as big as edition wars - system nuetral sounds great


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