Thursday, June 27, 2013

New DCC RPG Podcast - Spellburn

Consider me very pleasantly surprised with the Spellburn podcast. There are 3 episodes out and I've listened to 2 1/2. It's just damn fun to listen to and I listen to a wide range of gaming podcasts.

Yeah, they do the same damn stichk as the others on the same network - "This is DM Dip and I'm DM Stick" but they use the "ref" term from the DCC RPG and then seem to forget it, which is good.

Why is it good? Because they sound like a bunch of knowledgeable guys talking about the hobby they enjoy and aren't going out of their way to impress. They sound real, both in their manner of talking and in their enjoyment of the DCC RPG. I suspect it's a fine listen even if you don't play the DCC RPG, although you might be tempted to after listening for a while.

Now, can they keep that realness going without turning into voices reminiscent of minor market radio personalities? I hope so ;)


  1. Yup, that's our newest podcast hosted by Jim Wampler of the Save or Die Podcast. Glad ya like it.

    aka DM Glen
    or either DM Dip or DM Stick

    1. Heh ;)

      Obviously I listen to the podcasts, I just find the titles to be pretentious and not needed.

      Being a DM, Judge or Referee doesn't make you more important than the other players at the table.

    2. (shrug) Okay. I came in in the middle of the party and just went with it. Like everything else, I blame Vince. :-)


  2. So you think I sound like a minor market radio personality? If ya don't mind, I'll take that as a compliment. :D


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