Thursday, January 10, 2013

If You Support the Cortex Kickstarter, Do You Think Those Still Waiting on They Became Flesh Will Finally get Their Books?

They Became Flesh is a Kickstarter that had / has some major problems. I previously detailed it here.

The latest I could find was a G+ thread from mid December stating that the latest update is that a box of books gor lost in a garage cleaning and there had been some dodging of communication for fear or reaction when owning up to the mishap. (there's a whole post from just this alone, but that will wait).

Oh, and hardcovers and shirts were to ship in January (this after many "promised" delivery dates that failed to materialize).

So, why am I bringing this up on the new Margaret Weis Productions: Cortex Plus Hacker's Guide?

Because two of the freelancers involved are those that have so far had some major fulfillment issues with their own Kickstarter:

Junior Adventurer's Club by Elizabeth Shoemaker Sampat
Cursus Honorum: Roman Drama by Shreyas Sampat

Maybe they can use the cash they make freelancing to replace the lost books and ship out what folks are (presumably) still waiting on.

I'll look at the actual Cortex Kickstarter later. I'm a little confused at the moment, because it isn't an actual set of game rules apparently, but essays to enable "rules hacking" or some such.

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  1. I'd like to know who this Dain Lybarger is and why he's considered an expert on Transhumanism. I've been involved with the Transhumanist movement for going on 15 years (I was on the board of the WTA for two years) and I've never heard of him, either amongst the Extropians or the WTA/Humanity+.


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