Saturday, October 27, 2012

PubCon Fall 2012 Recap - Pints, Grub and Dungeon!

Setting Up Dungeon! at the Pub
This afternoon was the first official / unofficial PubCon in NYC at Rattle N Hum, right across from the Complete Strategist. The party was so rocking that I had to call off tonight's gaming session. I'm beginning to feel the afternoon of beers and ciders in my head now, but it was worth it.

Alright, we call it a PubCon, but the turnout was small. Still, you need to start small to build bigger things, and we plan to make this big. Beer (and cider), great pub grub and gaming - how the f' can you go wrong?

I had a nice wheat beer, followed by a number of different ciders (including a delicious pear cider) and some insane shot that Joe the Lawyer has us drinking that had no right to taste as good as it did. I really can't tell you how much I drank, but I had 2 pints of seltzer to clear my system before leaving ;)

Anyhow, the four of us (told you it was small gathering - Joe, Tavis Allison, a young lady whose name escapes me and myself) foolishly ate and drank before deciding to pull out a game. I had brought Drinking quest 1 + 2, but at the rate we had been drinking , DQ would have put me down for the count. As Joe had just picked up a couple of copies of the newly revised Dungeon! game, we played a round of it.

The Inaugural PubCon NYC 2012 Attendees 
It was fun. The young lady won the first and only session, playing the role of the thief, I mean Rogue.

My few complaints? Why the need to change the classic "character classes" of the player's pieces? The old game did it just fine. Oh,and no PVP, so we couldn't stop the young lady from getting back to the starting area with her loot intact. Yes, WotC found a way to "carebear" even the revised Dungeon! board game ;)

We are already planning for PubCon II this spring. No date yet, but there will be a Sprint PubCon :)


  1. joe and i actually wished the same thing ;)

  2. We did mention you today Christian. Sarah's phone call showed up on my phone from Long Beach California, (NYC transplant) and I said to Erik "Hey, maybe it's Christian calling to join us." :)

  3. When I first saw the title, I thought it was a con for publishers. This sounds way more fun! Mind you, we meet up every week to game in a local pub, so I know just how much fun!


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