Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Razor Coast Kickstarter - Adding in PDF Pathfinder Fluff to Entice the Pathfinder MMO Refugees

Just like Paizo / Goblin Works is trying to do with the Pathfinder MMO, so too is the Frog God with the Razor Coast - stuff in more PDFs to get people to purchase the (possibly) over priced core product.

What do I mean?

16 days in, 15 days to go and still $22k or so to hit the funding goal. I suspect Frog God didn't expect it to take this long, or else they wouldn't be tossing a number of Pirate Flavored Pathfinder PDFs in an effort to chum the waters.

There is a built in premium on Razor Coast, both to fulfill preorders that were taken years ago, and to pay for artwork that Logue had commissioned - the PDFs are there to add some value to the current $110 and $150 pledge levels. BTW, the added PDFs are solely for Pathfinder - you'll get them with your S&W version, but they wont do you much good. So in truth, the added PDFs are pretty much there to bring in more Pathfinder players.

Maybe they are expecting to pick up Pathfinder pledges when the Pathfinder MMO Kickstarter fails to fund?

Hey, they even added Frank Mentzer to the mix now and mention his work on the Emerald Spire MMO  Megadungeon that is attached to the Pathfinder MMO Kickstarter. See, there is a pattern ;)

Personally, I think Frog God overestimated the following The Razor Coast fiasco has had over the past couple of years. Do I think it will hit it's $75k goal? Probably, but that will be due in large part to the Pathfinder MMO refugees that were just supporting it for the Pathfinder RPG loot anyway. Out of $650k or so of pledges, I think Frog God can pick up $22k. I guess we'll know in 5 days...


  1. At $150 to get the print versions of the two books, this is a hefty sum for a product that may sound cool but doesn't really have a known history like the Tome of Horrors did. I hope they make their goal, but I seem to have personally moved into a new tier of older gamers who have more important things that money is earmarked for, and can't afford to tie it up on extrvagant gamebooks I know I'll admire but never use. Still....anyone who thinks backing the PFO over Razor Coast is a better bet is crazy; this is at least a sure thing that supports the actual game, rather than a fantasy Eve pipe dream.

  2. Honestly, I hope they don't met their goal. Some people seem to be offended by the Pathfinder Online KS (which is somewhat tacky), but this is even worse. Frog God has really gotten full of themselves, about as far as the 1st edition feel they used to claim.

  3. Hey we are all about offering some S&W Pirate books or OSR material if any 3PP want to offer it or contact us. We are happy to add more value for our old school players!


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