Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Tavern Got a Nice Mention on the RPG Circus Podcast Yesterday

There are lots of RPG podcasts out there, sometimes more than I can keep track of, but when I saw traffic coming from the RPG Circus website to Tenkar's Tavern, I had to find out why.

Apparently yesterday's episode highlighted a few gaming related Kickstarter projects, and my post about the late Kickstarters I've supported got a very nice mention. Very cool guys! Thanks!

I listened to the first half of the podcast on the wat to work, and I'll listen to the second half later on my way home. After listening to the Happy Jacks Crew to the point where I wanted to take Tappy's mouth and shove every OSR game I could find and shove it down his throat - sigh. Tappy really got annoying to me - not because of his voice, but he's one of those bullshitters that pretends to have knowledge of everything because he's too embarrassed to admit he actually doesn't know. So, I stopped listening to the Happy Jacks and RPG podcasts in general.

I'm happy to say that it looks like RPG Circus will be accompanying me on my daily commutes for the immediate future. Sure, it lacks the beer swilling and belching over at Happy Jacks - but it also lacks the obnoxious attitude that was turning me off to Happy Jacks.

Give the Circus boys some love, and tell them "Tenkar sent ya!"

(For the lads at RPG Circus, you pronounced Tenkar correctly - it's the number 10 and another word for automobile. 10-Car ;)

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