Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Is It Too Little, Too Late for the Pathfinder Online Kickstarter?

Apparently it is most certainly NOT the Pathfinder RPG
First, it was the illusionary carrots of the mega dungeon and the miniatures for hitting "sub goals".

Then is was the Pathfinder PDF Grab Bag.

Now its "we'll make it for OSX too!"

Why? Why is Paizo trying so hard to shoehorn this MMO into an already overcrowded MMORPG marketplace, where "free to play" has taken over for subscription services?

It's not that Pathfinder Online has anything to do with the Pathfinder RPG, with the possible exception of the setting. What, you missed that? Here's some choice quotes right form the Kickstarter page:

Here is a brief list of some of the highlights of this game:

1. No Grinding- Pathfinder Online uses a skill training system like that of EVE Online. You train skills by choosing what skill you want to train and allowing the time required to elapse. You don't train any faster by farming mobs or spamming your abilities than you do exploring the world, role playing with your friends, or even being offline. You will need to complete certain achievements to complete a skill and open up new avenues of training, but time-based training means you always get full value from your purchased game time whether you're casual or 'hardcore', an adventurer or crafter, or one who enjoys a lot of roleplaying chat or one who spends much of their time in combat.

2. No Classes- Unlike other games that give you a narrow range of abilities as you train your class, in Pathfinder you gain levels in different Roles based off what you have trained.

(it goes on for 8 more highlights, but these are the ones that directly effect gameplay in comparison to the actual Pathfinder Roleplaying Game)

What do either of the above highlights have to do with the Pathfinder RPG? I mean, besides sharing a name.

It needs $350k over the next 6 days. It aint happening.

The game may still happen, but it won't happen on the backs of the RPG Community.


  1. They can not use the D20 System as the OGL specifically excludes the use of the system in MMPORPGs.

    1. Kristian: Where do you read that? I think those limitations were only in the now revoked d20 license. But you can still use the d20 system Mechanics in any work so long ans you don't use any trademarked terms including mentions of compatibility. But if I'm interpreting the OGL incorrectly, I'd love to know where it does forbid usages.

    2. @Joe, you're right, I made the same mistake. The OGL FAQ is clear that you can use the SRD for computer games.

  2. The other thing is the whole Paizo-Goblinworks thing. Too much Paizo, not enough Goblinworks. If Paizo feels that Goblinworks doesn't have the name, branding, backing, etc... to do this then don't do it. You don't want to throw your own name out there, devaluing your brand, devaluing the value of PDFs and other bits. Have Goblinworks start small with some IoS or Android apps and build up the appropriate fanbase before trying to milk it for $1mil. And hell, use Indiegogo next time. At least then they could have went with the option where all funds go to them that were raised as opposed to this where they'll get nothing.

  3. I don't see why people are jumping on this so much. On RPG.net, the people there are gleeful it's failing (and spinning conspiracy theories about Paizo violating the KS terms of service to pledge themselves to get the rest of the money).

    When of course, even if it does fail, they simply put up the KS again, this time for $500,000 or maybe $750,000. Numerous KSes have taken two times to be successful.


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