Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tunnels & Trolls Contest Time - Signed, Limited Edition T&T 1e Reprint With Typo to be Given Away

Take a close look at the cover of this Tunnels & Trolls 1e Reprint and you'll notice a typo. There are only 10 such copies in existence and thanks to the generosity of +Jason Paul McCartan I have two such copies. One is personalized to me by the great +Ken St. Andre (that's mine) and the other is signed with a note from Ken.

That second one is the one I'm giving away.

What do you need to do to one this rare piece of Tunnels & Trolls memorabilia?

Simply tell us why YOU deserve it. Be entertaining. Make it fun, as that is certainly what T&T is.

I'll leave this post's comment section open for your entries until midnight, Friday June 28th, 2013.

At that point, Jason and I will decide on the winner (shared responsibility Jason). I may have something or other in my collection for a runner up - I need to check the prize closet ;)


  1. Why do I deserve the reprint of TnT 01? The reasons are myriad, and you already know that myriad a little lamb. Therefore, I shall number them?

    1. I shall use the material to compare and contrast all editions of TnT, Monsters Monsters, Stormbringer, and any other St Andre rolegames which use compatible mechanics. Sadly, this rules out Starfaring, but may include the Powers superheroes game.

    2. With this knowledge, I shall declare myself the Official Tunnels 'n' Trolls Historian. As such, I shall prepare an Official History and an Archive so this information will be available to fiture generations.

    3. I'll finally get that poor cover girl out of the lake and get her some clothes. After 37 years, she must be a human prune!

    4. I shall create new solos using this set of rules and no other.

    5. I shall drive my grandkids crazy running games with this.

    6. Most of all, because I shall eat pie when doing all the above.

  2. Even though I never played Tunnels & Trolls, I heard of the spell "Take That You Fiend" thanks to a review in Dragon Magazine #184 - the first issue I ever owned. I was so impressed by this name that I used it at the incantation for Magic Missiles in my middleschool campaign, and the first original spell I constructed was called "So You Think You Have Me At Your Mercy You Cad," which I think let the magic-user detonate all his still memorized spells as a last-ditch defense when all other hope was lost. At the age of 11, I found this idea both awesome and hilarious.

    That's about all I've got. Vote for Odrook.

  3. You know why I deserve this awesome Tunnels & Trolls 1e reprint? Because I've never played the game before. Seriously though, stay with me.

    But I will devour this book. I will use it to infect my friends and my play groups. I will convert them to the dungeon crawling ways of this edition from the pits of the past; or, 1975.

    You see, they won't know what hit them. Thinking they are safe in their typical fantasy dungeon environment, they will be wrong. The Gods of Gygaxian Lore cannot protect them from the great Flying Buffalo. No, they will weep. They will run. And when I am finished with them, much like masochists with severe Stockholm Syndrome, they will be begging for more. They will be hooked.

    Never again will they kill Goblins or Kobolds the same. No. It's not as simple as rolling a d20. Soon they will learn that one must both strength and dexterity, and perhaps a little bit of luck to pull off their acts of derring-do.

    And in my hands I will mold them with this most marvelous of tools. They will discover how to game, circa 1975. They will learn. And when I am done running through adventures within the tunnels that are filled with trolls, they will beg to run it themselves. And then finally I'll be able to run my Faerie Warrior. Finally!


    On a less humorous note, I have heard of Tunnels & Trolls but have never checked it out or given it a shot. As I've been expanding my gaming repertoire over the past year or so, I'd love to do so further with a blast from the past that is far from my zone of safety that is D&D.

    Good luck and happy gaming to the other participants!

  4. Because... I really am ruggedly handsome, aren't I!

  5. Because in old country we can only have tunnel *or* troll, never both. Once man was caught with tunnel and troll in unfinished basement of his suburban home and sent to work camp in Antarctica, very cruel. So I come to your country in hope of living in place where I can have tunnel and troll, not only in subbasement, but maybe living room or back yard. So in part of my quest for better life I enter contest, hey hope win big who knows?

  6. I'm out of toilet paper.

    Cast your gaze upon the power of reverse psychology and weep!!

  7. Hmm, there is so many reasons why I deserve this prize above everyone else. But I'll go with the most powerful argument. A few years back I went to Origins and got the chance to play with Ken St. Andre himself. Through the dangerous dungeon my character who started as human, was then partially petrified, but still mobile and in the end was transformed into a dwarf. My character weighted over 8000lb. Ken, with his signature hat and coke bottle glasses, a slice of pizza in one hand, and d6s in the other, proclaimed me the heaviest dwarf in all the land!

    I'm sorry to use such a powerful and moving story, but I feel the truth needed to be told. I apologize ahead of time to all the losers.

  8. I deserve this because if I do not get it I will continue to spam 2000 Coppers with every new post on my own blog, or I will never spam my blog there again, whichever you find to be the worse scenario.

  9. I totally deserve this because I will only read like 5 pages of it, and then I will run games with it, with absolute disregard for the collectibility of the thing. Dorito and Pepsi stains are in its future.

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  11. Originally I was going to say just two words: Minotaur Diplomacy.

    But then I actually realized why - because I don't collect my books, I don't even read them. I awesomize them. I fill them up with notes, post-its, annotations, adventure ides, little maps, house rules right in the margins and so on.

    And what better version of T&T to do it with than one that is already sporting a lovely typo?

  12. I'm stuck in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. What more reasons would I need? Anyway, I would cherish this copy. REALLY! For something this special, I might call it the "Wilson" copy. :)

  13. I will be short & sweet since I can't type in Hooman with those fingers.

    Back in GenCon Minus II, roughly when I was conceived, I ran a game of Orques & Oubliettes, my pre-clone with the Beigestone Campaign. Players included Gigi d'Arn, Zagyg Mordenkainen, Lorraine Buck Rogers, Steve Jackson, Steve Jackson (the British guy), Stephen Jackson (no relation), Chuck Norris, the Goddess Lerotra'hh of Khazan and Kenneth Eugene de Saint-André, Esq.. Ken was impish, he tried to show that his own game was better than O&O and he stole my 1,973 copper pieces.

    And then the sun rose and I was turned into stone.

    So I don't know if anyone deserves it. But I've been waiting for a long time.

  14. I deserve this book because it would annoy Jason Paul McCarten that I won it.

  15. I deserve this book because it would annoy Jason Paul McCarten that I won it.

  16. I deserve this book cause I got Trolls chasing me to pay the bills and I have to hide in some Tunnels to avoid them. Yep, you got that one right, I live in Greece, Land of Recession!

  17. Because I'm Samuel L. Jackson.

    Not really, but he totally deserves to win.

  18. Because I lust for it, that's why

  19. Because the cost of posting it to New Zealand will make you regret giving it to me. Ken has visited my country by the way. He only managed to leave here because Grimtooth had forgotten to reload the Ball of Certain Doom death trap. It's ok, I have a fairly good condition 5th edition copy of the rules on my book shelf. God bless you for being so kind. Give it to Tim. I like Heavy Dwarves!

  20. Why I deserve TnT 1e - Sad Tales; Odd Coincidences; Grand Excuses.

    I would walk into the Flying Buffalo shop, on Forest, just across University from ASU, not far from the Chuck Box, where Big Juan still plies his trade with the ground beef and the jalapenos. There would be copies of "Tunnels and Trolls," pristine and new, the first edition, never expecting a second. But then, every time, the shiny "Squad Leader" object would draw me away, like a mystical gem with no saving roll. And those virgin TnT's would still wait on on rack.

    So, then, there were a few decades of pretension of seriousness, and other foolishness.

    Free RPG Day - 2013! A wonderful year near the centenary of the Great War. But what? The day was spend in the Arizona mountains. On the Rim. And where? My "cabin." In "Bison Ranch" in Overgaard. A "Tunnels and Trolls" adventure title if there ever was one. By the time I could maneuver to the Wild Woman Saloon, around 830 am, the closest wifi site, Noble Knight had pretty much sold out of everything.

    "But wait," I thought, "I'm an aTnT Kickstarter backer!"

    Then, "But wait; No Free Preview Pack for you!"

    "But wait; What were you doing at the Wild Woman at 8:30am?" We are pretend cowboys, you know. The real ones are out heating up their chorizo burros on the F150 engine block, OWKA cowboy microwave.

    So, the Free RPG Day Preview Pack was only $2, with $3 shipping from 10-miles away. But here it is, my multiple personalities will play the GM Adventure, maybe in the cabin in Overgaard. And a very cool Origins trading card of Liz Danforth was included in the package.

    My day is made, but, without the virgin 1e rules, my Life is Incomplete.

    Young folks, don't be lured by Squad Leader!

  21. I deserve it because I've never played T&T before, but reading this blog over the years has kindled an interest. As a member of the OSR and fellow OSR blogger and self-publishing OSR gamer my next project is to write a solo fantasy adventure. T&T has a strong history of solo adventures and would provide excellent material to help me create a quality product (several of my products have seen reviews here at the Tavern). (www.digitalorc.blogspot.com) Also Erik, you mentioned in a previous post that you were going to have to find a way to get some T&T in my hands (hey, you said it, not me). Lastly, I need some new bathroom reading material. As a man who lives next to the famous "Grandpa's Cheese Barn" in northern Ohio, I spend a lot of time engaged in such reading. Thank you for your consideration.

  22. I write on behalf of my son, who is a 13 year old leprechaun.

    He delved through all my RPG stuff vintage and modern. After consideration decided we should play T&T. After some games and t&T inspired silliness, he has become a die hard T&T fan.

    When he turns 18 we're going to get matching TARO tattoos.


    1. I'm here on behalf of myself just wanting a copy of Tunnels & Trolls for my own use as my 9 year old daughter keeps swiping mine and I can't hold out until the next game con where I can bump Rick Loomis for another copy!

  23. I deserve it because I spent my youngest days of roleplaying with a photocopied version of the Monsters, Monsters! version of this game, mangling the rules horribly and generally making a mess of it.

    I want another go, and I want it Old School Style!

  24. I clearly deserve it because who else is going to drop it into a blender with the Arduin Crit Tables, "Better Than Any Man," GURPS: Goblins, and the DCC Spell Failure tables?

  25. Like many have said here, I never played T&T before. And I don't know if I'm the troll that lives the farthest away from the tavern (http://www.mapcrow.info/Distance_between_Montevideo_UY_and_New_York_US.html), but, like any good troll I'm also mean, so I want the shipping to be to most expensive! :P

  26. Once upon a time I went exploring in Buffalo Castle. Sadly, I was caught early on in a Deathtrap, but I was able to use my mnemonic Equalizer to negate it. I then wandered in a Labyrinth for a while, Naked, and I thought I had met my Doom. But really I only ended up wandering out of Dargon's Dungeon in some sort of Weirdworld, which I felt was Overkill. I then traveled Beyond the Silvered Pane to the City of Terrors to play a game of Sorcerer's Solitaire. Following this, I became a Sword for Hire in the Arena of Khazan, but was able to escape through the Sewers of Oblivion. i then sailed upon the Sea of Mystery to the Blue Frog Tavern in the Mistywood, where I met the Gamesmen of Khazan Beyond the Wall of Tears. Amongst them I fell Captif in d'Yvoire, for a sorceress desired The Amulet of Alkti so she could join the Red Circle of magic. I then took a Caravan to Tiern to visit the Dark Temple When the Cat's Away. That's when I joined the Elven Lords on a Rescue mission and ended up here...

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  28. I think I'm further away than Gabriel...

  29. I deserve it because you owe me ;) let me explain why: Just three years ago I was strolling in the internet reading about the so-called OSR. At this point I didn't had played roleplaying games as regularly as in school for about 10 years. Just around 2008 I I had a short crush with D&D4 cause I wanted to give the D&D-experience a chance. But it turned out, I am too stupid or lazy for this kind of 300-page RPG where it was really hard to imagine what effects in the in-game-reality the rules were describing. But my interest for RPGs never vanished. So I found myself getting interested in minimalistic RPGs but not in the forgey way of narrativism-RPGs.
    At this vulnerable point I thought I was just reading something about obscure american RPGs from the 70ties (I live in Germany, I was born 1980, my first and most beloved RPG was StarWars D6). But I was not just reading and surfing in the internet, I didn't notice but I really was wandering over the trollbrigde right into the inner sanctum of trollhalla and I found myself yelling Ugh every time I went by.
    It was your fault! You all from trollbridge and other sites around the kremmnet: Gaptooth, Devadasi, Zanshin, H'rrrothgarrr, Shadowjack, Eero Tuovinen and many more, you all made me feel belonging to a small but everlasting familiy, you inherited me this absolutely fantastic and playable game which is a piece of history itself. I was so much impressed with this game I grabbed everything I could get, I downloaded the 4th Edition PDF and I started blogging about T&T and promoting it here in Germany, I started a megadungeon playing group and we are playing like if it was 20 years ago. I am looking forward to publish a free german rulebook for my present campaign in the near future.
    So it was all your fault and now I hunger for everything about T&T like a troll hungers for umm.. rocks? sheep?

    Anyway, although I very much feel the similarity to Grandpa Chet's post I would vote for the greek Troll Kostas (Κωστης) as Greece is in a bad shape and I guess the only thing which can really help having a better life in greece right now is playing T&T.

  30. damn tooo late ;D


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