Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mind Melters - Flaying the Minds of Tunnels & Trolls

Mind Melter

Monster Rating: 180

Combat Dice: 19 +90

Special Damage: 6/ Mind Pox (Single Target - Save Vs INT or be confused and unable to act for 3 turns. A successful Mind Pox casting heals the Mind Melter for 5D6 MR)

The tentacle mouthed Mind Melter. They have a different name for themselves, and the unwary Delver may here the name in his mind when encountering one, but he'll never be able to pronounce it. Highly intelligent, Mind Melters have been known to communicate with Delvers via mental images, requesting certain items in return for safe passage - sticks, gold, a perfect diamond, a lump of coal and more have been asked for. Those that pay may pass. Those that don't may not, or they may try and possibly die.

They are Delvers. What actions do you expect them to take?

(David Fisher's Deviant Art page can be found here)


  1. Is 'save vs spells' a new thing from 7th edition, or should it be something like a saving roll against WIZ or INT?

  2. There have always been a few spells--like Death Spell #9--that offered a chance to make a saving roll rather than take the damage, but it's not a regular thing. The very spoiled Wizards of Trollworld have gotten used to their spells simply taking effect on the target, though they are aware that people have certain kinds of magical protection available to them.

  3. This David Fisher guy has some awesome art. He does good monster portraits for That Other Game, but I'd like to see what he does with Rock Trolls.

  4. @ken - I forwarded your contact info to David ;)


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