Monday, January 7, 2013

The Cyclops for Tunnels & Trolls - Finding Homes for OSR Monsters in T&T

Artwork by Bruno Balixa - used under license

Monster Rating: 160

Combat Dice: 17 + 80 adds

Special Damage: 6/ Befuddle (the Cyclops' eye casts Befuddle Spell as per the 3rd level spell)

There are few things as fearful in this world (and the next) as an angry Cyclops bearing down on a party. Standing over 12' and these giants are known for their fierce fighting abilities as well as their singular eye. Although their monocular vision assures one that they won't be throwing any small bolders at opponents, it has the ability to confuse and befuddle those that make direct eye contact with it. At least they keep their toenails clean ;)

(Artwork by Bruno Balixa - used under license)

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