Thursday, January 10, 2013

Tentative Kick-off of the Monthly Tunnels & Trolls Hangout is Friday, January 25th

Yep, Friday January 25 is the "Tentative" first night of gaming for the monthly T&T Hangout game. I'm thinking 7 / 730 kickoff time and game to 11ish.

Wow, isn't that in depth news? heh

I've got 2 slots reserved and four open. I'll ask for victims volunteers to sign up this weekend and possible set up some random-like short sessions for character gen before we kick off.

I need to put my T&T house rules together, as I plan on running a bit of a mish-mash of 5.5 / 7.5, but here's the main points:
DARO and TARO are in effect.
You'll create 3 characters, arrange stats as you will. If a character has negative adds, he doesn't have to be kept (unless he is a wizard). If you first character dies, we have your backup waiting in the wings
Races will be limited. I'll announce the races when I open the recruitment doors this weekend.
Talents are in.
Specialists MAY be in. Depends on how you present it to me ;)
Speed and Wiz are in.
I'll allow spells from 5.5 and 7.5 - I'll "wing" and DM Fiat any discrepancies. 
I'll be using Dyson's Delves for the dungeons - very appropriate I think for "Delvers".

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  1. What software is used to play? I've never gamed online in this brave new world, and might like to jump in.


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