Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Thoughts on a DCC RPG "Basic Box"

The DCC RPG rulebook is "friggin' 'uge!" Hell, it's damn near intimidating.

The reality is much of that size is due to the numerous spell charts, but until you open the book up you might not realize that.

I think the DCC RPG might be well served by a "Basic Box" or "Basic Set".

Levels 0-2 only.

A small, handpicked selection of spells.

Humans only to keep the class selection simple.

A zero level funnel, two short first level adventures and a short second level adventure - just enough to entice players to move on the the full rulebook.

Everyone knows boxed sets look nice on store shelves, and if the funky dice were included it really would be a complete introduction to the DCC Game.

Hey, a man can dream, can't he?

It's a better option in my opinion to putting out the core book with a new cover every 6 to 9 months...


  1. I don't know how much of a dream, but it is a damn good idea.

  2. Yeah I am not all that interested in the cover changing thing they got going on. Box set...I think that would be cool. I was thinking that was what they were going to do originally. DCC, to me, is really geared towards those first couple levels including the funnel. I'd probably get it.

  3. I'd get it, just to get the dice. I tried to order some from Game Station but cancelled my order with no explanation and ignored my emails asking for details. I'm never buying dice from them again and will just run DCC using regular dice and the Purple Sorcerer Crawlers Companion app.

    1. Amazon has some of the dice from Game Science available.

    2. That's really weird, because I've had nothing but great, great success with Game Station. Ordered multiple times.

      Maybe they were out at a con?

      But, yeah...Amazon has the same dice available.

  4. A DCC RPG Beginner's Box or something similar would be awesome! I would give it out as a Christmas or birthday gift to many people I know.

  5. I agree, you ought to contact Goodman Games with that suggestion.

  6. That would be great! If Goodman were to strike gold, it would join Pathfinder's uber-successful 'Beginner Box' as a market draw. This could very well encourage the producers of other cool OSR games like S&W and LL to do the same.(And maybe bring T&T Deluxe back to the Box!)

    Nothing resembles a *game* to non-gamers like a Box Set. Plus, unnecessary cruft is minimized by the format, which is always a good thing! ;-) Not to mention, it looks(and generally, reads) less like a textbook, and therefore negates the whole 'bullet stopper' effect(excitement promptly disappears once the rulebook is hefted out[or pulled up as a 350+ page PDF on one of the playtoys bandied about nowadays]) that often stops would-be games from even starting.

  7. Some of the size is also due to how thick the paper is. There's a reason that most Bibles use that really thin paper in order to keep down the size of the book.

    Regardless, I agree with your premise. ESPECIALLY about including the funky dice.


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