Sunday, January 6, 2013

Dire Bat for Tunnels & Trolls - Finding Homes for OSR Monsters in T&T

Dire Bat 

Monster Rating: 40

Combat Dice: 5D6 +20

Special Damage: 3/ - Whammy (on the following turn of combat, the Dire Bat's Combat Dice are tripled

Dire Bats are a dangerous foe, especially when they get their song off during combat. If they manage to activate their song, their rolled damage is tripled the following round. Many a party has believed they had their bats well in hand, and then a high pitched screech has left them reeling (and dying)

(i prefer T&T 5.5 for most things, but I like Spite Damage and Special Damage for my monsters, and talents for my PCs. I guess I like a 5.5 / 7.5 hybrid sort of game ;)

(art by Nicole cardiff - used under license)

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  1. One of the oldest of the T & T monsters is the Blood Bat, originally inspired by the King Bats mentioned in THE PRINCESS BRIDE by William Goldman. Blood bats usually appear in flocks and have monster ratings between 20 and 50 (3D6+10 to 6D6+25). They are living vampires who only eat blood. Their method of attack is to swoop down on victims and slash open a bloody streak on unguarded flesh somewhere, then slurp up the blood with a long prehensile tongue on following passes. They will also latch onto a victim with wing and feet claws, sink their protruding vampire fangs into a body, and drain as much blood as they can before being dislodged or satiated, which ever comes first. Extremely quick and with a coarse hairy pelt, they are hard to hit and kill. And they could look a lot like the picture in this blog.
    --Ken St. Andre


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